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Progressivism: The Failure of a Mission - Douglas MacGregor (1/17/2022)
At home, the Biden administration began cultivating the desert by demonstrating conclusively that the administration strongly supports the concentration of federal power as long as it lies in the right hands—the left's hands.

The Corrupt Healthcare Law You've Probably Never Heard Of - Hannah Cox (1/16/2022)
We need to inject our healthcare system with actual free-market policies, and that starts with clawing back the government's grip on the market. Demand it.

New Republic Shocked to Find That Executive Branch Can't Write Laws - Ed Morrisey (1/15/2022)
Yesterday's split decision on mandates at the Supreme Court may not have made a lot of people happy, but it followed fairly easily understood constitutional principles. Not everyone comprehends them, apparently.

The Next Big Battle in the War on Employment - Scott Centurino (1/14/2022)
What do we call more than half a century of policies and programs which replaced higher rates of workforce participation — the surest, most sustainable path to the middle class — with higher rates of dependency?

What Issue Was Really at the Heart of the Civil War, and is it Relevant Today? - William Sullivan (1/13/2022)
In the imaginations of most modern Americans, it goes something like this: With passions inflamed by a moral renaissance in the North regarding the institution of slavery in the South, the two sides decided to go to war over the issue.

What Constitutes Incitement? - Thomas Hengge (1/12/2022)
Problem One is there was no coup. Presided over by Trump non-accomplice Mike Pence, Congress did its job. Biden took office. Trump went home. The rioters went home. The system in fact worked and produced the constitutionally expected results.

The Progressive Logic of Build Back Better — and Its Dangers - Charles Lipson (1/11/2022)
Although BBB is also a massive stimulus, its real importance lies in the permanent entitlement programs it would launch, everything from universal pre-K and Medicare expansion to mandated paid leave from private employers.

One Year Ago, Big Tech Declared Open War On America. Here's What's Next - Christopher Bedford (1/10/2022)
The illiberal left has long used any pretense at all to justify its centralization of control and crushing of dissent; and Big Tech, once a free-wheeling vehicle for decentralized innovation, is now no more than an arm of the illiberal left.

Schumer's Ugly 'Voting Rights' Gamble - David Harsanyi (1/9/2022)
To avoid looking like a conniving, power-hungry, partisan hypocrite with absolutely no respect for the institution he serves, Schumer rationalizes his assaults on norms by pretending the nation faces an existential threat to "democracy."

The Year of Living Unreasonably - Ben Shapiro (1/8/2022)
We have lost our minds. It turns out that learned helplessness sets in extraordinarily quickly -- and that proponents of such learned helplessness become unreasonably angry when others refuse to engage in it.

Leaked Biden Plan Would House Violent Men In Women's Prison Cells - Nathanael Blake (1/7/2022)
President Joe Biden is offering to transfer any and all male criminals to women's prisons. All the men will have to do is say that they feel like a woman. Does anyone else think that rape is the likely outcome?

Union Bosses Against Union Jobs - Stephen Moore (1/6/2022)
Why don't the union bosses in America represent their union members anymore? Could it be because the union leadership has become more beholden to the Democratic politicians in Washington than the rank-and-file workers who pay the dues?

Schumer's January 6 Cynicism - Rich Lowry (1/5/2022)
The Democratic drive to nationalize our elections has always been a sweepingly radical step in search of an alleged crisis to address.

The Ungracious — and Their Demonization of the Past - Victor Davis Hanson (1/4/2022)
Never in history has such a mediocre, but self-important and ungracious generation owed so much, and yet expressed so little gratitude, to its now dead forebears.

What Did BLM Really Accomplish In 2021? - Eddie Scarry (1/3/2022)
If there's one thing we can take away from 2021, it's that the Black Lives Matter movement and all of its hype men in the media are full of it.

Democrats Reject Work Ethic, Embrace Freeloaders - Betsy McCaughey (1/2/2022)
The Democratic Party used to hail the "dignity of work." No more. Now, Democrats want to guarantee people who choose not to work an income funded by the suckers who do the right thing by showing up for work and paying taxes.

The Truth of Abortion in Deep Blue Cities - Anne Hendershott (1/1/2022)
Death overtakes all of those whose lives have been touched by abortion. It is gratifying to know that the governments of Boston and Portland have finally acknowledged as much. It's hard to understand why it took them so long.

AOC's Grasp on American Governance Is 'a Farce' - David Harsanyi (12/31/2021)
One of the reasons the Senate exists is to stop people in dense places such as Queens from lording over people in places such as rural West Virginia. This is how we keep a diverse country intact.

The Year in Liberal Celebrity Freakouts - Tim Graham (12/30/2021)
Celebrities were thrilled that Biden would bring unity and sanity and civility to politics — because they're absolutely incapable of doing so.

Gun Ownership Is Political Violence - Andrew Cuff (12/29/2021)
The American right must acknowledge the association of guns with violence, while rejecting the fallacy that all violence is evil. Gun owners who take their duty seriously become bulwarks against both tyranny and anarchy.

13 Happenings In 2021 That I Never Would Have Believed 5 Years Ago - Eleanor Bartow (12/28/2021)
The world seemed to get closer to spinning out of its orbit in 2021. If you'd told us five years ago that men would be treated as women, criminals would not be prosecuted, and censorship would be widespread, we wouldn't have believed you.

Has America Lost Its Faith? - Pat Buchanan (12/27/2021)
How long before the American people, who consistently show a lack of confidence in the popular branch of government and in the course in which it is steering the nation, begin to lose confidence in the democratic system itself?

Congress' Debt-Limit Hike Ignores Our Dangerous Addiction to Spending - Carrie Sheffield (12/26/2021)
Lawmakers pat themselves on the back for averting a crisis, but this short-term fix ignores America's unhealthy debt addiction. It's the kind that overstretches and destroys superpowers.

The Wisconsin Purchase - William Doyle (12/25/2021)
A bill to prevent private funding of Wisconsin's elections in the future recently passed both houses of the Wisconsin legislature but was vetoed by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. We doubt he will reconsider his veto after reviewing this report.

The Left's Gender Tyranny - Betsy McCaughey (12/25/2021)
Militant transgender advocates are imposing their agenda with uncompromising zeal on public school students. That's fine with President Joe Biden.

The Biggest Corporate Welfare Recipients Ever - Stephen Moore (12/24/2021)
How much do solar, wind and electric vehicle companies get in federal handouts and tax loopholes in President Joe Biden's Build Back Better bill? Well over $100 billion in taxpayer largesse. Plus huge tax credits.

Federal Report: Open Borders Bring Increased Crimes and Costs for Taxpayers - Hans von Spakovsky (12/23/2021)
With the Biden administration's reckless open border policies, the United States is facing one of the worst national security, immigration, and public safety crises in its history, and the government's own numbers prove it.

This Is the Definition of a Manufactured Threat - Tucker Carlson (12/22/2021)
If you wanted to set the stage for a revolution, this is exactly the kind of way you would talk, and it's exactly the kind of society you would create. It is deeply unwise. It is also increasingly very cruel.

Why Is the Left Suddenly Worried About the End of Democracy? - Victor Davis Hanson (12/21/2021)
When a party is hijacked by radicals and uses almost any means necessary to gain and use power for agendas that few Americans support, then average voters express their disapproval. That is democracy at work, not failing.

Socialism Doesn't Work (And You Shouldn't Support It) - Laura Hollis (12/20/2021)
The same people who cannot figure out why the Biden policies are taking the economy into the toilet are likely to vote for more of it. And we'll all pay the price.

Does Anyone Care About Omicron? - Lewis Morris (12/19/2021)
The public is not lazy, and it is not apathetic about COVID. It's more to the point that the public has been fed so much Grade A fertilizer over the pandemic that people are not going to reflexively trust or do what the government tells them.

Vaccine Passports Are Wrong for America - Adriana Cohen (12/18/2021)
COVID-19 vaccines are an effective tool in protecting people from serious illness and death. Vaccine passports, however, are a terribly misguided policy that should be resisted and/or rescinded. Here's why.

Latinos Reject 'Latinx' — and Paternal Politics - Rich Lowry (12/17/2021)
What the progressive culture elite wants, it usually gets. Single-sex bathrooms changing overnight to all-gender or non-gender bathrooms? Done. Illegal immigrants becoming known as undocumented persons? But of course. But not always.

Race to the Totalitarian Bottom - Habi Zhang (12/16/2021)
Many have yet to realize that the new cold war between the United States and China is not one between democracy and dictatorship, as was the previous one between the U.S. and the USSR. Rather, it is a battle between two emerging totalitarian states.

The 'Build Back Better' Scam - Veronique de Rugy (12/15/2021)
You can support pre-K education and affordable child care and worry about climate change while understanding that policymakers need to get out of the way.

Democrats Push 'Racial Equity Audits' To Cement Control of Tech Companies - Santi Ruiz (12/14/2021)
Democrats want to subject tech companies to mandatory "racial equity audits" conducted by their political allies, a move which could cement the party's control of Silicon Valley.

The Left's Coup Is the Overthrow of Truth - Laura Hollis (12/14/2021)
Leftists see themselves as not merely correct on the issues but morally superior to those who disagree. Anyone who pushes back against Democrats' disastrous political and economic policies is a racist, a white supremacist, a terrorist.

Big Government Socialism Isn't Working - Newt Gingrich (12/13/2021)
Under Big Government Socialism, there will eventually be no ants to feed the grasshoppers. Or, as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, "the problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

The Texas Abortion Law Must Prevail - William E. Straesser (12/12/2021)
A close examination of the genesis of unfettered access to abortion contradicts the premise that it is a "fundamental right." Indeed, the facts clearly demonstrate this "right" arose from nothing more than a sleight-of-hand by the Supreme Court.

Only Thing Voters Hate More Than Socialism Is Biden's Government - Charles Hurt (12/11/2021)
While Americans still hate socialism, there is something that polling shows that Americans hate even more than socialism: the United States federal government.

If the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, What Happens? - Larry Elder (12/10/2021)
Our Founding Fathers restricted the duties, powers and obligations of the federal government, leaving the remainder to the people and to the states themselves. This includes abortion.

A New Constitutional Convention? - Jazz Shaw (12/9/2021)
Is the federal government running amuck? Is it trampling the rights of both states and individuals? Are we sinking into some sort of socialist nightmare or capitalist plutocracy? Would a new constitutional confab be the answer?

Conservatives Prepare New Push for Constitutional Convention - Reid Wilson (12/8/2021)
Supporters of the Article V convention say they are not concerned about a runaway circus, in which topics far afield from the planned agenda dominate the discussion.

Kyle Rittenhouse Is Now Due Another Sort of Justice - Diane Dimond (12/8/2021)
Defenders of the guilty media will likely mention free speech as part of their defense. Funny how some can so firmly embrace one constitutionally protected right — freedom of speech — and forget about another, namely, the right to self-defense

Who's In Charge? Biden Letting Lefty Warren Call the Fin-Reg Shots - Charles Gasparino (12/7/2021)
Who elected Elizabeth Warren president of the US economy? All signs point to Joe Biden, who between naps and licks of his ice cream cone has bestowed upon Warren de facto presidential powers to appoint people to key financial regulatory posts.

A Flicker of Hope for the Unborn - Emmy Griffin (12/6/2021)
The case of Dobbs v. Jackson is the most monumental abortion case of this generation. Reflecting on the remarks of the justices and lawyers, there does seem to be a flicker of hope that the precedent set by Roe v. Wade might be overturned.

The Return of the Law and Order Issue - Pat Buchanan (12/5/2021)
Today's Democratic Party is associated with defunding the police, ending cash bail for arrested felons, emptying prisons, and embracing the BLM and antifa "social justice protests" of 2020 that often involved looting, arson, and assaults upon police.

What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws? - Andrew P. Napolitano (12/4/2021)
Americans live under a governmental regime that openly breaks its own laws. The government not only believes it can do whatever it can get away with politically, but it also can authorize criminals to commit crimes.

The 'Stench' of Abortion Politics - George Neumayr (12/3/2021)
Justice Sotomayor is oblivious to the stench that already exists, emanating from Roe v. Wade, a ruling that invented out of thin air a constitutional right to abortion. That ruling has led to the killing of tens of millions of unborn children.

See No Murder - Rav Arora (12/3/2021)
If black lives really matter, then prosecutors must establish and enforce clear consequences for criminal behavior, and depleted police forces must be replenished—and reaffirmed.

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