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Thursday, December 8, 2022
Republicans Off to Rocky Start - Rob Bluey
Wasteful Washington spending is already making a comeback.

DEI in the ER - John Mac Ghlionn
Rising wokeness in medical schools is a problem for patients everywhere.

Today in History:  War Declared! (1941) ... Birth of Eli Whitney (1765) ... Washington Retreats Across Delaware (1776) ... Lincoln Announces Plan for Reconstruction (1864) ... AF of L Founded (1886) ... Nationalist Government Moves To Taiwan (1949) ... Clinton Signs NAFTA Agreement (1993)

     ... More Headlines

Issues In Depth
"Out of Small Beginnings" - Rebecca Mansour
The true history of the Pilgrim Fathers and our founding myth.
If you want to undo a nation, you start by falsifying its history.

Toward a Conservative Popularism - Jesse Arm
Republicans should emphasize issues on which the public supports their positions.
Righting wrongs happens after a party is in the majority.

     ... More In-Depth

Authoritarianism Without Authority - Noelle Mering
Freedom of thought and speech are fundamental to a truth-seeking society.

The Media vs. Free Speech on Twitter - Tim Graham
If you think the mainstream media supports free speech, think again.

We Don't Need Biden's Permission To Own A 'Semi-Automatic' Firearm - David Harsanyi
Dear Joe: Lacking "social redemptive value" is not an ownership qualifier.

The Question Fools Don't Ask - Dennis Prager
Politics - and its groupies - never bother asking the price of their ideas.

Pentagon Admits It Can't Account for $2 Trillion – AGAIN - Kathleen J. Anderson
A lack of real political accountability ... and a huge whiff of corruption.

Cancel Culture's War on History, Heritage, and the Freedom to Think for Yourself - John and Nisha Whitehead
The government's war on thought crimes is just the beginning.

Mr. Biden's Not So Subtle Lurch Toward Dictatorship - Richard Stern
The administration has increasingly weaponized the federal government.

Student Debt Overreach - Jonathan W. Pidluzny
A Texas court puts the brakes on an astounding executive branch power grab.

How Big Tech took over the Democrats - Andrew Orlowski
The Sam Bankman-Fried debacle reveals a party in hock to Silicon Valley.

     ... More Op-Ed

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Thomas Jefferson"It is reasonable that every one who asks justice should do justice." - Thomas Jefferson

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