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Friday, September 22, 2023
Seeing Patterns … and Refusing To - Laura Hollis
Too many people accept what they want to be true in place of what is true.

Post-Postmodern America - Victor Davis Hanson
Utopian wokism is contrary to human nature, impractical, and destructive.

Today in History:  Emancipation Proclamation Issued (1862) ... Nathan Hale Hanged By British (1776) ... U. S. Post Office Established (1789) ... Traditional Foundation of Mormon Church (1827) ... U.S.S.R. Tests Atomic Bomb (1949) ... Assassination Attempt on President Ford (1975)

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The 'D' in Democrat Stands for Debauchery - Samantha Koch
The party is increasingly in favor of raunchy behavior, even for kids.

Constitution Day: We the People Have a More Perfect Union to Fight For - Catherine Salgado
We have fallen far from the ideals of our Founders.

Schools Would Be Better Off Without a Department of Education - Everett Piper
Centralized teaching is antithetical to intellectual freedom.

God or Government - Laura Hollis
The decisions we make, even more than our Constitution, secure our future.

Maybe a Temporary Government Lockdown Is Necessary - Stephen Moore
The Alternative May Be Worse.

No to D.C. Statehood - Zack Smith
Not a political, racial or civil rights issue, but a constitutional one.

Emergencyism: New Mexico Governor Lawlessly Suspends State Gun Law - Joshua Arnold
Progressive wanna-be-tyrants have weaponized their new toy: "emergencies."

What to Do About the Crime Wave - Cal Thomas
We complain about crime, but eschew swift, sure and firm punishments.

The Electric-Car Sham - Rich Lowry
The left considers killing gasoline power to be a religious crusade.

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Nathan Hale"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." - Nathan Hale, before being hanged as a Continental spy by the British  (1776)

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