If we make ourselves sheep...
...the wolves will eat us!
Today's Top Story ... Americans Should Be Working Hard, Not Hardly Working - Stephen Moore
Read what the Supreme Court thinks about Capital Punishment in Furman v. Georgia

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Know Your Stuff

The 116th Congress
Full House Ordered by State/District
Select a State:
Re-Order List:   By District  By Name  Full Senate by State  Full Senate by Name  Full House by Name
Don Young (R AK-0)
Facebook: RepDonYoung   Twitter: RepDonYoung
Web: https://donyoung.house.gov

Bradley Byrne (R AL-1)
Facebook: RepByrne   Twitter: RepByrne
Web: https://byrne.house.gov

Martha Roby (R AL-2)
Facebook: Representative.Martha.Roby   Twitter: RepMarthaRoby
Web: https://roby.house.gov

Mike Rogers (R AL-3)
Facebook: CongressmanMikeDRogers   Twitter: RepMikeRogersAL
Web: https://mikerogers.house.gov

Robert Aderholt (R AL-4)
Facebook: RobertAderholt   Twitter: Robert_Aderholt
Web: https://aderholt.house.gov

Mo Brooks (R AL-5)
Facebook: RepMoBrooks   Twitter: RepMoBrooks
Web: https://brooks.house.gov

Gary Palmer (R AL-6)
Facebook: CongressmanGaryPalmer   Twitter: USRepGaryPalmer
Web: https://palmer.house.gov

Terri Sewell (D AL-7)
Facebook: RepSewell   Twitter: RepTerriSewell
Web: https://sewell.house.gov

Eric Crawford (R AR-1)
Facebook: RepRickCrawford   Twitter: RepRickCrawford
Web: https://crawford.house.gov

French Hill (R AR-2)
Facebook: RepFrenchHill   Twitter: RepFrenchHill
Web: https://hill.house.gov

Steve Womack (R AR-3)
Facebook: RepSteveWomack   Twitter: Rep_SteveWomack
Web: https://womack.house.gov

Bruce Westerman (R AR-4)
Facebook: RepWesterman   Twitter: RepWesterman
Web: https://westerman.house.gov

Aumua Amata (R AS-0)
Facebook: aumuaamata   Twitter: RepAmata
Web: https://radewagen.house.gov

Tom O'Halleran (D AZ-1)
Facebook: repohalleran   Twitter: repohalleran
Web: https://ohalleran.house.gov

Ann Kirkpatrick (D AZ-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: http://kirkpatrick.house.gov

Raúl Grijalva (D AZ-3)
Facebook: Rep.Grijalva   Twitter: RepraulGrijalva
Web: https://grijalva.house.gov

Paul Gosar (R AZ-4)
Facebook: repgosar   Twitter: RepGosar
Web: https://gosar.house.gov

Andy Biggs (R AZ-5)
Facebook: RepAndyBiggs   Twitter: RepAndyBiggsAZ
Web: https://biggs.house.gov

David Schweikert (R AZ-6)
Facebook: repdavidschweikert   Twitter: RepDavid
Web: https://schweikert.house.gov

Ruben Gallego (D AZ-7)
Facebook: RepRubenGallego   Twitter: RepRubenGallego
Web: https://rubengallego.house.gov

Debbie Lesko (R AZ-8)
Facebook: RepDebbieLesko   Twitter: RepDLesko
Web: https://lesko.house.gov/

Greg Stanton (D AZ-9)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepGregStanton
Web: https://stanton.house.gov/

Doug LaMalfa (R CA-1)
Facebook: RepLaMalfa   Twitter: RepLaMalfa
Web: https://lamalfa.house.gov

Jared Huffman (D CA-2)
Facebook: RepHuffman   Twitter: RepHuffman
Web: https://huffman.house.gov

John Garamendi (D CA-3)
Facebook: repgaramendi   Twitter: RepGaramendi
Web: https://garamendi.house.gov

Tom McClintock (R CA-4)
Facebook: 81125319109   Twitter: RepMcClintock
Web: https://mcclintock.house.gov

Mike Thompson (D CA-5)
Facebook: RepMikeThompson   Twitter: RepThompson
Web: https://mikethompson.house.gov

Doris Matsui (D CA-6)
Facebook: doris.matsui   Twitter: DorisMatsui
Web: http://matsui.house.gov

Ami Bera (D CA-7)
Facebook: RepAmiBera   Twitter: RepBera
Web: https://bera.house.gov

Paul Cook (R CA-8)
Facebook: RepPaulCook   Twitter: RepPaulCook
Web: https://cook.house.gov

Jerry McNerney (D CA-9)
Facebook: jerrymcnerney   Twitter: RepMcNerney
Web: https://mcnerney.house.gov

Josh Harder (D CA-10)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepJoshHarder
Web: https://harder.house.gov/

Mark DeSaulnier (D CA-11)
Facebook: RepMarkDeSaulnier   Twitter: RepDeSaulnier
Web: https://desaulnier.house.gov

Nancy Pelosi (D CA-12)
Facebook: NancyPelosi   Twitter: SpeakerPelosi
Web: https://pelosi.house.gov

Barbara Lee (D CA-13)
Facebook: RepBarbaraLee   Twitter: RepBarbaraLee
Web: https://lee.house.gov

Jackie Speier (D CA-14)
Facebook: JackieSpeier   Twitter: RepSpeier
Web: https://speier.house.gov

Eric Swalwell (D CA-15)
Facebook: CongressmanEricSwalwell   Twitter: RepSwalwell
Web: https://swalwell.house.gov

Jim Costa (D CA-16)
Facebook: RepJimCosta   Twitter: RepJimCosta
Web: https://costa.house.gov

Ro Khanna (D CA-17)
Facebook: RepRoKhanna   Twitter: RepRoKhanna
Web: https://khanna.house.gov

Anna Eshoo (D CA-18)
Facebook: RepAnnaEshoo   Twitter: RepAnnaEshoo
Web: http://eshoo.house.gov

Zoe Lofgren (D CA-19)
Facebook: zoelofgren   Twitter: RepZoeLofgren
Web: https://lofgren.house.gov

Jimmy Panetta (D CA-20)
Facebook: RepJimmyPanetta   Twitter: RepJimmyPanetta
Web: https://panetta.house.gov

TJ Cox (D CA-21)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepTjCox
Web: https://cox.house.gov/

Devin Nunes (R CA-22)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepDevinNunes
Web: https://nunes.house.gov

Kevin McCarthy (R CA-23)
Facebook: CongressmanKevinMcCarthy   Twitter: GOPLeader
Web: https://kevinmccarthy.house.gov

Salud Carbajal (D CA-24)
Facebook: repsaludcarbajal   Twitter: RepCarbajal
Web: https://carbajal.house.gov

Katie Hill (D CA-25)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepKatieHill
Web: https://katiehill.house.gov/

Julia Brownley (D CA-26)
Facebook: RepJuliaBrownley   Twitter: JuliaBrownley26
Web: https://juliabrownley.house.gov

Judy Chu (D CA-27)
Facebook: RepJudyChu   Twitter: RepJudyChu
Web: https://chu.house.gov

Adam Schiff (D CA-28)
Facebook: RepAdamSchiff   Twitter: RepAdamSchiff
Web: https://schiff.house.gov

Tony Cárdenas (D CA-29)
Facebook: repcardenas   Twitter: RepCardenas
Web: https://cardenas.house.gov

Brad Sherman (D CA-30)
Facebook: 63158229861   Twitter: BradSherman
Web: https://sherman.house.gov

Pete Aguilar (D CA-31)
Facebook: reppeteaguilar   Twitter: reppeteaguilar
Web: https://aguilar.house.gov

Grace Napolitano (D CA-32)
Facebook: RepGraceNapolitano   Twitter: GraceNapolitano
Web: https://napolitano.house.gov

Ted Lieu (D CA-33)
Facebook: RepTedLieu   Twitter: RepTedLieu
Web: https://lieu.house.gov

Jimmy Gomez (D CA-34)
Facebook: RepJimmyGomez   Twitter: RepJimmyGomez
Web: https://gomez.house.gov

Norma Torres (D CA-35)
Facebook: RepNormaTorres   Twitter: NormaJTorres
Web: https://torres.house.gov

Raul Ruiz (D CA-36)
Facebook: CongressmanRaulRuizMD   Twitter: CongressmanRuiz
Web: https://ruiz.house.gov

Karen Bass (D CA-37)
Facebook: RepKarenBass   Twitter: RepKarenBass
Web: https://bass.house.gov

Linda Sánchez (D CA-38)
Facebook: CongresswomanLindaSanchez   Twitter: RepLindaSanchez
Web: https://lindasanchez.house.gov

Gilbert Cisneros (D CA-39)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://cisneros.house.gov/

Lucille Roybal-Allard (D CA-40)
Facebook: RepRoybalAllard   Twitter: RepRoybalAllard
Web: https://roybal-allard.house.gov

Mark Takano (D CA-41)
Facebook: RepMarkTakano   Twitter: RepMarkTakano
Web: https://takano.house.gov

Ken Calvert (R CA-42)
Facebook: 70063393423   Twitter: KenCalvert
Web: https://calvert.house.gov

Maxine Waters (D CA-43)
Facebook: MaxineWaters   Twitter: RepMaxineWaters
Web: https://waters.house.gov

Nanette Barragán (D CA-44)
Facebook: CongresswomanBarragan   Twitter: RepBarragan
Web: https://barragan.house.gov

Katie Porter (D CA-45)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://porter.house.gov/

J. Correa (D CA-46)
Facebook: RepLouCorrea   Twitter: reploucorrea
Web: https://correa.house.gov

Alan Lowenthal (D CA-47)
Facebook: RepLowenthal   Twitter: RepLowenthal
Web: https://lowenthal.house.gov

Harley Rouda (D CA-48)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepHarley
Web: https://rouda.house.gov/

Mike Levin (D CA-49)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepMikeLevin
Web: https://mikelevin.house.gov/

Duncan Hunter (R CA-50)
Facebook: DuncanHunter   Twitter: Rep_Hunter
Web: https://hunter.house.gov

Juan Vargas (D CA-51)
Facebook: RepJuanVargas   Twitter: RepJuanVargas
Web: https://vargas.house.gov

Scott Peters (D CA-52)
Facebook: RepScottPeters   Twitter: RepScottPeters
Web: https://scottpeters.house.gov

Susan Davis (D CA-53)
Facebook: RepSusanDavis   Twitter: RepSusanDavis
Web: https://susandavis.house.gov

Diana DeGette (D CO-1)
Facebook: DianaDeGette   Twitter: RepDianaDeGette
Web: https://degette.house.gov

Joe Neguse (D CO-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepJoeNeguse
Web: https://neguse.house.gov/

Scott Tipton (R CO-3)
Facebook: CongressmanScottTipton   Twitter: RepTipton
Web: https://tipton.house.gov

Ken Buck (R CO-4)
Facebook: repkenbuck   Twitter: RepKenBuck
Web: https://buck.house.gov

Doug Lamborn (R CO-5)
Facebook: CongressmanDougLamborn   Twitter: RepDLamborn
Web: https://lamborn.house.gov

Jason Crow (D CO-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepJasonCrow
Web: https://crow.house.gov/

Ed Perlmutter (D CO-7)
Facebook: RepPerlmutter   Twitter: RepPerlmutter
Web: https://perlmutter.house.gov

John Larson (D CT-1)
Facebook: RepJohnLarson   Twitter: RepJohnLarson
Web: https://larson.house.gov

Joe Courtney (D CT-2)
Facebook: joecourtney   Twitter: RepJoeCourtney
Web: https://courtney.house.gov

Rosa DeLauro (D CT-3)
Facebook: CongresswomanRosaDeLauro   Twitter: RosaDeLauro
Web: https://delauro.house.gov

James Himes (D CT-4)
Facebook: CongressmanJimHimes   Twitter: JAHimes
Web: https://himes.house.gov

Jahana Hayes (D CT-5)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://hayes.house.gov/

Eleanor Norton (D DC-0)
Facebook: CongresswomanNorton   Twitter: EleanorNorton
Web: https://norton.house.gov

Lisa Blunt Rochester (D DE-0)
Facebook: Rep.BluntRochester   Twitter: RepLBR
Web: https://bluntrochester.house.gov

Matt Gaetz (R FL-1)
Facebook: CongressmanMattGaetz   Twitter: RepMattGaetz
Web: https://gaetz.house.gov

Neal Dunn (R FL-2)
Facebook: drnealdunnfl2   Twitter: drnealdunnfl2
Web: https://dunn.house.gov

Ted Yoho (R FL-3)
Facebook: CongressmanTedYoho   Twitter: RepTedYoho
Web: https://yoho.house.gov

John Rutherford (R FL-4)
Facebook: RepRutherfordFL   Twitter: RepRutherfordFL
Web: https://rutherford.house.gov

Al Lawson (D FL-5)
Facebook: RepAlLawsonJr   Twitter: RepAlLawsonJr
Web: https://lawson.house.gov

Michael Waltz (R FL-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://waltz.house.gov/

Stephanie Murphy (D FL-7)
Facebook: RepStephMurphy   Twitter: RepStephMurphy
Web: https://stephaniemurphy.house.gov

Bill Posey (R FL-8)
Facebook: bill.posey15   Twitter: CongBillPosey
Web: https://posey.house.gov

Darren Soto (D FL-9)
Facebook: CongressmanDarrenSoto   Twitter: RepDarrenSoto
Web: https://soto.house.gov

Val Demings (D FL-10)
Facebook: RepresentativeValDemings   Twitter: RepValDemings
Web: https://demings.house.gov

Daniel Webster (R FL-11)
Facebook: RepWebster   Twitter: RepWebster
Web: https://webster.house.gov

Gus Bilirakis (R FL-12)
Facebook: GusBilirakis   Twitter: RepGusBilirakis
Web: https://bilirakis.house.gov

Charlie Crist (D FL-13)
Facebook: RepCharlieCrist   Twitter: repcharliecrist
Web: https://crist.house.gov

Kathy Castor (D FL-14)
Facebook: USRepKathyCastor   Twitter: USRepKCastor
Web: https://castor.house.gov

Ross Spano (R FL-15)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://spano.house.gov/

Vern Buchanan (R FL-16)
Facebook: CongressmanBuchanan   Twitter: VernBuchanan
Web: https://buchanan.house.gov

W. Steube (R FL-17)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://steube.house.gov/

Brian Mast (R FL-18)
Facebook: repbrianmast   Twitter: repbrianmast
Web: https://mast.house.gov

Francis Rooney (R FL-19)
Facebook: RepRooney   Twitter: RepRooney
Web: https://francisrooney.house.gov

Alcee Hastings (D FL-20)
Facebook: 95696782238   Twitter: RepHastingsFL
Web: https://alceehastings.house.gov

Lois Frankel (D FL-21)
Facebook: RepLoisFrankel   Twitter: RepLoisFrankel
Web: https://frankel.house.gov

Theodore Deutch (D FL-22)
Facebook: CongressmanTedDeutch   Twitter: RepTedDeutch
Web: https://teddeutch.house.gov

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D FL-23)
Facebook: RepDWS   Twitter: RepDWStweets
Web: https://wassermanschultz.house.gov

Frederica Wilson (D FL-24)
Facebook: RepWilson   Twitter: RepWilson
Web: https://wilson.house.gov

Mario Diaz-Balart (R FL-25)
Facebook: mdiazbalart   Twitter: MarioDB
Web: https://mariodiazbalart.house.gov

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D FL-26)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://mucarsel-powell.house.gov/

Donna Shalala (D FL-27)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepShalala
Web: https://shalala.house.gov/

Buddy Carter (R GA-1)
Facebook: congressmanbuddycarter   Twitter: RepBuddyCarter
Web: https://buddycarter.house.gov

Sanford Bishop (D GA-2)
Facebook: sanfordbishop   Twitter: SanfordBishop
Web: https://bishop.house.gov

A. Ferguson (R GA-3)
Facebook: RepDrewFerguson   Twitter: RepDrewFerguson
Web: https://ferguson.house.gov

Henry Johnson (D GA-4)
Facebook: 1.1535695701e+011   Twitter: RepHankJohnson
Web: https://hankjohnson.house.gov

John Lewis (D GA-5)
Facebook: RepJohnLewis   Twitter: RepJohnLewis
Web: https://johnlewis.house.gov

Lucy McBath (D GA-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://mcbath.house.gov/

Rob Woodall (R GA-7)
Facebook: RepRobWoodall   Twitter: RepRobWoodall
Web: https://woodall.house.gov

Austin Scott (R GA-8)
Facebook: RepAustinScott   Twitter: AustinScottGA08
Web: https://austinscott.house.gov

Doug Collins (R GA-9)
Facebook: RepresentativeDougCollins   Twitter: RepDougCollins
Web: https://dougcollins.house.gov

Jody Hice (R GA-10)
Facebook: CongressmanJodyHice   Twitter: congressmanhice
Web: https://hice.house.gov

Barry Loudermilk (R GA-11)
Facebook: reploudermilk   Twitter: RepLoudermilk
Web: https://loudermilk.house.gov

Rick Allen (R GA-12)
Facebook: CongressmanRickAllen   Twitter: reprickallen
Web: https://allen.house.gov

David Scott (D GA-13)
Facebook: 1.1330367334e+011   Twitter: RepDavidScott
Web: https://davidscott.house.gov

Tom Graves (R GA-14)
Facebook: reptomgraves   Twitter: RepTomGraves
Web: https://tomgraves.house.gov

Michael San Nicolas (D GU-0)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://sannicolas.house.gov/

Ed Case (D HI-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://case.house.gov

Tulsi Gabbard (D HI-2)
Facebook: RepTulsiGabbard   Twitter: TulsiPress
Web: https://gabbard.house.gov

Abby Finkenauer (D IA-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://finkenauer.house.gov/

David Loebsack (D IA-2)
Facebook: DaveLoebsack   Twitter: DaveLoebsack
Web: https://loebsack.house.gov

Cynthia Axne (D IA-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepCindyAxne
Web: https://axne.house.gov/

Steve King (R IA-4)
Facebook: stevekingia   Twitter: SteveKingIA
Web: https://steveking.house.gov

Russ Fulcher (R ID-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepRussFulcher
Web: https://fulcher.house.gov/

Michael Simpson (R ID-2)
Facebook: 96007744606   Twitter: CongMikeSimpson
Web: https://simpson.house.gov

Bobby Rush (D IL-1)
Facebook: congressmanbobbyrush   Twitter: RepBobbyRush
Web: https://rush.house.gov

Robin Kelly (D IL-2)
Facebook: reprobinkelly   Twitter: RepRobinKelly
Web: https://robinkelly.house.gov

Daniel Lipinski (D IL-3)
Facebook: repdanlipinski   Twitter: RepLipinski
Web: https://lipinski.house.gov

Jesús García (D IL-4)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://jesusgarcia.house.gov/

Mike Quigley (D IL-5)
Facebook: repmikequigley   Twitter: RepMikeQuigley
Web: https://quigley.house.gov

Sean Casten (D IL-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://casten.house.gov/

Danny Davis (D IL-7)
Facebook: CongressmanDKDavis   Twitter: RepDannyDavis
Web: https://davis.house.gov

Raja Krishnamoorthi (D IL-8)
Facebook: congressmanraja   Twitter: congressmanraja
Web: https://krishnamoorthi.house.gov

Janice Schakowsky (D IL-9)
Facebook: janschakowsky   Twitter: JanSchakowsky
Web: https://schakowsky.house.gov

Bradley Schneider (D IL-10)
Facebook: CongressmanBradSchneider   Twitter: repschneider
Web: https://schneider.house.gov

Bill Foster (D IL-11)
Facebook: CongressmanBillFoster   Twitter: RepBillFoster
Web: https://foster.house.gov

Mike Bost (R IL-12)
Facebook: RepBost   Twitter: RepBost
Web: https://bost.house.gov

Rodney Davis (R IL-13)
Facebook: RepRodneyDavis   Twitter: RodneyDavis
Web: https://rodneydavis.house.gov

Lauren Underwood (D IL-14)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepUnderwood
Web: https://underwood.house.gov/

John Shimkus (R IL-15)
Facebook: repshimkus   Twitter: RepShimkus
Web: https://shimkus.house.gov

Adam Kinzinger (R IL-16)
Facebook: RepKinzinger   Twitter: RepKinzinger
Web: https://kinzinger.house.gov

Cheri Bustos (D IL-17)
Facebook: RepCheri   Twitter: RepCheri
Web: https://bustos.house.gov

Darin LaHood (R IL-18)
Facebook: replahood   Twitter: RepLaHood
Web: https://lahood.house.gov

Peter Visclosky (D IN-1)
Facebook: repvisclosky   Twitter: RepVisclosky
Web: https://visclosky.house.gov

Jackie Walorski (R IN-2)
Facebook: RepJackieWalorski   Twitter: RepWalorski
Web: https://walorski.house.gov

Jim Banks (R IN-3)
Facebook: RepJimBanks   Twitter: RepJimBanks
Web: https://banks.house.gov

James Baird (R IN-4)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://baird.house.gov/

Susan Brooks (R IN-5)
Facebook: congresswomansusanwbrooks   Twitter: SusanWBrooks
Web: https://susanwbrooks.house.gov

Greg Pence (R IN-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://pence.house.gov/

Andrè Carson (D IN-7)
Facebook: CongressmanAndreCarson   Twitter: RepAndreCarson
Web: https://carson.house.gov

Larry Bucshon (R IN-8)
Facebook: RepLarryBucshon   Twitter: RepLarryBucshon
Web: https://bucshon.house.gov

Trey Hollingsworth (R IN-9)
Facebook: reptrey   Twitter: reptrey
Web: https://hollingsworth.house.gov

Roger Marshall (R KS-1)
Facebook: rogermarshallmd   Twitter: RepMarshall
Web: https://marshall.house.gov

Steven Watkins (R KS-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://watkins.house.gov/

Sharice Davids (D KS-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepDavids
Web: https://davids.house.gov/

Ron Estes (R KS-4)
Facebook: RepRonEstes   Twitter: RepRonEstes
Web: https://estes.house.gov

James Comer (R KY-1)
Facebook: congressmancomer   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://comer.house.gov

Brett Guthrie (R KY-2)
Facebook: CongressmanGuthrie   Twitter: RepGuthrie
Web: https://guthrie.house.gov

John Yarmuth (D KY-3)
Facebook: 2.1425864616e+011   Twitter: RepJohnYarmuth
Web: https://yarmuth.house.gov

Thomas Massie (R KY-4)
Facebook: RepThomasMassie   Twitter: RepThomasMassie
Web: https://massie.house.gov

Harold Rogers (R KY-5)
Facebook: CongressmanHalRogers   Twitter: RepHalRogers
Web: https://halrogers.house.gov

Garland Barr (R KY-6)
Facebook: RepAndyBarr   Twitter: RepAndyBarr
Web: https://barr.house.gov

Steve Scalise (R LA-1)
Facebook: RepSteveScalise   Twitter: SteveScalise
Web: https://scalise.house.gov

Cedric Richmond (D LA-2)
Facebook: RepRichmond   Twitter: RepRichmond
Web: https://richmond.house.gov

Clay Higgins (R LA-3)
Facebook: CongressmanClayHiggins   Twitter: RepClayHiggins
Web: https://clayhiggins.house.gov

Mike Johnson (R LA-4)
Facebook: RepMikeJohnson   Twitter: RepMikeJohnson
Web: https://mikejohnson.house.gov

Ralph Abraham (R LA-5)
Facebook: CongressmanRalphAbraham   Twitter: RepAbraham
Web: https://abraham.house.gov

Garret Graves (R LA-6)
Facebook: CongressmanGarretGraves   Twitter: RepGarretGraves
Web: https://garretgraves.house.gov

Richard Neal (D MA-1)
Facebook: reprichardneal   Twitter: RepRichardNeal
Web: https://neal.house.gov

James McGovern (D MA-2)
Facebook: RepJimMcGovern   Twitter: RepMcGovern
Web: https://mcgovern.house.gov

Lori Trahan (D MA-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepLoriTrahan
Web: https://trahan.house.gov/

Joseph Kennedy (D MA-4)
Facebook: 3.0193610993e+014   Twitter: RepJoeKennedy
Web: https://kennedy.house.gov

Katherine Clark (D MA-5)
Facebook: CongresswomanClark   Twitter: RepKClark
Web: https://katherineclark.house.gov

Seth Moulton (D MA-6)
Facebook: CongressmanSethMoulton   Twitter: teammoulton
Web: https://moulton.house.gov

Ayanna Pressley (D MA-7)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepPressley
Web: https://pressley.house.gov/

Stephen Lynch (D MA-8)
Facebook: repstephenlynch   Twitter: RepStephenLynch
Web: https://lynch.house.gov

William Keating (D MA-9)
Facebook: Congressman.Keating   Twitter: USRepKeating
Web: https://keating.house.gov

Andy Harris (R MD-1)
Facebook: AndyHarrisMD   Twitter: RepAndyHarrisMD
Web: https://harris.house.gov

C. Ruppersberger (D MD-2)
Facebook: DutchRupp   Twitter: Call_Me_Dutch
Web: https://ruppersberger.house.gov

John Sarbanes (D MD-3)
Facebook: RepSarbanes   Twitter: RepSarbanes
Web: https://sarbanes.house.gov

Anthony Brown (D MD-4)
Facebook: RepAnthonyBrown   Twitter: RepAnthonyBrown
Web: https://anthonybrown.house.gov

Steny Hoyer (D MD-5)
Facebook: WhipHoyer   Twitter: LeaderHoyer
Web: https://hoyer.house.gov

David Trone (D MD-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepDavidTrone
Web: https://trone.house.gov/

Elijah Cummings (D MD-7)
Facebook: elijahcummings   Twitter: RepCummings
Web: https://cummings.house.gov

Jamie Raskin (D MD-8)
Facebook: repraskin   Twitter: repraskin
Web: https://raskin.house.gov

Chellie Pingree (D ME-1)
Facebook: ChelliePingree   Twitter: ChelliePingree
Web: https://pingree.house.gov

Jared Golden (D ME-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepGolden
Web: https://golden.house.gov

Jack Bergman (R MI-1)
Facebook: RepJackBergman   Twitter: RepJackBergman
Web: https://bergman.house.gov

Bill Huizenga (R MI-2)
Facebook: RepHuizenga   Twitter: RepHuizenga
Web: https://huizenga.house.gov

Justin Amash (R MI-3)
Facebook: repjustinamash   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://amash.house.gov

John Moolenaar (R MI-4)
Facebook: RepMoolenaar   Twitter: RepMoolenaar
Web: https://moolenaar.house.gov

Daniel Kildee (D MI-5)
Facebook: RepDanKildee   Twitter: RepDanKildee
Web: https://dankildee.house.gov

Fred Upton (R MI-6)
Facebook: RepFredUpton   Twitter: RepFredUpton
Web: https://upton.house.gov

Tim Walberg (R MI-7)
Facebook: RepWalberg   Twitter: RepWalberg
Web: https://walberg.house.gov

Elissa Slotkin (D MI-8)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepSlotkin
Web: https://slotkin.house.gov/

Andy Levin (D MI-9)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepAndyLevin
Web: https://andylevin.house.gov/

Paul Mitchell (R MI-10)
Facebook: reppaulmitchell   Twitter: RepPaulMitchell
Web: https://mitchell.house.gov

Haley Stevens (D MI-11)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepHaleyStevens
Web: https://stevens.house.gov/

Debbie Dingell (D MI-12)
Facebook: RepDebbieDingell   Twitter: RepDebDingell
Web: https://debbiedingell.house.gov

Rashida Tlaib (D MI-13)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepRashida
Web: https://tlaib.house.gov/

Brenda Lawrence (D MI-14)
Facebook: 3.9575960392e+014   Twitter: RepLawrence
Web: https://lawrence.house.gov

Jim Hagedorn (R MN-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://hagedorn.house.gov/

Angie Craig (D MN-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepAngieCraig
Web: https://craig.house.gov/

Dean Phillips (D MN-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepDeanPhillips
Web: https://phillips.house.gov/

Betty McCollum (D MN-4)
Facebook: repbettymccollum   Twitter: BettyMcCollum04
Web: https://mccollum.house.gov

Ilhan Omar (D MN-5)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://omar.house.gov/

Tom Emmer (R MN-6)
Facebook: reptomemmer   Twitter: RepTomEmmer
Web: https://emmer.house.gov

Collin Peterson (D MN-7)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://collinpeterson.house.gov

Pete Stauber (R MN-8)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepPeteStauber
Web: https://stauber.house.gov/

Wm. Clay (D MO-1)
Facebook: 1.0913540584e+014   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://lacyclay.house.gov

Ann Wagner (R MO-2)
Facebook: RepAnnWagner   Twitter: RepAnnWagner
Web: https://wagner.house.gov

Blaine Luetkemeyer (R MO-3)
Facebook: BlaineLuetkemeyer   Twitter: RepBlaine
Web: https://luetkemeyer.house.gov

Vicky Hartzler (R MO-4)
Facebook: Congresswoman.Hartzler   Twitter: RepHartzler
Web: https://hartzler.house.gov

Emanuel Cleaver (D MO-5)
Facebook: emanuelcleaverii   Twitter: RepCleaver
Web: https://cleaver.house.gov

Sam Graves (R MO-6)
Facebook: 1.1851460613e+011   Twitter: RepSamGraves
Web: https://graves.house.gov

Billy Long (R MO-7)
Facebook: Rep.Billy.Long   Twitter: USRepLong
Web: https://long.house.gov

Jason Smith (R MO-8)
Facebook: repjasonsmith   Twitter: RepJasonSmith
Web: https://jasonsmith.house.gov

Gregorio Sablan (D MP-0)
Facebook: 1.5342391266e+011   Twitter: Kilili_Sablan
Web: https://sablan.house.gov

Trent Kelly (R MS-1)
Facebook: reptrentkelly   Twitter: reptrentkelly
Web: https://trentkelly.house.gov

Bennie Thompson (D MS-2)
Facebook: CongressmanBennieGThompson   Twitter: BennieGThompson
Web: https://benniethompson.house.gov

Michael Guest (R MS-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://guest.house.gov/

Steven Palazzo (R MS-4)
Facebook: stevenpalazzo   Twitter: CongPalazzo
Web: https://palazzo.house.gov

Greg Gianforte (R MT-0)
Facebook: RepGianforte   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://gianforte.house.gov

George Butterfield (D NC-1)
Facebook: congressmangkbutterfield   Twitter: GKButterfield
Web: https://butterfield.house.gov

George Holding (R NC-2)
Facebook: CongressmanGeorgeHolding   Twitter: RepHolding
Web: https://holding.house.gov

Walter Jones (R NC-3)
Facebook: 15083070102   Twitter: RepWalterJones
Web: https://jones.house.gov

David Price (D NC-4)
Facebook: RepDavidEPrice   Twitter: RepDavidEPrice
Web: https://price.house.gov

Virginia Foxx (R NC-5)
Facebook: RepVirginiaFoxx   Twitter: VirginiaFoxx
Web: https://foxx.house.gov

Mark Walker (R NC-6)
Facebook: RepMarkWalker   Twitter: RepMarkWalker
Web: https://walker.house.gov

David Rouzer (R NC-7)
Facebook: RepRouzer   Twitter: RepDavidRouzer
Web: https://rouzer.house.gov

Richard Hudson (R NC-8)
Facebook: RepRichHudson   Twitter: RepRichHudson
Web: https://hudson.house.gov

Patrick McHenry (R NC-10)
Facebook: CongressmanMcHenry   Twitter: PatrickMcHenry
Web: https://mchenry.house.gov

Mark Meadows (R NC-11)
Facebook: Repmarkmeadows   Twitter: RepMarkMeadows
Web: https://meadows.house.gov

Alma Adams (D NC-12)
Facebook: CongresswomanAdams   Twitter: RepAdams
Web: https://adams.house.gov

Ted Budd (R NC-13)
Facebook: RepTedBudd   Twitter: RepTedBudd
Web: https://budd.house.gov

Kelly Armstrong (R ND-0)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepArmstrongND
Web: https://armstrong.house.gov/

Jeff Fortenberry (R NE-1)
Facebook: jefffortenberry   Twitter: JeffFortenberry
Web: https://fortenberry.house.gov

Don Bacon (R NE-2)
Facebook: RepDonBacon   Twitter: repdonbacon
Web: https://bacon.house.gov

Adrian Smith (R NE-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepAdrianSmith
Web: https://adriansmith.house.gov

Chris Pappas (D NH-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://pappas.house.gov/

Ann Kuster (D NH-2)
Facebook: CongresswomanAnnieKuster   Twitter: RepAnnieKuster
Web: https://kuster.house.gov

Donald Norcross (D NJ-1)
Facebook: DonaldNorcrossNJ   Twitter: DonaldNorcross
Web: https://norcross.house.gov

Jefferson Van Drew (D NJ-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://vandrew.house.gov/

Andy Kim (D NJ-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://kim.house.gov/

Christopher Smith (R NJ-4)
Facebook: RepChrisSmith   Twitter: RepChrisSmith
Web: https://chrissmith.house.gov

Josh Gottheimer (D NJ-5)
Facebook: RepJoshG   Twitter: RepJoshG
Web: https://gottheimer.house.gov

Frank Pallone (D NJ-6)
Facebook: repfrankpallone   Twitter: FrankPallone
Web: https://pallone.house.gov

Tom Malinowski (D NJ-7)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://malinowski.house.gov/

Albio Sires (D NJ-8)
Facebook: 81058818750   Twitter: RepSires
Web: https://sires.house.gov

Bill Pascrell (D NJ-9)
Facebook: pascrell   Twitter: BillPascrell
Web: https://pascrell.house.gov

Donald Payne (D NJ-10)
Facebook: DonaldPayneJr   Twitter: RepDonaldPayne
Web: https://payne.house.gov

Mikie Sherrill (D NJ-11)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepSherrill
Web: https://sherrill.house.gov/

Bonnie Watson Coleman (D NJ-12)
Facebook: RepBonnie   Twitter: RepBonnie
Web: https://watsoncoleman.house.gov

Debra Haaland (D NM-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepDebHaaland
Web: https://haaland.house.gov/

Xochitl Torres Small (D NM-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepTorresSmall
Web: http://torressmall.house.gov

Ben Luján (D NM-3)
Facebook: RepBenRayLujan   Twitter: RepBenRayLujan
Web: https://lujan.house.gov

Dina Titus (D NV-1)
Facebook: CongresswomanTitus   Twitter: RepDinaTitus
Web: https://titus.house.gov

Mark Amodei (R NV-2)
Facebook: MarkAmodeiNV2   Twitter: MarkAmodeiNV2
Web: https://amodei.house.gov

Susie Lee (D NV-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepSusieLee
Web: https://susielee.house.gov/

Steven Horsford (D NV-4)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepHorsford
Web: http://horsford.house.gov

Lee Zeldin (R NY-1)
Facebook: RepLeeZeldin   Twitter: RepLeeZeldin
Web: https://zeldin.house.gov

Peter King (R NY-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepPeteKing
Web: https://peteking.house.gov

Thomas Suozzi (D NY-3)
Facebook: RepTomSuozzi   Twitter: RepTomSuozzi
Web: https://suozzi.house.gov

Kathleen Rice (D NY-4)
Facebook: RepKathleenRice   Twitter: RepKathleenRice
Web: https://kathleenrice.house.gov

Gregory Meeks (D NY-5)
Facebook: gregorymeeksny05   Twitter: RepGregoryMeeks
Web: https://meeks.house.gov

Grace Meng (D NY-6)
Facebook: repgracemeng   Twitter: RepGraceMeng
Web: https://meng.house.gov

Nydia Velázquez (D NY-7)
Facebook: 8037068318   Twitter: NydiaVelazquez
Web: https://velazquez.house.gov

Hakeem Jeffries (D NY-8)
Facebook: RepHakeemJeffries   Twitter: RepJeffries
Web: https://jeffries.house.gov

Yvette Clarke (D NY-9)
Facebook: repyvettedclarke   Twitter: RepYvetteClarke
Web: https://clarke.house.gov

Jerrold Nadler (D NY-10)
Facebook: CongressmanNadler   Twitter: RepJerryNadler
Web: https://nadler.house.gov

Max Rose (D NY-11)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepMaxRose
Web: https://maxrose.house.gov/

Carolyn Maloney (D NY-12)
Facebook: RepCarolynMaloney   Twitter: RepMaloney
Web: https://maloney.house.gov

Adriano Espaillat (D NY-13)
Facebook: RepEspaillat   Twitter: RepEspaillat
Web: https://espaillat.house.gov

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D NY-14)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://ocasio-cortez.house.gov/

José Serrano (D NY-15)
Facebook: RepJoseSerrano   Twitter: RepJoseSerrano
Web: https://serrano.house.gov

Eliot Engel (D NY-16)
Facebook: RepEliotLEngel   Twitter: RepEliotEngel
Web: https://engel.house.gov

Nita Lowey (D NY-17)
Facebook: RepLowey   Twitter: NitaLowey
Web: https://lowey.house.gov

Sean Maloney (D NY-18)
Facebook: RepSeanMaloney   Twitter: RepSeanMaloney
Web: https://seanmaloney.house.gov

Antonio Delgado (D NY-19)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: repdelgado
Web: https://delgado.house.gov/

Paul Tonko (D NY-20)
Facebook: reppaultonko   Twitter: RepPaulTonko
Web: https://tonko.house.gov

Elise Stefanik (R NY-21)
Facebook: RepEliseStefanik   Twitter: RepStefanik
Web: https://stefanik.house.gov

Anthony Brindisi (D NY-22)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://brindisi.house.gov/

Tom Reed (R NY-23)
Facebook: RepTomReed   Twitter: RepTomReed
Web: https://reed.house.gov

John Katko (R NY-24)
Facebook: RepJohnKatko   Twitter: RepJohnKatko
Web: https://katko.house.gov

Joseph Morelle (D NY-25)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: repjoemorelle
Web: https://morelle.house.gov

Brian Higgins (D NY-26)
Facebook: RepBrianHiggins   Twitter: RepBrianHiggins
Web: https://higgins.house.gov

Chris Collins (R NY-27)
Facebook: RepChrisCollins   Twitter: RepChrisCollins
Web: https://chriscollins.house.gov

Steve Chabot (R OH-1)
Facebook: RepSteveChabot   Twitter: RepSteveChabot
Web: https://chabot.house.gov

Brad Wenstrup (R OH-2)
Facebook: RepBradWenstrup   Twitter: RepBradWenstrup
Web: https://wenstrup.house.gov

Joyce Beatty (D OH-3)
Facebook: RepJoyceBeatty   Twitter: RepBeatty
Web: https://beatty.house.gov

Jim Jordan (R OH-4)
Facebook: repjimjordan   Twitter: Jim_Jordan
Web: https://jordan.house.gov

Robert Latta (R OH-5)
Facebook: boblatta   Twitter: BobLatta
Web: https://latta.house.gov

Bill Johnson (R OH-6)
Facebook: RepBillJohnson   Twitter: RepBillJohnson
Web: https://billjohnson.house.gov

Bob Gibbs (R OH-7)
Facebook: RepBobGibbs   Twitter: RepBobGibbs
Web: https://gibbs.house.gov

Warren Davidson (R OH-8)
Facebook: CongressmanWarrenDavidson   Twitter: WarrenDavidson
Web: https://davidson.house.gov

Marcy Kaptur (D OH-9)
Facebook: RepresentativeMarcyKaptur   Twitter: RepMarcyKaptur
Web: https://kaptur.house.gov

Michael Turner (R OH-10)
Facebook: RepMikeTurner   Twitter: RepMikeTurner
Web: https://turner.house.gov

Marcia Fudge (D OH-11)
Facebook: RepMarciaLFudge   Twitter: RepMarciaFudge
Web: https://fudge.house.gov

Troy Balderson (R OH-12)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepBalderson
Web: https://balderson.house.gov/

Tim Ryan (D OH-13)
Facebook: timryan   Twitter: RepTimRyan
Web: https://timryan.house.gov

David Joyce (R OH-14)
Facebook: RepDaveJoyce   Twitter: RepDaveJoyce
Web: https://joyce.house.gov

Steve Stivers (R OH-15)
Facebook: 1.1605827513e+014   Twitter: RepSteveStivers
Web: https://stivers.house.gov

Anthony Gonzalez (R OH-16)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://anthonygonzalez.house.gov/

Kevin Hern (R OK-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: repkevinhern
Web: https://hern.house.gov

Markwayne Mullin (R OK-2)
Facebook: RepMullin   Twitter: RepMullin
Web: https://mullin.house.gov

Frank Lucas (R OK-3)
Facebook: RepFrankLucas   Twitter: RepFrankLucas
Web: https://lucas.house.gov

Tom Cole (R OK-4)
Facebook: TomColeOK04   Twitter: TomColeOK04
Web: https://cole.house.gov

Kendra Horn (D OK-5)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://horn.house.gov/

Suzanne Bonamici (D OR-1)
Facebook: congresswomanbonamici   Twitter: RepBonamici
Web: https://bonamici.house.gov

Greg Walden (R OR-2)
Facebook: repgregwalden   Twitter: RepGregWalden
Web: https://walden.house.gov

Earl Blumenauer (D OR-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: BlumenauerMedia
Web: https://blumenauer.house.gov

Peter DeFazio (D OR-4)
Facebook: RepPeterDeFazio   Twitter: RepPeterDeFazio
Web: https://defazio.house.gov

Kurt Schrader (D OR-5)
Facebook: repschrader   Twitter: RepSchrader
Web: https://schrader.house.gov

Brian Fitzpatrick (R PA-1)
Facebook: repbrianfitzpatrick   Twitter: repbrianfitz
Web: https://fitzpatrick.house.gov

Brendan Boyle (D PA-2)
Facebook: CongressmanBoyle   Twitter: CongBoyle
Web: https://boyle.house.gov

Dwight Evans (D PA-3)
Facebook: RepDwightEvans   Twitter: RepDwightEvans
Web: https://evans.house.gov

Madeleine Dean (D PA-4)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://dean.house.gov/

Mary Scanlon (D PA-5)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://scanlon.house.gov

Chrissy Houlahan (D PA-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepHoulahan
Web: https://houlahan.house.gov/

Susan Wild (D PA-7)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepSusanWild
Web: https://wild.house.gov

Matthew Cartwright (D PA-8)
Facebook: CongressmanMattCartwright   Twitter: RepCartwright
Web: https://cartwright.house.gov

Daniel Meuser (R PA-9)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepMeuser
Web: https://meuser.house.gov/

Scott Perry (R PA-10)
Facebook: repscottperry   Twitter: RepScottPerry
Web: https://perry.house.gov

Lloyd Smucker (R PA-11)
Facebook: RepSmucker   Twitter: RepSmucker
Web: https://smucker.house.gov

Tom Marino (R PA-12)
Facebook: CongressmanMarino   Twitter: RepTomMarino
Web: https://marino.house.gov

John Joyce (R PA-13)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://johnjoyce.house.gov/

Guy Reschenthaler (R PA-14)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://reschenthaler.house.gov/

Glenn Thompson (R PA-15)
Facebook: CongressmanGT   Twitter: CongressmanGT
Web: https://thompson.house.gov

Mike Kelly (R PA-16)
Facebook: 1.9105682759e+014   Twitter: MikeKellyPA
Web: https://kelly.house.gov

Conor Lamb (D PA-17)
Facebook: RepConorLamb   Twitter: RepConorLamb
Web: https://lamb.house.gov/

Michael Doyle (D PA-18)
Facebook: usrepmikedoyle   Twitter: USRepMikeDoyle
Web: https://doyle.house.gov

Jenniffer González-Colón (R PR-0)
Facebook: RepJennifferGonzalezColon   Twitter: repjenniffer
Web: https://gonzalez-colon.house.gov

David Cicilline (D RI-1)
Facebook: CongressmanDavidCicilline   Twitter: RepCicilline
Web: https://cicilline.house.gov

James Langevin (D RI-2)
Facebook: CongressmanJimLangevin   Twitter: JimLangevin
Web: https://langevin.house.gov

Joe Cunningham (D SC-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepCunningham
Web: https://cunningham.house.gov/

Joe Wilson (R SC-2)
Facebook: JoeWilson   Twitter: RepJoeWilson
Web: https://joewilson.house.gov

Jeff Duncan (R SC-3)
Facebook: RepJeffDuncan   Twitter: RepJeffDuncan
Web: https://jeffduncan.house.gov

William Timmons (R SC-4)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepTimmons
Web: https://timmons.house.gov/

Ralph Norman (R SC-5)
Facebook: RepRalphNorman   Twitter: RepRalphNorman
Web: https://norman.house.gov

James Clyburn (D SC-6)
Facebook: jameseclyburn   Twitter: WhipClyburn
Web: https://clyburn.house.gov

Tom Rice (R SC-7)
Facebook: reptomrice   Twitter: RepTomRice
Web: https://rice.house.gov

Dusty Johnson (R SD-0)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepJohnson
Web: https://dustyjohnson.house.gov/

David Roe (R TN-1)
Facebook: DrPhilRoe   Twitter: DrPhilRoe
Web: https://roe.house.gov

Tim Burchett (R TN-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepTimBurchett
Web: https://burchett.house.gov/

Charles Fleischmann (R TN-3)
Facebook: repchuck   Twitter: RepChuck
Web: https://fleischmann.house.gov

Scott DesJarlais (R TN-4)
Facebook: ScottDesJarlaisTN04   Twitter: DesJarlaisTN04
Web: https://desjarlais.house.gov

Jim Cooper (D TN-5)
Facebook: JimCooper   Twitter: RepJimCooper
Web: https://cooper.house.gov

John Rose (R TN-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://johnrose.house.gov/

Mark Green (R TN-7)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepMarkGreen
Web: https://markgreen.house.gov

David Kustoff (R TN-8)
Facebook: RepDavidKustoff   Twitter: repdavidkustoff
Web: https://kustoff.house.gov

Steve Cohen (D TN-9)
Facebook: CongressmanSteveCohen   Twitter: RepCohen
Web: https://cohen.house.gov

Louie Gohmert (R TX-1)
Facebook: 50375006903   Twitter: RepLouieGohmert
Web: https://gohmert.house.gov

Dan Crenshaw (R TX-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepDanCrenshaw
Web: https://crenshaw.house.gov/

Van Taylor (R TX-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepVanTaylor
Web: https://vantaylor.house.gov/

John Ratcliffe (R TX-4)
Facebook: RepRatcliffe   Twitter: RepRatcliffe
Web: https://ratcliffe.house.gov

Lance Gooden (R TX-5)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://gooden.house.gov/

Ron Wright (R TX-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepRonWright
Web: https://wright.house.gov/

Lizzie Fletcher (D TX-7)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepFletcher
Web: https://fletcher.house.gov/

Kevin Brady (R TX-8)
Facebook: kevinbrady   Twitter: RepKevinBrady
Web: https://kevinbrady.house.gov

Al Green (D TX-9)
Facebook: repalgreen   Twitter: RepAlGreen
Web: https://algreen.house.gov

Michael McCaul (R TX-10)
Facebook: michaeltmccaul   Twitter: RepMcCaul
Web: https://mccaul.house.gov

K. Conaway (R TX-11)
Facebook: mike.conaway   Twitter: ConawayTX11
Web: https://conaway.house.gov

Kay Granger (R TX-12)
Facebook: RepKayGranger   Twitter: RepKayGranger
Web: https://kaygranger.house.gov

Mac Thornberry (R TX-13)
Facebook: repmacthornberry   Twitter: MacTXPress
Web: https://thornberry.house.gov

Randy Weber (R TX-14)
Facebook: TXRandy14   Twitter: TXRandy14
Web: https://weber.house.gov

Vicente Gonzalez (D TX-15)
Facebook: USCongressmanVicenteGonzalez   Twitter: RepGonzalez
Web: https://gonzalez.house.gov

Veronica Escobar (D TX-16)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepEscobar
Web: https://escobar.house.gov/

Bill Flores (R TX-17)
Facebook: RepBillFlores   Twitter: RepBillFlores
Web: https://flores.house.gov

Sheila Jackson Lee (D TX-18)
Facebook: CongresswomanSheilaJacksonLee   Twitter: JacksonLeeTX18
Web: https://jacksonlee.house.gov

Jodey Arrington (R TX-19)
Facebook: JodeyArrington   Twitter: RepArrington
Web: https://arrington.house.gov

Joaquin Castro (D TX-20)
Facebook: 3.2642061414e+014   Twitter: JoaquinCastrotx
Web: https://castro.house.gov

Chip Roy (R TX-21)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://roy.house.gov/

Pete Olson (R TX-22)
Facebook: Rep.PeteOlson   Twitter: RepPeteOlson
Web: https://olson.house.gov

Will Hurd (R TX-23)
Facebook: HurdOnTheHill   Twitter: hurdonthehill
Web: https://hurd.house.gov

Kenny Marchant (R TX-24)
Facebook: RepKennyMarchant   Twitter: RepKenMarchant
Web: https://marchant.house.gov

Roger Williams (R TX-25)
Facebook: RepRogerWilliams   Twitter: RepRWilliams
Web: https://williams.house.gov

Michael Burgess (R TX-26)
Facebook: michaelcburgess   Twitter: MichaelCBurgess
Web: https://burgess.house.gov

Michael Cloud (R TX-27)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepCloudTX
Web: https://cloud.house.gov/

Henry Cuellar (D TX-28)
Facebook: 1.5256912155e+011   Twitter: RepCuellar
Web: https://cuellar.house.gov

Sylvia Garcia (D TX-29)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepSylviaGarcia
Web: https://sylviagarcia.house.gov/

Eddie Johnson (D TX-30)
Facebook: CongresswomanEBJtx30   Twitter: RepEBJ
Web: https://ebjohnson.house.gov

John Carter (R TX-31)
Facebook: judgecarter   Twitter: JudgeCarter
Web: https://carter.house.gov

Colin Allred (D TX-32)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepColinAllred
Web: https://allred.house.gov/

Marc Veasey (D TX-33)
Facebook: CongressmanMarcVeasey   Twitter: RepVeasey
Web: https://veasey.house.gov

Filemon Vela (D TX-34)
Facebook: USCongressmanFilemonVela   Twitter: RepFilemonVela
Web: https://vela.house.gov

Lloyd Doggett (D TX-35)
Facebook: lloyddoggett   Twitter: RepLloydDoggett
Web: https://doggett.house.gov

Brian Babin (R TX-36)
Facebook: RepBrianBabin   Twitter: RepBrianBabin
Web: https://babin.house.gov

Rob Bishop (R UT-1)
Facebook: RepRobBishop   Twitter: RepRobBishop
Web: https://robbishop.house.gov

Chris Stewart (R UT-2)
Facebook: RepChrisStewart   Twitter: RepChrisStewart
Web: https://stewart.house.gov

John Curtis (R UT-3)
Facebook: RepJohnCurtis   Twitter: RepJohnCurtis
Web: https://curtis.house.gov

Ben McAdams (D UT-4)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepBenMcAdams
Web: https://mcadams.house.gov/

Robert Wittman (R VA-1)
Facebook: RepRobWittman   Twitter: RobWittman
Web: https://wittman.house.gov

Elaine Luria (D VA-2)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepElaineLuria
Web: https://luria.house.gov/

Robert Scott (D VA-3)
Facebook: RepBobbyScott   Twitter: BobbyScott
Web: https://bobbyscott.house.gov

A. McEachin (D VA-4)
Facebook: RepMcEachin   Twitter: RepMcEachin
Web: https://mceachin.house.gov

Denver Riggleman (R VA-5)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepRiggleman
Web: https://riggleman.house.gov/

Ben Cline (R VA-6)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepBenCline
Web: https://cline.house.gov/

Abigail Spanberger (D VA-7)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepSpanberger
Web: https://spanberger.house.gov/

Donald Beyer (D VA-8)
Facebook: RepDonBeyer   Twitter: RepDonBeyer
Web: https://beyer.house.gov

H. Griffith (R VA-9)
Facebook: RepMorganGriffith   Twitter: RepMGriffith
Web: https://morgangriffith.house.gov

Jennifer Wexton (D VA-10)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepWexton
Web: https://wexton.house.gov/

Gerald Connolly (D VA-11)
Facebook: CongressmanGerryConnolly   Twitter: GerryConnolly
Web: https://connolly.house.gov

Stacey Plaskett (D VI-0)
Facebook: repstaceyplaskett   Twitter: staceyplaskett
Web: https://plaskett.house.gov

Peter Welch (D VT-0)
Facebook: PeterWelch   Twitter: PeterWelch
Web: https://welch.house.gov

Suzan DelBene (D WA-1)
Facebook: RepDelBene   Twitter: RepDelBene
Web: https://delbene.house.gov

Rick Larsen (D WA-2)
Facebook: RepRickLarsen   Twitter: RepRickLarsen
Web: https://larsen.house.gov

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R WA-3)
Facebook: herrerabeutler   Twitter: HerreraBeutler
Web: https://herrerabeutler.house.gov

Dan Newhouse (R WA-4)
Facebook: RepNewhouse   Twitter: RepNewhouse
Web: https://newhouse.house.gov

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R WA-5)
Facebook: mcmorrisrodgers   Twitter: CathyMcMorris
Web: https://mcmorris.house.gov

Derek Kilmer (D WA-6)
Facebook: derek.kilmer   Twitter: RepDerekKilmer
Web: https://kilmer.house.gov

Pramila Jayapal (D WA-7)
Facebook: RepJayapal   Twitter: RepJayapal
Web: https://jayapal.house.gov

Kim Schrier (D WA-8)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepKimSchrier
Web: https://schrier.house.gov/

Adam Smith (D WA-9)
Facebook: RepAdamSmith   Twitter: RepAdamSmith
Web: https://adamsmith.house.gov

Denny Heck (D WA-10)
Facebook: CongressmanDennyHeck   Twitter: RepDennyHeck
Web: https://dennyheck.house.gov

Bryan Steil (R WI-1)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: RepBryanSteil
Web: https://steil.house.gov/

Mark Pocan (D WI-2)
Facebook: repmarkpocan   Twitter: RepMarkPocan
Web: https://pocan.house.gov

Ron Kind (D WI-3)
Facebook: repronkind   Twitter: RepRonKind
Web: https://kind.house.gov

Gwen Moore (D WI-4)
Facebook: GwenSMoore   Twitter: RepGwenMoore
Web: https://gwenmoore.house.gov

F. Sensenbrenner (R WI-5)
Facebook: RepSensenbrenner   Twitter: JimPressOffice
Web: https://sensenbrenner.house.gov

Glenn Grothman (R WI-6)
Facebook: RepGrothman   Twitter: RepGrothman
Web: https://grothman.house.gov

Sean Duffy (R WI-7)
Facebook: RepSeanDuffy   Twitter: RepSeanDuffy
Web: https://duffy.house.gov

Mike Gallagher (R WI-8)
Facebook: RepMikeGallagher   Twitter: RepGallagher
Web: https://gallagher.house.gov

David McKinley (R WV-1)
Facebook: RepMcKinley   Twitter: RepMcKinley
Web: https://mckinley.house.gov

Alex Mooney (R WV-2)
Facebook: CongressmanAlexMooney   Twitter: RepAlexMooney
Web: https://mooney.house.gov

Carol Miller (R WV-3)
Facebook: N/A   Twitter: N/A
Web: https://miller.house.gov/

Liz Cheney (R WY-0)
Facebook: replizcheney   Twitter: RepLizCheney
Web: https://cheney.house.gov

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