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Visitor Mail Thread
Elections and the Right to Vote

There are 3 comments in this Thread
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1/23/2006 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
Baker v. Carr
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And as a result, NJ - like most states - is now ruled by a few heavily populated urban areas/cities so that the majority of counties has no effective voice in state government.

In the last election, over 80% of the counties were out voted by just three.

While the electoral college has obvious issues, it does offer fairness to the less populated counties / states.

8/30/2006 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
Trash the 'Compact'
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It is a shame that those politicians proposing and supporting this move have so little regard for their own state and our republic of states.

This proposed move completely bypasses the principles that led to the creation of the Electoral College in the first place – that no single state or group of people could “own” an election.

I actually think it should be stricter – that each state should have an equal number of electoral votes, so that each state has an equal say in the governing of the country.

I would also like to see the principles of the Electoral College applied to state elections. Here in NJ, as in the national elections when you look at votes by county, just a few counties rule the state. If each county had a single state electoral vote, the political landscape would be dramatically different than it is today.

In essence, our current system rewards those politicians that pander and shower money and favors on the inner cities. The population of a single large city in NJ is often as large or larger than many counties, and thus however a few cities vote defines the election results.

How about we change the Electoral College to one vote per state or one vote per county? That would be much more representative of the peoples voice! But whoops, I forgot – the peoples voice is absolutely not what the politicians want to hear.

12/11/2008 -  BCF, Kingwood, TX writes ...
United States v. Cruikshank
      Post to Main Thread   Reply to BCF

Once again I am shocked at how America treated black people and then gave freedom to the outlaws. It is no wonder that it took nearly 100 years to finally get some justice, but America has still not freed the Indians or given them the same rights as others. After all they had been here in the Americas for maybe 10,000 years.

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