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Visitor Mail Thread
The Bill of Rights,
Its Guarantees and Requirements

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12/7/2005 -  John Merritt Burns, north aurora, IL writes ...
The Bill of Rights
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Freedom of speech? Why in all damnation should I give two pennies, about the right to squeal like a pig, as I am to be lead from my pen? Freedom to speak my mind? So others can profess their sympathies as they stand by and watch? Freedom of expression? Am I to be grateful for the right to express my unfortunate circumstances in some artistic way, so that I might please my fellow Americans insatiable thirst for visual dramatics? Is it my right to be heard? Or my right to be part of the herd? That will please my handlers, and those who have yet to be handled? Freedom to voice my opinion? When the opinion of five supreme court rulers is that I have no opinion? Freedom of representation? By those who seem to have only self interest on their minds? Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all? Except for me? Private property is not the gateway to freedom. It is freedom! And the right to security in homeownership belongs in our federal constitution and was not to be left to the discretions of our states.

Ownership of property gives no more right to suffrage then not, but those who have properties in land and those who design to achieve it were to be protected in our federal constitution as well as those who donít and will not, and to take away the right of security in ownership of real property or even the thought to acquire in security the same, is as intrusive on the minds and persons of man, as it is oppressive on manís possessions in mind, for to place mind over matter is to dispose of what matters in mind. Is not freedom of the press a matter of persons in mind? And is not the placements of the presses to be a matter to mind? And is not the securities of freedom of speech, and liberty, also reliant upon places of security from whence to speak your mind? How is it that freedom of speech is to be given more refuge and relevancy in our federally constitutionalized bill of rights then the freedom and security of one of the most prized possession in liberty and opportunity? our homes, our sanctuaries. Are we now only to be secure in the possessions we are to carry on our persons? And does not the removal of this enumerated right to be secure in oneís home divide this country and its people? Are now our separate states to be allowed to decide the treatments of our liberties in property with deference, or others with indifference? And did not the abhorrent days of slavery in some states, and in some not, divide this country and its people? And will not this new form of servitude, oppression and enslavement of our labors divide us as well?

This country has taken a dreadfully wrong turn in the guardianship of its own freedoms. There are now so many ways in which states will be allowed to abuse the rights and liberties of its citizens in property, and so many ways for state legislators to profess and proclaim inadequate and insufficient means of protecting our inalienable and federally constitutionalized and subsequently enumerated rights in property ownership as to confuse, perplex and bewilder the American people to such a degree that they will not be able to discern whether they are coming or going or just being made to pack up and leave! And the right to be secure in home ownership has now been given up to the ultimate state lottery, pick a number and hope the next little white ping pong ball inline has the other guys numeral.

Most of the thirteen states at the time of the adoption of our federal constitution had their own sovereign constitutions. So ask yourselves this. Why did the continental congress address property rights at all? and why did state legislators petition the continental congress in regards to a bill of rights and its afforded protections in property? and why did the American people petition their state legislators to the same, when all had their own sovereign forms of property protections and most their own separate and sovereign constitutions? It was because the American people had the all to recent hindsights of insufferable insecurity and oppression, and knew all to well that the protections of their private property, and country and homes, needed to be of a united purpose, and not of the separate reasoning of their separate states.

John Merritt Burns of North Aurora IL. my phone# 630-892-4608

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