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Visitor Mail Thread
Government Involvement In Social Programs

There are 4 comments in this Thread
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2/24/2007 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
Priceless Politics
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Well, this argument, while vaid on the top layer is built on invalid data.

Sayign that it is a misuse of funds to support a golf course is like saying that parks should be closed down because we could get more money for them by selling them to developers.

We need the open space for all to enjoy and we need public golf courses for all to enjoy, otherwise they woudl become private $50,000 per year emberships like most in NJ.

While I agree that the poor are being used as pawns for those runnign for election, public use land is not a great example. There are far better examples regarding welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, "suppoort" services and the vast amount of monies being sent to local governments to offset what they claim to be welfare services.

And who is doing the most in this area? Why the party of the poor of course - the Democrats. But the GOP would do the same if they thought for a moment that the poor would vote for them.

8/10/2009 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
How to Fix the Health-Care 'Wedge'
      Post to Main Thread   Reply to TM

Yes, thank-you!

As a small business employer, I know first hand the true costs of our typical HMO health plans. They are the adverse of insurance - they do not hedge against a serious incident but aim for paying for everything. This certainly leads to abuse by the insured.

Because of this, the premiums no longer reflect covering the risk of a person getting sick, but have to cover every cost, thus it is almost a one-for-one relationship.

Most vision plans charge as much in premiums that they offer in coverage. Most dental plans charge about 80-90% in premiums that they afford in coverage. And most small businesses have started to adopt medical plans that have huge deductibles, in the 1500-3000 range, because this cuts premiums by up to 70%. Then they simply pay directly what the plan does not cover, saving the business a huge amount. But then that is how insurance should work - it should cover the risk of a serious illness or injury, not every visit for a ear ache.

To gain control over insurance costs, make insurance what it should be - coverage for risk. Get rid of the trial lawyers getting rich by suing doctors and medical institutions to get access to their insurance coverage. End the practice of allowing the uninsured to use emergency rooms as their local doctor (I am an EMT and see an astounding amount of this, and it costs a fortune!). And get control of drug costs. There is no reason that an individual should have to pay thousands a month for drugs.

The one thing that will never work - just what the Obama administration is offering: have the government pay for everything. It will just lead to massive abuse of the system because people will be completely disconnected from the transaction. If your local car wash was free, I would bet most would get their car washed every day rather than just once in a while.

9/25/2012 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
No Apologies Needed Mitt
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Thank you FDR - well said.

3/21/2014 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
The Great American Con Job
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Hundreds of millions spent on developing the federal ACA website

Hundreds of millions more spent on developing the various state based enrollment sites

Hundreds of millions spent advertising the failing websites and ACA

Hundreds of millions that will be spent to pay for the low-income policies and the greatly enhanced medicare enrollment

All to insure NOT 4.2 million folk - most of those already had and lost their insurance due to ACA. The reality is that only a small percentage of those - MAYBE one million - actually obtained coverage when they did not have it, and then only because the government (you and me) are paying for it.

So, once again the government is spending billions to support just a million people.

And since the insurance market still has no idea what the real rules are, rates will skyrocket next year as the risk/returns are finally resolved.

Oh, and the 46 million uninsured remain uninsured.

Way to go Obama and congress.

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