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Visitor Mail Thread
Regulatory Power and Administrative Law

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5/17/2001 -  PKT, San Jose, CA writes ...
EPA Blocks Nukes With Phony Science
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While it’s true California and the rest of the nation are confronted with an energy crisis the rhetoric and political posturing from both sides of the political spectrum have little to do with facts and a lot to do with politics. Consider the oft-repeated charge that the Clinton administration did nothing to build new refineries. I thought it was the business of the oil companies to build refineries, not the government, but the public statements by those who should no better are blaming Clinton, the liberals, the tree-huggers, and a vast green conspiracy that has created today’s mess.

The fact of the matter is opposition to new refineries, nuclear power plants, and other energy-related construction issues has less to do with government policy and environmental rules than classic not-in-my-backyard grassroots opposition. People, both on the left and right, don’t want heavy industry or heavy energy production in their neighborhoods. It is opposition at the local level, not the national level that has resulted in little new construction. Conservatives who admire local control of schools, taxes, and reproductive issues seem to stray when it comes to local control over not wanting a nuclear power plant next to the local water company.

And as for the current beating of the drums for nuclear power, advocates still can’t come up with realistic solutions for waste management. The problem with nuclear power isn’t safety, but what do you do with waste that will be hot for the next 10,000 years. There are drums of radioactive water at the Hanford site in Washington state that will be boiling for 5,000 years and require that the stainless steel drums be replaced every 100 years. There’s a certain arrogance involved to think that we can make plans for millenniums when we can’t even plan one year ahead for a summer energy crisis.

The Western states have had more than their share of shortsighted exploitation in the name of progress. Witness the poisoned ponds and streams from 19th century mining operations, the destruction of whole landscapes by hydraulic mining, clear cutting of old growth trees that has destroyed whole ecosystems. Every one of these ecological atrocities were done in the name of jobs, progress, development, the American way of life, all the same arguments we hear today. Read some of the newspapers of the time and you might as well be reading today’s headlines.

The Republicans who love to use the argument that “the science isn’t in yet” when it comes to global warming, arsenic in the water, ergonomic work spaces, and dozens of other issues, are more than happy to cite “science” in support of nuclear power, a non-working missile defense system, and water pollution levels. I guess the only good “science” is one that backs your opinion.

Do we need more power plants? Yes. Do we also need conservation? A big yes. I for one am not willing to drill in Alaska and other protected areas just so the oil can be used to fuel SUVs and be sold to Japan. Before we start despoiling the landscape with a 19th century attitude that has no place in the 21st century, let’s set realistic fuel conservation goals, give tax incentives for energy-saving appliances, solar energy, wind energy. Set a “gas guzzler” tax on SUVs and cars that get less that 25 mpg, put an excess profits tax on energy companies who profiteer from shortages as Carter did in the 1970s, and encourage conservation efforts without pandering to business interest.

Finally, I recommend that since Nevada and the other Western states have plainly stated that they doesn’t want any more nuclear waste, send it to Texas. Nuclear power supporters like Bush and Cheney have said that nuclear waste is safe; so let a state that supports energy in every way take the burden off the rest of us. Since Texas lacks any areas of scenic, historical, or social value it’s the perfect place to dump our unwanted materials. Take it one step further. Build all the nuclear power plants in Texas and let them export the power to the rest of the country the way they export natural gas and oil. This will create jobs and energy – all in Texas. Believe me, Nevada, Washington, Idaho and all the other Western states will be more than happy to let Texas share in “preserving the American way of life.”

1/12/2012 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
EEOC Ruling Off-Base
      Post to Main Thread   Reply to TM

What is the issue here?

The majority of people voted for Obama and his pre-election socialist views.

Now that he is implementing socialist policies, what is the issue?

Keep the voters fat, dumb and happy and they will keep voting for you.

Increase the minimum wage to unrealistic levels - voters love it, but employers will not hire.

Remove educational standards - voters will love it, but employers will not hire.

Mandate crazy health insurance coverage - voters will love it but employers will drop coverage for all, or not hire.

Tax the "rich" - voters will love it, but those "rich" corporations will stop hiring and move jobs overseas to be able to compete with the China supplied Walmarts.

Hey America, we apparently asked for all of this by voting him in, so stop complaining.

On the other hand, if you want to give America a glimmer of hope, start yelling at the top of your lungs for "change we can believe in". Except this time it's not socialism but a return to our core values of independence, personal responsibility, states rights and consumer choice.

Maybe then we will actually be able to buy something made in America again. Maybe then we will be able to compete with those being educated in Asia where education is respected. Maybe then we will stop being so politically correct that we can actually call a bum a bum or a criminal a criminal.

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