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Visitor Mail Thread
Election 2004

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11/3/2004 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
Bush Wins Race As Kerry Concedes
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I am very happy that a flip-flopper that gave aid and comfort to the enemy is not the new president.

I am very happy that a classy lady like Ms. Bush is First Lady rather than the crass and classless Ms. Heinz-Kerry (remember “stupid” and “scumbags”?) and the equally tasteless Ms. Edwards (remember her claim that Ms. Cheney is “ashamed” of her daughter?).

This being said, I am very worried that the GOP will take their victory as a mandate for continuing the policies of the last four years rather than recognizing the deep division throughout the United States for what it is and enacting policy changes to address the sincere wishes of half the voting public.

The GOP has a renewed chance to practice fiscal discipline rather than continuing out of control spending. They have another chance to address our homeland security, missile defense and border security. They have another chance to address the health-care crisis – my company’s prescription drug coverage cost is going up another 30% this year! They have another chance to address the continued decline in our educational system and skyrocketing property taxes. Most importantly, they have another chance to repair our credibility and reputation throughout the world.

Here’s hoping for a more insightful GOP!

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