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Culture & Values

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9/1/2011 -  PKT, Los Angeles, CA writes ...
Almost Everything We're Taught Is Wrong
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What Stossel really is saying is situational ethics is okay, which is a position the right has been opposed to for years. Using his same logic abortion is fine because it has the potential of having less children in school (less taxes) less mouths to feed (less welfare) less population (less need for services) and finally the big thing for all on the right less taxes.

There is also a certain hypocrisy in saying child labor is fine for other countries but not for us but we'll profit from the child labor in the form of goods and products. His argument is if we don't condone the child labor we condone prostitution but what's the difference? If we ignore one evil why not ignore them all? What difference does it make to us if a child dies from poor working conditions or AIDS?

Now being a liberal and agnostic I subscribe to situational ethics. But there has to be a moral basis not necessarily the rigid morality of religion but the broader and more humanistic morality of secular humanism which simply put is do the least amount of harm, do unto others and strive to make the world a better place.

The fact of the matter is any evil can be couched in terms that make it sound reasonable but that doesn't mean it is reasonable. Stossel's price gouging example is reasonable if the seller of the needed goods is recouping cost and making a profit but when does reasonable profit become extortion? Would he defend a gouger charging $100 per bottle of water or perhaps barter? You give me your body and I'll give you food.

Humans have a great ability to rationalize bad behavior. That's bad enough but I think what offends me the most about the article is by rationalizing these practices it implies we need do nothing about them. The road to hell isn't necessarily paved with good intentions. Indifference, uncaring and turning a blind eye to wrongdoing will get you there just as quick.

6/2/2017 -  TM, Chester, NJ writes ...
Landrieu's Myth
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Yup. Mayor Landrieu is as clueless and uneducated as the mayor of Atlantic City who condemned the figurehead of Mark Twain on Chicken Bone Beach because "he was a racist for using the N word in his books". Guess our great educational system did not teach him that Twain was a pro-active member of the underground railroad helping to free slaves.

Politicians, especially Liberal politicians, care nothing about history - just sound bites that create voter passion in the uneducated based on "fake news" - even fake historical news.

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