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American States, Territories and Possessions
Ordered by Admission/Annexation

Re-Order List:  by Name  by Population  by Number of Electors  by Land Area  

or Annexed
1st    Delaware  12/7/1787
2nd    Pennsylvania  12/12/1787
3rd    New Jersey  12/18/1787
4th    Georgia  1/2/1788
5th    Connecticut  1/9/1788
6th    Massachusetts  2/6/1788
7th    Maryland  4/28/1788
8th    South Carolina  5/13/1788
9th    New Hampshire  6/21/1788
10th    Virginia  1/25/1788
11th    New York  7/26/1788
12th    North Carolina  11/21/1789
         District of Columbia (Federal District) 1790
13th    Rhode Island  5/29/1790
14th    Vermont  3/4/1791
15th    Kentucky  6/1/1792
16th    Tennessee  6/1/1796
17th    Ohio  3/1/1803
18th    Louisiana  4/30/1812
19th    Indiana  12/11/1816
20th    Mississippi  12/10/1817
21st    Illinois  12/3/1818
22nd    Alabama  12/14/1819
23rd    Maine  3/15/1820
24th    Missouri  8/10/1821
25th    Arkansas  6/15/1836
26th    Michigan  1/26/1837
27th    Florida  3/3/1845
28th    Texas  12/29/1845
29th    Iowa  12/28/1846
30th    Wisconsin  5/29/1848
31st    California  9/9/1850
32nd    Minnesota  5/11/1858
33rd    Oregon  2/14/1859
34th    Kansas  1/29/1861
35th    West Virginia  6/20/1863
36th    Nevada  10/31/1864
37th    Nebraska  3/1/1867
38th    Colorado  8/1/1876
39th    North Dakota  11/2/1889
40th    South Dakota  11/2/1889
41st    Montana  11/8/1889
42nd    Washington  11/11/1889
43rd    Idaho  7/3/1890
44th    Wyoming  7/10/1890
45th    Utah  1/4/1896
46th    Oklahoma  11/16/1907
47th    New Mexico  1/6/1912
48th    Arizona  2/14/1912
49th    Alaska  1/3/1959
50th    Hawaii  8/21/1959
         Navassa (Territory) 1856
         Johnston Atoll (Territory) 1858
         Midway Island (Territory) 1867
         Wake Island (Territory) 1898
         Guam (Territory) 1899
         Puerto Rico (Autonomous Commonwealth) 1899
         American Samoa (Territory) 1900
         Palmyra Atoll (Territory) 1912
         U.S. Virgin Islands (Territory) 1917
         Kingman Reef (Territory) 1922
         Baker and Howland Islands (Territory) 1935
         Jarvis Island (Territory) 1935
         Northern Marianas Islands (Autonomous Commonwealth) 1947

(All states and territories are listed, in order, but only states are ranked.)

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