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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
'Favors' to Blacks - Thomas Sowell
Every favor the welfare state grants is grounded in cynical self interest.

The Second Amendment Solution to Terrorism - Harold Hutchison
How gun rights help defend our country.

Today in History:  Battle of Yorktown Commences (1781) ... William the Conqueror Lands in England (1066) ... U.S. Navy Abandons Flogging (1850) ... Black Sox Scandal Peaks (1920) ... Nazis And Soviets Partition Poland (1939)

     ... More Headlines

Election 2016

The Year of the Reticent Voter - Peggy Noonan
People seem hesitant express a preference, to risk seeming stupid.

     ... More Election 2016

Issues In Depth
The Modern Feminist Rejection of Constitutional Government - Christina Villegas
Too many falsely assume that feminism is responsible for gender equality.

     ... More In-Depth

More Terror, More Denials - Cal Thomas
Americans are tired of losing wars. This one they want to win.

A Hard Rain Is Going to Fall - Victor Davis Hanson
If our summer seemed relatively quiet and sleepy, so did that of 1914.

Is Trump a Traitor? - Rich Lowry
No, ISIS terrorists could really care less about our silly election.

Karl Marx Was an Idiot - Burt Prelutsky
The continuing infatuation with socialism is a mystery, given its history.

Hillary's Health is a Valid Issue - Jonah Goldberg
Hyperbole aside, it is not sexist to insure we have a healthy president.

To Break the Teacher Protection Racket - Betsy McCaughey
Unions and their Democratic Party allies are blocking needed reform.

Mulan vs. the Diversity-Mongers - Michelle Malkin
Movie-making is a never-ending exercise in radical multiculturalism.

Obama's Push to Nationalize the Electoral Process - The Patriot Post
Centralizing the system in a bumbling bureaucracy will only increase risks.

How Is the Godless West Working Out? - Dennis Prager
The price of abandoning religion-based morality is civilizational suicide.

Illinois Exemplifies Our Fiscal Foolishness - George Will
While the people bleed for taxes, the Democratic elites float in gravy.

     ... More Op-Ed
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"As our president bears no resemblance to a king so we shall see the Senate has no similitude to nobles. First, not being hereditary, their collective knowledge, wisdom, and virtue are not precarious. For by these qualities alone are they to obtain their offices, and they will have none of the peculiar qualities and vices of those men who possess power merely because their father held it before them." - Tench Coxe, An American Citizen No. 2  (1787)

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