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Fake News; Real Assault
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Friday, August 17, 2018
Of Guilt and the Late Confederacy - William Murchison
Anti-Confederate moral bullying is not about to run its course.

From Uncivil Discourse to Civil War? - Mark Alexander
Historic socialist assaults on Liberty were not as organized and targeted.

Today in History:  Birth of Frontiersman Davy Crockett (1786) ... "Fulton's Folly" Proves Steam Power (1807) ... Alaska Gold Rush Begins (1896) ... Patton Leads Army Into Messina (1943)

     ... More Headlines

The Left's 'Identity Politics' Hypocrisy - Tammy Bruce
The old leftist approach: Lie to voters, punish those who expose them.

Poor Portland Progressives - George Will
So much to protest, so little time.

Elizabeth Warren's Lie - Rich Lowry
Our criminal-justice system is not racist 'front to back.'

No Group More Evil: White Progressives - Mychal Massie
Minorities have been kept on food stamps and welfare to insure votes.

Global Wildfires Declining - The Altoona Mirror
If there is a link between warming and wildfires, it is a negative one.

Gun Control Becomes Speech Control - Jacob Sullum
Downloadable gun plans are a simple First Amendment right.

The Ash Heap of History Awaits - Chris Talgo
Time to put socialism back where it belongs.

The American Art of Renewal - Victor Davis Hanson
Radical turnarounds have been common in U.S. history.

Resisting Progress - Caroline C. Lewis
After the 2016 election, #resist became the Left's violent battle cry.

     ... More Op-Ed

Fake News; Real Assault —  I don't defend the way Twitter, Facebook, and others target users for expressing views that these firms dislike. I do defend the individual rights of all persons, including owners of companies. Our freedom to act includes the freedom to act in ways others consider to be wrong -- if we do so while respecting the (actual) rights of others.

But something is extra-disturbing about the way Facebook, Google, Apple, Spotify, etc. (though not Twitter) ejected Alex Jones from their platforms. The firms apparently obeyed journalists and politicians demanding InfoWar's ouster for purveying "hate speech."

And now: "These companies must do more than take down one website," intones incumbent U.S. Senator Chris Murphy.*

Such statements aren't laws. But every company must worry about the arbitrary government power that incumbents like Murphy can deploy. And fellow U.S. Senator Mark Warner's leaked paper on the dangers of technology-abetted fake news tells us we're in for a more direct assault on free speech.

"The size and reach of these platforms demand that we ensure proper oversight, transparency and effective management of technologies that in large measure undergird our social lives . . . and our politics," says the plan. The goal is to "ensure that this ecosystem no longer exists as the 'Wild West'," i.e., unfettered by government.

So... the idea is to rescind that wild First Amendment?

I would sooner press for a new law penalizing politicians who threaten the liberty of firms on the basis of catering to the "wrong" customers.

But there is no crying need for this. Let's stick with "Congress shall make no law..."

Paul Jacob,
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