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Friday, October 30, 2020
Why The Right Can Never End The Culture Wars By Capitulating - Nathanael Blake
Only the left can turn down the heat in the culture war.

The Right To Remain Silent - David C. Rose
The same Left that clamored for free speech now demands forced speech.

Today in History:  Birth of President John Adams (1735) ... War of the Worlds Broadcast Stirs Panic (1938)

     ... More Headlines

Election 2020

The Task Ahead - National Review
Conservatism will need a practical, solution-oriented program.

     ... More Election 2020

Issues In Depth
On the Constitution of a Compound Republic - William A. Niskanen
Liberty resides in maintaining and abiding a limited Constitution.
The federal and state governments must act to prevent abuses by the other.

     ... More In-Depth

Joe Biden Is Targeting a Great American Industry - Rich Lowry
A sudden PC-based leap to all-renewables would be an economic disaster.

Why Conservatives Are Originalists - Jeremy Beaman
Keeping the Court in its prescribed place guarantees freedom.

Biden's 7 Economic Deadly Sins - Stephen Moore
Joe Biden keeps claiming to be a centrist Democrat. Big yuk.

Questions Joe Biden Should Answer About Hunter's Emails - David Harsanyi
Nitpicking? Russian disinfo? Perhaps, but the implications matter too much.

Hypocrites, Stop Lecturing the Rest of America - Laura Hollis
Trump fans are derided while their accusers engage in abominable behavior.

Disgusting Professorial Teachings - Walter Williams
Academics, who should know better,fan the flames of racism and violence.

Stimulus Spending Benefits Politicians, Not Taxpayers - Star Parker
Our current deficit rate is the worst since WWII. We do not need more.

Is the Senate Filibuster a 'Jim Crow Relic'? - Jacob Sullum
Just because a given group finds a tool useful does not imply ownership.

On the Art of 'Stimulus' Spending With Trump and Pelosi - Veronique de Rugy
They're making a huge mess by flinging gobs of money at the economy.

     ... More Op-Ed

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