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Saturday, December 15, 2018 - Bill of Rights Day
Profitable Penalties Imperil Justice - Jacob Sullum
State forfeitures should be constrained by the Excessive Fines Clause.

Why the US Is Right to Refuse to Sign UN Migration Compact - Hans von Spakovsky
A sovereign nation does not subject its laws to international whim.

Today in History:  Sitting Bull Killed in Skirmish (1890) ... Bill of Rights Takes Effect (1791) ... French Victorious at Verdun (1916) ... Senate Creates 5-Star Generals, Admirals (1944) ... Plane Carrying Bandleader Glenn Miller Vanishes (1944) ... Carter Recognizes Red China; Dumps Taiwan (1978)

     ... More Headlines

Constitutional Challenges in Court

The Supreme Court Jumps to Unanimity on Frog Case - George Will
Unanimity is elusive in America today, but the Court achieved it here.

     ... More Constitutional Challenges

Issues In Depth
What Americans Must Know About Socialism - Lee Edwards
A much needed primer for our youth.
Is a specter of socialism haunting America, especially among millennials?

     ... More In-Depth

Miseducated or Stupid? - Walter Williams
Today's young lefties have too little knowledge of socialist history.

Subsidies for 'Renewables' on Chopping Block? - Jordan Candler
Threatened cuts highlight the manifold problems with such cronyism.

Eyes on the Progressives - William Murchison
We get two years to see what cards progressives hold for 2020.

'Hillary Wants Trump To Win Again' Huh? - Camille Paglia
Witty insights into who's-who for 2020, and other political messes.

Deconstructing the Anti-Gun Cult - Rich Logis
Activists: Want to be taken seriously by the "gun nuts"? Tell the truth.

Why Barbara Bush Is So High Up in George H.W.'s Obituaries - Froma Harrop
A stay-at-home mom was the equal partner of a U.S president.

Hypersensitivity and Victimhood Have Risen to Epidemic Levels - James Shott
Have you noticed how sensitive, touchy, and judgmental people are today?

Keeping the Cold Civil War from Getting Hot - Robert Knight
Leftist goons continue to employ violence and censorship against opponents.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Are Not Fairness for All - Ryan T. Anderson
SOGI laws, including FFA, are not about freedom — they are about coer

     ... More Op-Ed

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Alexander Hamilton"No man in his senses can hesitate in choosing to be free, rather than a slave." - Alexander Hamilton  (1774)

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