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Monday, September 27, 2021
Why Biden's Vaccine Mandate Fails the Constitutional Test - John Yoo & Robert J. Delahunty
The administration does yet another end-run around established procedure.

Civilization Requires Deterrence - Victor Davis Hanson
Desire peace? Then be prepared for war.

Today in History:  Warren Commission Finds Oswald Lone Killer Of JFK (1964) ... Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Founded (1540) ... Birth of Samuel Adams (1722) ... John Adams Appointed to Seek Peace (1779) ... Warsaw Surrenders! (1939) ... Department of Education Created (1979)

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Biden's Stance Will Feed Pandemic Culture War - Jonah Goldberg
Perhaps he should handle COVID-19 the way he's handled Afghanistan.

As America Has Become More Secular, It Has Become Less Free - Dennis Prager
Is there a correlation? Possibly not. But the bare facts are undeniable.

Biden Knew the Border Crisis Was Coming - Tucker Carlson
Importing Democratic Party voters was always the goal.

The Clock is Ticking on Ways to Fix the U.S. Election System - Diane Dimond
Trust in this most important element of our republic has badly eroded.

Our Elective Monarchy - Ben Shapiro
Chaos, not unity, will follow on the heels of near-total power.

Gray Lives Matter - Ann Coulter
The removal from Richmond of Lee's statue marks a new woke low.

President Biden's First Job Under the Constitution: Keep Us Free! - Andrew P. Napolitano
"This is not about freedom or personal choice." In fact it very much is.

Spending Gluttony Is Washington's Deadly Sin - Veronique de Rugy
Democrats are ready to raise taxes. And they are ready to spend.

Americans Should Be Working Hard, Not Hardly Working - Stephen Moore
Government welfare policies are keeping millions of Americans at home.

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