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The Cattle Are Restless
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Friday, July 20, 2018
NATO's Challenge Is Germany, Not America - Victor Davis Hanson
Why is Germany the most anti-American of NATO members?

Laws Are for the Little People - J.D. Tuccille
Too many government officials enjoy legal immunity with a wink and a nod.

Today in History:  "Houston ... The Eagle Has Landed!" (1969) ... End of Spanish Main: Colombia Declares Independence (1810) ... Confederate Congress Convenes (1861) ... Sitting Bull Surrenders (1881) ... Patriots Fail to Kill Hitler (1944) ... Viking I Lands on Mars (1976)

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Constitutional Challenges in Court

Is a Trump Court in the Making? - Pat Buchanan
Judicial supremacy may be on the way out. Not bad for a rookie.

Kavanaugh Nomination Is About the Constitution, Not Politics - Mark Davis
A Supreme Court justice should be neither "conservative" nor "liberal."

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Yes, the Supreme Court Is Undemocratic - Rich Lowry
The Left is finally coming around to the idea of limiting the Courts.

Why This Supreme Court Nominee Matters - Ken Blackwell
Trump is repaying his Republican supporters in full.

Living in Revolutionary Times - Robert Knight
Sorry Progressives, you are not the modern reflection of our Revolution.

Kavanaugh Threatens the Left's Right to Cheat - Ann Coulter
Liberals have long used the Courts to establish nonexistent "rights."

Reciprocity Is the Method to Trump's Madness - Victor Davis Hanson
America will no longer be the world's defense and trade underwriter.

What The Courts Are For - Ben Shapiro
The judiciary is not, and never was, intended to produce new laws.

The Asylum Hoax - Betsy McCaughey
Legal immigrants must feel like idiots watching our southern border antics.

We Must Reform Obama's School Discipline Policies for the Safety of Our Children - Kay Coles James
Restrictions on minority student suspensions have created war zones.

Family Separation Not Trump Administration's Fault - Hans von Spakovsky
The Left - and the media - ignore the 20-year-old origins of this policy.

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The Cattle Are Restless —  

"There is one law for man," goes an ancient saying, "another for cattle."


Glenn Reynolds, writing in USA Today, sees this principle in operation now, where the ruling class gets away with a whole heckuva lot while the rest of us do not: "Freedom from consequences: It's the defining consequence of our modern titles of nobility."

Reynolds cites Charles W. Cooke for the "titles of nobility" angle. Cooke, who hails from Britain but was recently inducted into American citizenship, has objected to the "grotesque' American tradition of continuing to use a person's former title in government service long after the officeholder has left the post.

"Throughout the 2012 election, Mitt Romney was referred to as 'Governor Romney,' though he had not been in public office for six years," Cooke wrote. "One can only ask, 'Why?' America being a nation of laws and not men, political power is not held in perpetuity, and there is supposed to be no permanent political class."

"Americans do not have rulers, they have employees," Cooke asserted.

If you are like me, you have probably made this point umpteen times in the last few decades.

Reynolds goes on to make the obvious corollary: our public servants do not behave like our "employees." They behave like our rulers.

Their class privilege is now deep into our law -- even if some doctrines, like absolute immunity, were just invented by judges to protect prosecutors and . . . judges.

Maybe the first step to upend this would be to balk at ceremony. Our exes Jimmy Carter, the two George Bushes, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama should not be addressed as "President X."

"Mister" will do.

Paul Jacob,
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"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong, the Moon  (7/20/1969)

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