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Monday, September 24, 2018
Adrift in the Age of #MeToo - David Keene
A presumption of guilt, disregard for proofs, disdain of due process.

No Fourth Branch of Government - The Washington Examiner
There is one executive: the president. Any "deep state" serves him.

Today in History:  Last Play for Babe at Yankee Stadium (1934) ... Birth of John Marshall (1755) ... Congress Passes Judiciary Act (1789) ... Black Friday Market Panic! (1869) ... Eisenhower Orders Troops Into Little Rock (1957) ... Navy Launches First Nuke Carrier (1960) ... Trial Begins For "Chicago 7" (1969)

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When a Foreign Adversary Meddled in a Presidential Election - Byron York
Remember Charlie Trie? Well, you're not alone if you don't.

Will America Fall to Socialism in the November Elections? - Rebecca Hagelin
Want to know how things got so bad? Follow the money.

The College Campus's Cult of Fragility - George Will
Ever more susceptible to intellectual fads and political hysteria.

School Disciplinary Policies Must Be Local - Star Parker
The federal education bureaucracy does not belong in disciplinary decisons.

Medicare-For-All Hoax - Betsy McCaughey
"Free health care from birth." At least until the money runs out.

Socialism Leads Us Down a Dark Path - Bryce Dunio
Free stuff equals free votes. It also equals economic misery.

It's Our Constitution — Not Kavanaugh - Walter Williams
Congress tales unwarranted license with the General Welfare clause.

Take a Knee? - Stan Drew
There're a lot of places to take a knee. Places where real Americans bl

This Is Not a Constitutional Crisis - Erick Erickson
Grumbling among Trump's staffers is just a management issue.

     ... More Op-Ed

An Evil Ism —  With "democratic socialism" again on the rise, a refresher course in history seems apt: socialism has demonstrated the strong tendency to end up in totalitarian tyranny, poverty, and genocide.

As I mentioned on Monday, Reason's Nick Gillespie suspects that this response is not very convincing to people tempted by socialism. But really, why not? What about a history of horror could be appealing?

Which is why the question "Do Socialists Mean Well?" as answered by Grant Babcock, might help. Babcock answers in the negative.* "Socialism is not ultimately an end but a means. And as a means, socialism is evil."

With an evil means, one's chosen end is irrelevant, because of other results. "If I told you I wanted to end homelessness, you might say I had good intentions," Babcock explains. But if he confessed to seek that end "by conscripting the homeless into the army . . . [n]ot only should you say I have bad intentions, you shouldn't give me any moral credit for saying I want to end homelessness."

True. But Babcock has to engage in his extended argument about means because, for purposes of his essay, anyway, he began with the premise that while fascists are evil because they seek directly to harm some people, socialists do not.

Uh, really? Most socialists make much of taking from "the rich," however they define the rich -- as "the one percent" or "the privileged," etc.

Call it expropriation; call it theft: that's a lot of anger and ill will directed to one group of people.

In that way, the appeal of socialism is too much like the appeal of fascism.

Paul Jacob,
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Ronald Reagan"If history teaches anything, it teaches that simple-minded appeasement or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly. It means the betrayal of our past, the squandering of our freedom." - Ronald Reagan  (1983)

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