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Monday, December 5, 2016
California Should Try to Secede - Erick Erickson
A clear demonstration - from the left - that Washington is too powerful.

Let's Fight Tyranny - Walter Williams
Our nation faces increasing irreconcilable differences.

Today in History:  Birth of President Martin Van Buren (1782) ... First U.S. College Fraternity (1776) ... California Gold Rush Begins (1848) ... Birth of Walt Disney (1901) ... 21st Amendment Ends Prohibition! (1933)

     ... More Headlines

Issues In Depth
Tea Party Elegy - Rachel Lu
Our Constitution alone is not a sufficient bulwark against progressivism.

     ... More In-Depth

Populist-Nationalist Tide Rolls On - Pat Buchanan
America is at a plastic moment in history. Good decisions are a must.

Time to Cut Back on Government by Executive Order - Scott Rasmussen
Trump should honor our established system of checks and balances.

No More Business as Usual, Mr. Trump - Peggy Noonan
He has to abandon his company in order to represent the country.

Trump Should Back Employee Rights Act - Philip Wegmann
The Donald has an opportunity to transform labor law forever.

Is Obama's World a Utopian Myth? - Pat Buchanan
Nationalism has frequently been one of our most beneficial forces.

Trumping the Ivy Walls - Ken Allard
Academia must face up to its subversive practices.

Here's How Donald Trump Could End America's New Feudalism - Joel Kotkin
Trump tapped into a class rebellion among workers left out in the cold.

Sanctuary City Showdown - Arnold Ahlert
Trump faces a stiff challenge upending this part of the status quo.

The Truthful Hyperbole of Donald Trump - Charlie Cook
Most of us know he's exaggerating. Someone tell the press.

Illinois Exemplifies Our Fiscal Foolishness - George Will
While the people bleed for taxes, the Democratic elites float in gravy.

     ... More Op-Ed
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