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Friday, June 9, 2023
The Soviets Found The Perfect Way To Indoctrinate Citizens - Fyodor Kushnirsky
Now the U.S. is following their lead. And succeeding.

Poll: Nearly One-Third of Gen Z Support In-Home Government Surveillance - Jordan Dixon-Hamilton
Yup, you read that right. Actual Americans think like that.

Today in History:  Norway Surrenders to Nazis (1940) ... First Missile Sub Launched (1959)

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Constitutional Challenges in Court

Chief Justice Earl WarrenHistoric Decisions On This Date:  Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969, Free Speech)

Issues In Depth
Everything You've Heard About the Debt Limit is Wrong - James D. Agresti
The Administration is badly mis-construing the 14th Amendment.
America would default only if Mr. Biden ignored his duty under the law.

     ... More In-Depth

he Great Carbon Capture Scam - Michael Fumento
The CCS agenda is full of hot air, useful only to the rent-seekers.

Health Disparities and Racism - Emmy Griffin
Underlying causes get sidetracked by the "racial inequity" narrative.

Teachers Can't Educate, But Boy, Can They Indoctrinate - Don Feder
The Colorado Teachers Association declares war on America.

Death of the Professions - Laura Hollis
Our cultural collapse reflects diminished professional standards.

The 'Woke' Mob Always Eats Its Own - Jim Nelles
Recent history instructs a smart business to stick to, well, business.

Democrats Abandon Working Class, Become Party of Freeloaders - Betsy McCaughey
The debt-limit showdown is a preview of a bigger fight to come.

Birthright Citizenship Is Unconstitutional - Douglas Andrews
How does "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" apply to illegal entrants?

When a 'Travel Advisory' Is Partisan Politics - Byron York
Warned off by the NAACP, black folks are nonetheless swarming into Florida.

The Debt Ceiling Deal From Hell - Jeff Crouere
This capitulation is unacceptable and must be opposed.

     ... More Op-Ed

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