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Monday, December 18, 2017
Scared Cops Are Scary - Jacob Sullum
There is a double standard in judging self-defense claims.

Today in History:  New Jersey Admitted to Union (1787) ... 13th Amendment Ratified (1865) ... Supreme Court Upholds WWII Relocation of Japanese (1944) ... First Nuclear Power Plant (1957) ... U. S. Steps Up Bombing of North Vietnam (1972)

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Issues In Depth
Heart of Atlanta Motel: Public Accommodation Law at 50 - Andrew Kloster
Congress should not pass laws that regulate purely intrastate commerce.

     ... More In-Depth

Moral Values and Customs vs. Laws - Walter Williams
Society's first line of defense is not the law but customs and values.

Why Dems Ignored Sexual Harassment for So Many Years - John C. Goodman
Liberalism has become a sociology, focused solely upon power and dominance.

When the Rights of One Person Conflict With the Rights of Another - James Shott
What right have we to force another to perform work for us?

Time For Real Net Neutrality - Roger Stone
Rolling back the rules that allow Google et al. to censor the Net.

Al Franken and Democratic strategy for 2018 - Wesley Pruden
It's important to separate the criminal from the merely political.

Grad Students Can't Be Tax Exempt - Christopher Gable
Everyone, it seems, has a reason to be exempt from taxes the rest must pay.

Understanding Republicans - Mark Shields
The GOP continues to mouth platitudes to the base while ignoring reality.

The Blessings of Climate Change - Jeff Jacoby
Like most things, global warming would mix silver linings with the cloud.

Fiscal Responsibility or Lower Taxes? - Ben Shapiro
The answer, in the long run, is obvious: cutting deficits.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Otto von Bismarck"Politics is not an exact science." - Otto von Bismarck  (12/18/1863)

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