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Most recent In-Depth Articles
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Far More Than a Culture War Rages in America - Scott Powell (6/7/2019)
The Founders came from different denominations, but they agreed on fundamental Christian beliefs. And when those fundamentals were applied to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the trajectory of human history was radically changed.

Is the Individual Obsolete? - George Will (6/1/2019)
Dilution is a prerequisite for advancement of a collectivist political agenda. The more that individualism can be portrayed as a chimera, the more that any individual's achievements can be considered as merely derived from society.

To Stop Socialized Medicine, Expand Individual Choice - Avik Roy (5/28/2019)
Republicans and conservatives have repeatedly complained that Obamacare amounts to the "government takeover of the U.S. health-care system." The only problem is it isn't true.

What Americans Must Know About Socialism - Lee Edwards, Ph.D. (3/27/2019)
Is a specter of socialism haunting America, especially among our millennials? There is disquieting evidence of many young Americans' sympathy for socialism.

What Americans Must Know About Socialism - Lee Edwards (12/1/2018)
We've come a long way since George H. W. Bush buried his Democratic challenger Michael Dukakis by labeling him a "liberal." Socialism is no longer a parlor game for academics but a political alternative taken seriously by millennials.

Natural Rights, Self-Defense, and the Right to Own Firearms - Timothy Hsiao (11/3/2018)
The natural law case for a moral right to own a gun is simple: we all possess a basic right to life, which entails the right to self-defense, which in turn entails the right to a reasonable means of self-defense.

A Comprehensive Federal Budget Plan to Avert a Debt Crisis - Brian Riedl (10/23/2018)
Without reform, runaway deficits will all but guarantee a debt crisis that will profoundly damage the country's economic and social order. There is still time to avoid that crisis.

A Short History of American Medical Insurance - John Steele Gordon (10/9/2018)
Whenever one segment of an economy exhibits, year after year, inflation above the general rate, and when there is no constraint on supply, then either a cartel is in operation or there is a lack of price transparency — or both, as is the case with A

How Identity Politics Is Harming the Sciences - Heather Mac Donald (6/13/2018)
dentity politics has engulfed the humanities and social sciences on American campuses; now it is taking over the hard sciences. The STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math—are under attack for being insufficiently "diverse."

Cultural Workers, Unite! Today's Marxist Revolution - Paul Kengor (5/8/2018)
The new recruiting ground is the classroom floor, the campus, the university, the schools. That's where the cultural workers who can usher in the fundamental transformation are being found.

The Negative Impact of the #MeToo Movement - Heather Mac Donald (5/2/2018)
The #MeToo movement is going to make the previous three decades look like a golden age of meritocracy. No mainstream institution will hire, promote, or compensate without an exquisite calculation of gender and race ratios.

Robert E. Lee, Man of Honor - Louis DeBroux (1/19/2018)
General Lee is remembered as General-in-Chief of the Confederate army during the Civil War. Living as we do in a day when history is oft forgotten — or deliberately rewritten — it is worthwhile to consider the legacy of such an iconic American

Heart of Atlanta Motel: Public Accommodation Law at 50 - Andrew Kloster (12/6/2017)
Fifty years ago, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This landmark piece of legislation outlawed certain forms of discrimination across the nation, including discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Why There Are Only Two Sexes - John Skalko (6/4/2017)
Are there only two sexes? A generation ago, this might have seemed like a silly question. But given the rise of gender theory, transgenderism, intersexuality, and all of their related phenomena, the question now appears to be both complex and pressing.

A Window Into a Depraved Culture - Heather Mac Donald (1/9/2017)
The establishment typically looks the other way at manifestations of black anti-white animus. Racism in rap music is usually ignored. The AP excluded any reference to the race of the victim and perps in its initial report on the Chicago torture episode.

Tea Party Elegy - Rachel Lu (11/12/2016)
The Tea Party accomplished something that we rarely see in politics: it generated widespread enthusiasm for austerity. This achievement should not be underappreciated. Politicians seldom have to pay for their wastefulness and rash promises.

Who We Are as a People — The Syrian Refugee Question - Edward J. Erler (10/31/2016)
Nothing has provoked the ire of America's bipartisan political class as much as Donald Trump's recent proposal that the U.S. should suspend the acceptance of refugees from Syria and other terrorist-supporting nations.

The Right to Arms and the American Philosophy of Freedom - Nelson Lund, Ph.D. (10/23/2016)
The U.S. Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, is a device designed to frustrate the domineering tendencies of the politically ambitious, and the right to keep and bear arms is a vital element of the liberal order that our Founders handed down to us.

2016 and the Future of the Supreme Court - Nathaniel Bruno (10/22/2016)
What would happen if a justice with the judicial philosophy and record of Justice Ginsburg were to replace Justice Scalia on the Court?

The Hidden Influence of John Rawls on the American Mind - Jerome C. Foss, PhD (10/9/2016)
Most Americans probably have not heard of public reason, but they would certainly recognize its effect on political life. They understand the risks one runs by appearing to hold a belief outside of the popular consensus as to what is right.

The Modern Feminist Rejection of Constitutional Government - Christina Villegas (8/30/2016)
Many people assume that it is modern feminism, not the Constitution, that has secured freedom and political equality for women. In reality, the Constitution has always been compatible with women's equal political rights.

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme - Dr. Paul McHugh, M.D. (7/2/2016)
The idea that one's sex is a feeling, not a fact, has permeated our culture and is leaving casualties in its wake. Gender dysphoria should be treated with psychotherapy, not surgery.

What ISIS Really Wants - Graeme Wood (3/28/2016)
The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here's what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.

Originalism: The Lesser Evil - Justice Antonin Scalia (2/16/2016)
It would be hard to count on the fingers of both hands...the opinions that have in fact been rendered not on the basis of what the Constitution originally meant, but on the basis of what the judges currently thought it desirable for it to mean.

Who Should Interpret Our Statutes and How It Affects Our Separation of Powers - The Honorable Carlos T. Bea (2/7/2016)
Federal courts abdicate their duty to interpret statutes when they defer to executive branch agencies' interpretations of statutes. It is the courts' duty to say what the law is—even when that law is ambiguous.

Why I Am An Anarcho-Capitalist - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. (11/16/2015)
Almost without a thought, people who otherwise support the market want to assign to government the production of the most important goods and services.

What Is A Neocon? - Pastor Chuck Baldwin (11/13/2015)
Forget party labels. Forget the left-right, liberal-conservative paradigm. These are the issues that neocons in Congress are using to drive national politics today - and these are the issues that are killing independence and freedom in the United States.

The Coddling of the American Mind - Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt (11/9/2015)
In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don't like. Here's why that's disastrous for education—and mental health.

Limitless Immigration Creating Permanent Democratic Majority - Daniel Horowitz (10/17/2015)
There's a reason the Democrats are such ardent supporters of open borders. It has helped give them an impervious floor of support very close to the 50-yard line in American politics.

Hamiltonian Constitutional Interpretation - Carson Holloway (9/2/2015)
An essential part of conservatism's mission is the preservation of the Constitution as a charter of limited government. The Constitution, conservatives note, limits the scope of the national government's powers even as it grants it those powers.

The Quiet Revolution - Scott Powell (8/25/2015)
Frustration with division and gridlock in Washington lead many Americans to impugn both political parties. There is plenty of blame to go around, but below the surface there has been a quiet revolution going on in only one of the two parties.

The Unassailable Virtue of Victims - Joseph Epstein (5/18/2015)
Given the large constituency of victims in America -- victims of every slight and slander, of every failure to appease -- Hillary Clinton, as a woman, has already climbed aboard the victim train in the hope of riding it to the presidency.

Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic - Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace (3/21/2015)
The IPCC's followers have given us a vision of a world dying because of carbon-dioxide emissions. I say the Earth would be a lot deader with no carbon dioxide, and more of it will be a very positive factor in feeding the world.

The FCC's Predictable Fiasco Of Internet Utility Regulation - Scott Cleland (2/24/2015)
Detonating the Title II "nuclear option," the FCC will assert regulatory jurisdiction over most everything involving Internet communications economy-wide for the first time. This will trigger predictable shockwaves in many directions.

On Net Neutrality, Time to Regulate the Regulators - National Review (2/10/2015)
The Federal Communications Commission's decision to effectively convert broadband Internet providers into regulated utility companies is bound to stifle both technological innovation and consumer choice.

The Minimum Wage and Magical Thinking - Ronald Bailey (2/7/2015)
If all other factors remain equal, the higher the price of a good, the less people will demand it. That's the law of demand, a fundamental idea in economics. And yet there is no shortage of politicians, and policy wonks who believe otherwise.

Busted (2/2/2015)
Fraudster, riot inciter, racist labeler, tax evader. Like Jesse, Rev. Al uses the racist label threat to insure his teflon coat. Why is he still free to commit crimes that would have any of us in jail?

The Crony Capitalism Litmus Test - Timothy P. Carney (1/2/2015)
In normal times, Congress re-authorizes the Ex-Im Bank every few years with minimal fuss, since both major parties share a broad enthusiasm for corporate welfare. But this time around, with the Tea Party in hot pursuit, things got a bit testier.

Does Rising Income Inequality Justify Class Warfare? - Ronald Bailey (12/27/2014)
President Obama has decried increasing "income inequality." The implication is that not only are the rich and their children getting richer, the poor and their children are staying poorer. But the evidence does not support the president's assertion.

Republicans and Wall Street - Jay Cost (12/23/2014)
Let us hope that, moving forward, the Republicans in Congress will do a better job of resisting interest group pressure, particularly when it originates from the corner of Wall and Broad.

At The End Of The Day, Feminism Is A War On Due Process - Stephen Baskerville (12/20/2014)
Once, accusers and accused faced each other in court, and laws were clearly defined. Today, feminist gender justice is based on ill-defined new offences, vaguely worded accusations, and irregular procedures administered in specially devised pseudo-courts.

5 Ways ObamaCare Hides Its Costs - John Merline (11/11/2014)
"Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. Call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass." And so it has come to pass.

A Constitutional Congress? - Christopher DeMuth Sr. (10/23/2014)
Congress is not an innocent victim: It has been and continues to be an active partner in the transfer of legislative power to the executive branch. Since the 1970s, it has established dozens of agencies, such as the EPA, with sweeping authority.

Washington Accounting Magic - Wolf Richter (10/16/2014)
OK, I get it. Government accounting, like corporate accounting, is designed to pull a bag over our heads. We minions don't need to know these silly details. This is the equivalent of Wall Street: don't dig through the footnotes, just buy!

The "Do-It-For-Bob" Republicans - Jeffrey Lord (10/2/2014)
It is always amazing that the idea of deliberately antagonizing and insulting the base of the GOP is seen by the establishment as a sure-fire way to win elections with help from the base of the party. But that's just for starters.

Is Sharia Law Compatible with Democracy? - Michael Curtis (10/1/2014)
The question has arisen of whether legal decisions based on cultural values at odds with democratic principles be accepted and incorporated into laws of democratic countries in the name of religious freedom.

Progressive Fantasies - Ronald Bailey (9/16/2014)
Naomi Klein acidly dismisses reliance on science, technology, and markets to address the problems of climate change as embodying the attitude that "We will triumph in the end because triumphing is what we do." Yes, well, swell fantasy.

Crony Capitalism Has Deep Roots - Jay Cost (9/13/2014)
Ultimately, reformers cannot strike at corruption by going after even its most egregious manifestations, like the Ex-Im Bank. The entire regime is the product of corrupt processes, and the only way to take that regime apart is to reform those processes.

Marxist Feminism's Ruined Lives - Mallory Millett (9/9/2014)
The planned destruction of the American family and way of life. Kate Millett's sister explains how it all started, and the real agenda of feminism, as if all who were paying attention had not already recognized it.

No Law, No Order - Christopher Caldwell (8/22/2014)
Small-town police departments maintain a special, sinister role in civil rights mythology, and a Justice Department source told the New York Times that the administration does not trust the one in Ferguson.

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