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No One's Buying the Border Lies - Emmy Griffin (9/11/2023)
The border has been a longtime issue that's gotten significantly worse under Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas. What in 2016 would have been considered a crisis level of illegal border crossings in a month is a daily occurrence in 2023.

American Justice in Biden's World - David Strom (9/10/2023)
Literal child rapists -- and violent BLM rioters -- get off with slaps on their wrists while opponents of the current regime get tossed into cells with the keys thrown away. It is banana republic stuff.

More Climate Fiction - Cal Thomas (9/9/2023)
Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science. Should we not free ourselves from the naive belief in immature climate models?"

The Color of Oppression and the Statues We Tear Down - Wesley Stine (9/8/2023)
We need to acknowledge that all of us, whatever our race, are subject to the same human failings and weaknesses. Had we lived in the past, we would most assuredly have believed things, and done things, that we find dreadful in the present.

It May Not Be a SNAP, but Congress Should Promote Work for Food Stamps - Rachel Sheffield (9/7/2023)
The farm bill is up for reauthorization this year. But despite its name, the vast majority of spending in the farm bill goes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, previously known simply as food stamps.

Should Libraries Be "a Site for Socialist Organizing?" - David Strom (9/6/2023)
Pretty obviously not, but that is what they have become. Don't take our word for that. Instead, listen to what American Library Association President Emily Drabinski had to say on the matter at the Socialism 2023 conference.

Ukraine Is Neocons' Last Gasp - Francis P. Sempa (9/5/2023)
The words of Oliver Cromwell to Parliament in 1653: "You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go."

If We Don't Fix Our Schools, America Is About To Fail - Everett Piper (9/4/2023)
Public schools are no longer a place where children are taught to read and write, nor is today's academy nearly as interested in their understanding of science as it is in teaching them to parrot the talking points of social justice.

On Drugs, Vivek, War is Love - Katya Sedgwick (9/3/2023)
As a war on drugs voter, we need to hear how a presidential candidate would use executive power to curb the flow of drugs into this country, because tackling demand alone will never be sufficient.

The Insane Are Running the Asylum — and the Country - Samantha Koch (9/2/2023)
Debunking the age-old phrase that parents use to toughen their children against schoolyard bullies, sticks and stones are not the only way to harm others.

Yes, President Harris Is a Legitimate Issue - Rich Lowry (9/1/2023)
Kamala Harris is one of the most prominent people in the United States, with the potential that at any moment she could inherit some of the most fearsome powers on Earth, but no one is supposed to notice.

Why Has Biden Declared War on Natural Gas? - Stephen Moore (8/31/2023)
Natural gas is the world's wonder fuel: cheap, abundant, made in America, reliable AND clean burning. So why are the Biden administration and environmental groups against it? There's really no good answer.

Why Young Americans Are Not Taught about Evil - Dennis Prager (8/30/2023)
Most of our schools teach almost nothing of importance, and nothing is more important than the study of good and evil.

A Viable Realism and Revival Doctrine - Vivek Ramaswamy (8/29/2023)
As we look at the Western Hemisphere today, we see encroachments that James Monroe would never have tolerated: Chinese spy balloons drifting over our heartland, Chinese spy bases in Cuba, Chinese ports near the Panama Canal.

A Foolish Generation - Emmy Griffin (8/28/2023)
No rules, no right and wrong, live your truth, the "me generation": these are all apt descriptions of our modern culture's moral values.

The Biden Clan's Con Is Coming to an End - Victor Davis Hanson (8/27/2023)
If a cognitively and criminally challenged Biden cannot finish his term, we will finally learn the full story of 15 years of Biden family corruption.

Politicians Continue To Make a Mockery of 'Emergency Spending' - Veronique de Rugy (8/26/2023)
Putting the "emergency" label on anything important (or not so important) but not unforeseen makes a mockery of budget rules and the debt ceiling caps and, indeed, of the very concept of emergency spending.

AMA: Taxpayers Should Fund Uterus Transplants for Males - Jazz Shaw (8/25/2023)
Buckle up, campers, because things are going to get even weirder this evening, courtesy (once again) of the folks at the American Medical Association.

Not Enough Punishment in the World - Sumantra Maitra  (8/24/2023)
When normal people talk about an invisible cabal, they are called conspiracy theorists. It is true, there is no smoke-filled room. But most true evil in this world often doesn't require smoke-filled rooms.

College Rip-Off - John Stossel (8/23/2023)
College is now an overpriced scam. Overpriced, because normal incentives to be frugal and make smart judgements about who should go to college were thrown out when the federal government took over granting student loans.

American Police State - Sebastian Gorka (8/22/2023)
It is said that Lavrentiy Beria, the founder of the proto-KGB, had a motto: "Show me the man, and I will find you the crime." We have arrived that point in America.

Back to What Type of School? - Cal Thomas (8/21/2023)
As millions of children return to public school, it's a good idea to again examine what they are being taught and what is being left out. It also offers an annual opportunity for parents to ask if their kids are being educated or indoctrinated.

First, the Moral Collapse… - Laura Hollis (8/20/2023)
Abuse of power to obtain a partisan political victory is shortsighted to say the least. Precedent and human nature being what they are, turnabout quickly becomes "fair play," meaning not just retaliation, but escalation.

Judicial Climate Activism in Montana - Thomas Gallatin (8/19/2023)
A judge rules that feelings equate to facts in siding with young climate alarmists' claim that fossil fuels are causing them emotional distress.

Meet the Company Trying to Control Your Mind - Ben Shapiro (8/18/2023)
There's a group of people who control what you are allowed to see -- the news you read, the videos you watch, the posts you engage with. You haven't heard of them. You don't know their names.

Is It Time to Ban Electric Vehicles? - Stephen Moore (8/17/2023)
This is especially hypocritical because once upon a time the left's mantra was "no trading blood for oil." Now they are willing to trade blood in exchange for getting Americans to stop using oil.

Patronage for Progressives - Jonathan Ireland (8/16/2023)
The propensity of progressive cities to hand millions of dollars to unqualified, criminal-led nonprofits is made all the more infuriating by their unwillingness to learn from their mistakes or accept personal responsibility.

Police Raid on Kansas Newspaper Latest Sign of America's Downfall - Cheryl Chumley (8/15/2023)
When the people who make up the system become rotten and corrupt, the systems themselves become rotten and corrupt; and when the systems themselves become rotten and corrupt, a dismayed public loses faith in the systems.

Who Will Say No More To The Current Madness? - Victor Davis Hanson (8/14/2023)
Restore what until recently made America the strongest, most prosperous, and freest nation in the world. And quit undoing all the great good that eight generations of prior Americans bequeathed to us.

Biden Scandal Will Have Us Looking to the Amish for Help - Robert Knight (8/13/2023)
Off the main roads, where all you see are cornfields, farms, cows, horses and an occasional buggy, it's easy to forget the predatory culture that has eclipsed normal American life in most other places.

Transgender Women Are Not Women - Armstrong Williams (8/12/2023)
We should stand firm and remain grounded in biological realities. It's about recognizing while everyone has the right to identify as they wish, there are some truths that simply cannot be altered.

The Same-Old New Hatred Against Equal Rights - Joshua Arnold (8/11/2023)
This new, unjust intolerance has seemingly sprung out of nowhere, based on nothing. Trans-identifying males have no good argument for why the categories reserved for women should be forced to include them — nay, let them dominate.

The Fake Climate Consensus - John Stossel (8/10/2023)
Researchers have quickly figured out that the way to get funded was to make alarmist claims about "man-made climate change." This is how "manufactured consensus" happens.

Fight Crime: Shoot Back - Cal Thomas (8/9/2023)
A man is less likely to be a repeat offender since he has experienced consequences for his actions. If looters and other criminals believe they can get away with stealing things, they will.

Jack Smith's Jan 6. Indictments Are An Attack On Political Speech - David Harsanyi (8/8/2023)
If recklessly lying to voters were a crime, most everyone in D.C. would be serving life in solitary confinement at Supermax. But in a liberal democracy, political misconduct is settled by voters and elections, not partisan prosecutors or rioters.

Is Biden the Worst President Ever? A Historical Assessment. - Rob Natelson (8/7/2023)
Admittedly, it is risky to compare the performance of modern presidents against their predecessors. Because it is hard to place current events in historical context, snap judgments can prove embarrassing later.

Statistics Say the Rich Have Paid Their Fair Share - Christopher Gable (8/6/2023)
In our envy ridden society, few issues receive more demagogic assertions as the perceived "rich." The "rich" have too much money, didn't earn it, or don't pay their fair share of taxes. Let's examine the facts.

Industrial Policy Isn't About Creating Jobs - Veronique de Rugy (8/5/2023)
Proponents of the ongoing push for national industrial policy, whether they come from the left or the right, frequently argue that we need to promote certain sectors or technologies to create a manufacturing boom. Not so fast.

Will the Biden Administration Ban Cigars? - Stephen Moore (8/4/2023)
What is it with the Left that they want to ban nearly everything that is fun or convenient? Gas stoves, dishwashers, plastic straws, gas cars, snowmobiles and diving boards. And now the health busybodies want to ban certain cigars.

Individuals, Not Government, Enjoy the Freedom of Speech - Andrew P. Napolitano (8/3/2023)
The First Amendment is a negative right. It doesn't grant the freedom of speech. Rather, it restrains Congress from abridging a right that preexisted Congress.

Another Nail in the Coffin of Legalized Racial Discrimination - Hans von Spakovsky (8/2/2023)
Basically, even if you are a billionaire and a member of high society, as long as you are the right skin color, you will still be given preferential treatment by the government in its contracting.

The Proximal Origin of a Scientific Fraud - Michael Barone (8/1/2023)
Reflect on how "Proximal Origin" suggests that the government and government-financed credentialed experts are often better at generating misinformation and falsehoods than at detecting them.

Taking the Administrative State to Task - Brian Mark Weber (7/31/2023)
It's bad enough that politicians in Congress these days have lost touch with the issues that matter most to their constituents. But politicians are politicians. They always look out for themselves, forgetting about the people they represent.

Trump Still Has the Best Words - Emile Doak (7/30/2023)
The GOP-primary and unaffiliated voters that make up "the base" want their candidate to paint a clear vision for the country. They want a vision that stands in stark contrast to the onslaught of contempt for them and their way of life.

The Myth of the 'Underfunded School' - John Hirschauer (7/29/2023)
It is harder, no doubt, for a child in an inner-city school to get an adequate education than it is for a similarly endowed student in a suburban school. But it is harder for those students for reasons that have little to do with the funding.

Irony at the Border - Cal Thomas (7/28/2023)
The first obligation of any president is to protect the lives of American citizens, whether from threats by a foreign power, or threats from the power that comes from people and drugs pouring across the border.

Much of the Hot Air Is Coming From Washington - Stephen Moore (7/27/2023)
We had multiple ice ages and heat waves long before we had coal mines, gas-guzzling automobiles and air conditioning. Or human-made CO2 emissions. Or human-made anything. The biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions has been Mother Nature.

Rule of Law? What Rule of Law? - David Strom (7/26/2023)
It is a form of tyranny toward which America is hurtling. One where the organs of the state become enforcers for the will of a political class dominated by an elite with contempt for any barriers that limit their power.

It's Increasingly Clear The Feds Were Protecting Joe Biden, Not Hunter - David Harsanyi (7/25/2023)
Whistleblower testimony strongly suggests interference in the Hunter Biden tax case was meant to defuse any inquiry into Joe Biden.

Following Affirmative Action's Demise, Slay the DEI Leviathan - Josh Hammer (7/24/2023)
Fortune 100 CEOs are now "on notice of the illegality of racial quotas and race-based preferences in employment and contracting practices."

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