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When Does Life Begin? - Robin Smith (5/14/2019)
Not only does the U.S. stand apart alongside a small number of nations permitting the ending of life after 20 weeks of life in the womb, but some states showcase the extremes of abortion.

Keeping Fake Illegal Alien Families Together - Michelle Malkin (5/13/2019)
Trump's efforts to close the myriad loopholes that aid and abet transnational illegal immigrant kiddie smuggling racket have been condemned as heartless. But what's truly inhumane are the virtue signalers who use and abuse children as pawns.

Activities in 'The Swamp' Reach Disgusting and Treasonous Levels - James Shott (5/12/2019)
The Swamp, however one defines it, has a life and a mind of its own, with bureaucrats who have made a career of federal employment sometimes indulging in activities other than serving the needs of the citizenry, which is their duty.

Nancy Pelosi's Equality Act Would Undo Trump's Most Significant Achievements - Ryan T. Anderson (5/11/2019)
Anyone who believes we are created male and female, and that male and female are created for each other, will be at risk. This includes not only people of faith, but those who trust in established science.

GOP Needs to Be More Than 'Not Democrats' - Robin Smith (5/10/2019)
Establishing the very real and monstrous difference between the two political parties is necessary in the coming months. Republicans must contrast the very perpendicular position of Democrats who are proudly embracing socialism.

Time to Abolish Congress - Laura Hollis (5/9/2019)
Once upon a time, Democrats took electoral losses on the chin, determined to do a better job persuading the electorate to support their candidate(s). But the present generation shows neither the same pluck nor the same reverence for the rules of the game.

Dems The "Free Stuff" Party - Betsy McCaughey (5/8/2019)
Presidential contender Liz Warren's strategy is to win the Democratic nomination by promising the most free stuff. On Monday, she upped the ante: She is offering a whopping $50,000 in student loan forgiveness.

Democrats' Sanctuary Hypocrisy Shines Through - Rachel Bovard (5/7/2019)
Democrat hypocrisy on immigration has gone from a steady flow to an overwhelming torrent. Their complete disregard even for their own policies when it comes to applying them to illegal immigration is remarkable.

Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny - Pat Buchanan (5/6/2019)
This civil conflict is not our war. We have not been attacked. Not only is there no justification for U.S. military intervention, but also any arrival of U.S. troops on Venezuelan soil could turn into yet another 21st-century strategic debacle.

The Carbon Tax Fantasy - Stephen Moore (5/5/2019)
If the climate change warnings of the alarmists turn out to be true, we will use technology and innovation to combat weather changes — not steel-booted world-government mandates and edicts.

A Lie, a Myth and a Question - John Stossel (5/4/2019)
Allowing people to be different from one another, to employ their unique talents and succeed or fail by them, to rise as high as the market will bear — that's an important part of freedom.

Critical Limits on Human Power - Laura Hollis (5/3/2019)
The brilliance of our country's founders is revealed in many things. The Constitution is grounded in the natural-law principle that human beings derive their rights from God, not from government.

Medicare, SS Short On Accounting - The Altoona Mirror (5/2/2019)
Federal lawmakers, always fearing fallout from voters, continue to avoid taking meaningful, responsible steps to shore up the programs' fiscal health, some of which, presumably, would hurt retirees, many of whom live on fixed incomes.

MMT: The Latest Liberal Economic Fantasy - John Horvat II (5/1/2019)
A good definition of a liberal might be someone who tries to ignore the actual nature of reality. Thus, many politically correct formulations distort reality even to the point of denying the differences between the sexes.

In Certain Precincts, We're All Snowflakes Now - Wesley Pruden (4/30/2019)
We can only marvel at how our grandparents made it through life, surviving the actual hunger and misery of a Great Depression and then having to call on unknown reserves of energy and fortitude to fight and win the greatest of all our wars.

Should we shutter the Department of Education? - Robert Holland (4/29/2019)
Since its inception 40 years ago as a political payoff from President Jimmy Carter to the National Education Association, the Department of Education has engaged in scores of dubious actions that have made millions of Americans yearn for its expulsion.

Study: Green New Deal Would Have 'No Effect' On Climate Change - Emily Zanotti (4/28/2019)
Green New Deal proponents, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), have long claimed that the GND, an expansive, costly, and dramatic change in the American economy, would be worth it if it would lessen our impact on climate.

Eradicate Poverty? We Already Know How - Edwin J. Feulner (4/27/2019)
Want to help the poor? Champion free enterprise. That flouts the conventional wisdom — at least as it's presented by many politicians and "mainstream" media outlets. They would have us believe that free enterprise (or capitalism) exacerbates pov

The Art of Climate Deception - Cornwall Alliance (4/26/2019)
Lately, climate science has been under attack from extreme factions of people more concerned about desired outputs than climate reality. What's really worrisome is that they have made their mark on our academies and public opinion.

Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census - Michele Malkin (4/25/2019)
Only in self-defeating, sovereignty-eroding America is the idea of asking whether people living in America are American citizens for the American census a matter of controversy.

Sanctuary Jurisdictions Are Not Practicing Federalism - Lewis Morris (4/24/2019)
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has proven once again why it is a reliable rubber stamp for the Left. In a seriously flawed ruling late last week, the Ninth Circuit unanimously upheld the majority of California's laws making it a sanctuary state.

Has Patriotism Been Bred Out of Today's Americans? - Mychal Massie (4/23/2019)
Like the rest of our Founding Fathers, Jefferson knew that government was at its best a mechanism to be closely observed and strictly constrained.

The Democrats' Platform as of Today - Bruce Bialosky (4/22/2019)
f you think like we do that theirs could be the worst set of public policies in American history, then you should make sure these people are removed from public office next November and never have any power again.

Misleading Americans About the Environment -- Again - Tammy Bruce (4/21/2019)
California's commitment to being the official clown car of the Democratic Party continues apace. The latest absurdity is brought to us by legislation seeking to ban all those little plastic toiletry bottles one finds in hotel rooms.

Bipartisan Support for Electric Vehicle Handouts Betrays Taxpayers - Veronique de Rugy (4/20/2019)
The average cost to a taxpayer for the EV program may be small, but when all the crony handouts that come about because of this same dynamic are added up, it represents a more significant sum and is a more obvious problem.

Things That Can't Go On Forever, Don't - Victor Davis Hanson (4/19/2019)
n sum, the present identity-politics divisiveness is not a sustainable model for a multiracial nation, and it will soon reach its natural limits one way or another. Say the same for our debt, and for illegal immigration.

If The Court Strikes Down Obamacare, How Bad Would That Be? - John C. Goodman (4/18/2019)
Some Republicans in Congress and even some in the administration resist opposing Obamacare. Critics assume that if there is no Obamacare, we would revert to the pre-Obamacare health system. If so, how bad would that be?

Is America Turning Into a Nation of Dunces? - Thomas L. Jipping and Peyton Smith (4/17/2019)
Jefferson said that a nation cannot expect to be "both ignorant and free." For the sake of our nation and our own personal freedom, it is essential that we get back to teaching the basics of American civics.

Sanders Proposal Falls Short - The Altoona Mirror (4/16/2019)
"Health care is a human right, not a privilege," lectured Sen. Bernie Sanders — even as he unveiled a plan that would deny Americans the right to seek the best health care they can afford.

Building a Healthy Political System - Scott Rasmussen (4/15/2019)
Making the regulatory state more accountable is essential to creating a healthier political system. But we don't need a new set of rules. We need something even more difficult to obtain -- respect for the American people.

Bernie and the Tax Man - Geoffrey Norman (4/14/2019)
The battles of the tax returns make good material for the media but when one thinks about the thing, it begins to occur that the focus is all wrong. It isn't the releasing of the returns that should be controversial or even scandalous.

Is the Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional? - Andrew Napolitano (4/13/2019)
The Supreme Court is infallible because it is final, as Justice Robert Jackson once observed. It can do what it wants and call a penalty or an assessment or a command to eat broccoli a tax. By doing so, the ACA was saved.

Rhetoric Won't Fix the Border Crisis - Debra J. Saunders (4/12/2019)
And it's hard to get Republicans — many of whom do not share Trump's view on illegal immigrants — to die on a hill for a big-ticket item -- the ubiquitous wall -- that the public opposes and politicians doubt will work.

Not Everything Is 'Equal' - Robin Smith (4/11/2019)
Unfortunately, the Civil Rights movement is in the process of being hijacked by the militant gender-fluidity crowd, which is attempting to mandate all of the population to join in the gender-confusion movement under force of law.

TrumpCare Better than ObamaCare - Betsy McCaughey (4/10/2019)
Don't believe the dire predictions. Trump's reforms will enable millions priced out of ObamaCare to buy insurance, while protecting people with pre-existing conditions and getting the scammers out of Medicaid.

Identification Over Qualification - Michael Swartz (4/9/2019)
There's a reason that E Pluribus Unum — "out of many, one" — stood as our national motto from 1782 to 1956. Our Founders' willingness to find common ground stands in stark contrast to the toxic and divisive approach of today's Demo

Police Aren't Enough - Walter Williams (4/8/2019)
Most of today's major problems encountered by black people have little or nothing to do with racial discrimination and a legacy of slavery. People who make those excuses are doing a grave disservice to black people.

How Bad Does the Border Have to Be for Democrats to Admit It's an Emergency? - Byron York (4/7/2019)
Is there any number of illegal border crossings into the United States that would strike Democrats as an emergency? Or will they continue to watch the country, and the rule of law, fade under the onslaught rather than allow Trump a victory?

No Right to College for Illegal Immigrants - Hans von Spakovsky (4/6/2019)
At a time when Americans believe immigration to be the most important issue facing the nation, the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that Georgia's state colleges and universities can't be forced to admit illegal immigrants as students.

The Biggest College Scandal of All - Stephen Moore (4/5/2019)
The recent exposure of parents cheating to get their kids into elite schools is small potatoes compared to the real scandal on college campuses from coast to coast. That scam is how much universities are charging families once they do get in.

If Not an Emergency, What Is It? - Cal Thomas (4/4/2019)
The flood tide of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border cannot and must not continue. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has said of it, "The system is broken and overwhelmed. It is a national emergency."

Abolishing the Electoral College Would Be a Mistake - Jonah Goldberg (4/3/2019)
All extreme political movements are hostile to restraints on their will. This is what unites the progressives who want to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College and "reform" the "undemocratic" Senate.

The Democrats' Voting-Rights-for-Teenagers Scam
 - Candace Owens (4/2/2019)
An overwhelming majority of Americans know that lowering the voting age to 16 years old is a very bad idea. Nonetheless, a majority of Democrats are convinced that they know better than the rest of us.

Health Care Computers Can Kill You - Betsy McCaughey (4/1/2019)
Driving while texting is so dangerous that it's outlawed. But doctors and nurses are expected to care for patients while keeping their eyes glued to a computer screen, following prompts and clicking boxes.

Socialism Is Rooted in Godlessness - Cheryl Chumley (3/31/2019)
Big Government cannot survive when the people don't rely completely on it for answers. Socialism crumbles in the face of self-reliance, in the insistence on independence, in the demand for recognition that individual rights come from God.

Why We Don't Trust Our Institutions - Ben Shapiro (3/30/2019)
Institutions only mean more than the people who comprise them when the people who comprise them value the institutions more than their own politics. That's being lost.

How the First 'Green New Deal' Flopped - Stephen Moore (3/29/2019)
Solyndra. Fisker. Etc. The sane conclusion would be: Never again. But failed lessons of government as venture capitalists have been ignored and covered up.

Is Diversity a Root Cause of Dual Loyalty? - Pat Buchanan (3/28/2019)
Diversity is our greatest strength!" we are ever admonished. But where is the evidence for what appears to be not only an inherently implausible claim but a transparently foolish and false one?

America Is Moving Towards the Age of Mandatory Spending - Veronique de Rugy (3/27/2019)
It's no secret that mandatory spending that is baked-in to the budgetary cake—particularly entitlement spending—drives America's fiscal crisis far more than money spent at the direct discretion of today's policymakers.

Immigration: Crisis or Not, It is a Problem - Diane Dimond (3/26/2019)
So, what is the reality of immigration into the United States? Is it the "humanitarian crisis at the border" some speak about, or is it, as others maintain, nothing much to worry about?

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