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Bernie's #CancelStudentDebt Is a Dangerous Scam - David Harsanyi (7/8/2019)
The idea that Sanders (or Elizabeth Warren) is accurately calculating the price of a government entitlement is, to be charitable, highly unlikely. History tells us the cost is sure to skyrocket.

Why the Supreme Court Got It Right on Gerrymandering - Hans von Spakovsky (7/7/2019)
In a much-awaited decision, the Supreme Court held on Thursday in a 5-4 decision that partisan gerrymandering is a political question beyond the reach of the federal courts.

A Lot to Celebrate on the Fourth of July - Scott Rasmussen (7/6/2019)
Despite our problems, Americans are optimistic. Fifty-eight percent believe that our nation's best days are still to come. That optimism is found among rural, urban and suburban communities. Among white voters, black voters and Hispanic voters.

To Construe the Constitution, Look to the Declaration - George Will (7/5/2019)
The Constitution should be construed in the bright light cast by the Declaration's statement of the Founding generation's general intention to privilege liberty.

This Fourth of July, Why Patriotism Is Worth Defending - Kyle Smith (7/4/2019)
On July 4, 1776, we began setting up the greatest opportunity for human flourishing the world has ever known, and our example continues to be the world's beacon. The United States of America isn't perfect. We're merely the best.

Reparations: How Not to Foster Racial Harmony - Larry Elder (7/3/2019)
If American taxpayers pay reparations, can they also sue Africa for its role in selling captured and enslaved Africans to Arab and European slavers? What about Native Americans? Have they received sufficient reparations?

Reparation$ - Walter Williams (7/2/2019)
Slavery was a gross violation of human rights. Justice demands that all participants in the trans-Atlantic slave trade make compensatory reparation payments to slaves. However...

4 Years On, "Marriage Equality" Slogan Still Doesn't Add Up - Ryan T. Anderson (7/1/2019)
The debate in the United States in the decade and a half before Obergefell v. Hodges wasn't about equality. It was about marriage. We disagreed about what marriage is.

The Moral Cowards of Twitter - Erick Erickson (6/30/2019)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk think America is operating concentration camps while the most they can muster is a tweet.

Freedom From Consequences Isn't Freedom - Ben Shapiro (6/29/2019)
Freedom has traditionally meant the ability to make your own decisions — and to live with the consequences of those decisions. Thanks to Bernie Sanders, we now have a whole new Orwellian definition of the word.

Blurring the Expense of Medical Care - Stephen Moore (6/28/2019)
Health care is one of the most expensive items we buy each year, and yet most Americans haven't a clue what all of this costs. For everything else we buy as Americans, we are bargain hunters. But not for our health care.

Would-Be Presidents Can't Wait to Rule by Fiat - Jeff Jacoby (6/27/2019)
Today's presidents and would-be presidents make no secret of their intention to sidestep Congress. We can keep letting them get away with it. But an ever-more-overbearing presidency is not a recipe for American happiness.

Educational Racism Comes With a Smiling Face - Walter Williams (6/26/2019)
A National Center for Education Statistics study found that 18% of the nation's schools accounted for 75% of the reported incidents of violence, and 6.6% accounted for half of all reported incidents.

The Cimate Trap for Democrats - Rich Lowry (6/25/2019)
The more the climate debate changes, the more it stays the same. Polls show that the public is worried about climate change, but that doesn't mean that it is any more ready to bear any burden or pay any price to combat it.

Elizabeth Warren's Terrible Plans - Mona Charen (6/24/2019)
Senator Elizabeth Warren is being lauded as the serious candidate in the race. Her motto, "I have a plan for that," is accepted as proof that she is thoughtful and conscientious. That's too generous.

Don't Rush to War with Iran Over Some Tankers. - Joseph Langhon (6/23/2019)
The recent attack on Japanese and Norwegian oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman has ignited tensions between the United States and Iran. How the Trump administration navigates these perilous waters will define American foreign policy for years to come.

Leftist Agenda and Climate Change Linked by Indoctrination Tactics - Joe Bastardi (6/22/2019)
There is a striking difference between young people in this country today and the young people in the Eastern Bloc who actively worked to overthrow the communist chains that enslaved them in the 20th century.

A Case of Stolen Jurisprudence in Kansas - Adam J. Macleod (6/21/2019)
Kansas's Supreme Court randomly festooned its recent decision on abortion with impressive terms, without making the slightest effort to learn the terms' meanings.

'The Top 3 Arguments for Gun Control' Debunked - Alyssa Ahlgren (6/20/2019)
We do all need to live together, so we should all look at objective fact instead of giving in to the temptation of pandering to our own ideology.

Death, Despair, and Dads - The Washington Examiner (6/19/2019)
Middle-aged men and young adults are the epicenter of the plague of deaths of despair. All the data suggests that the root of this problem is boys growing up without fathers, and men who never get to be fathers.

Why Are the Western Middle Classes So Angry? - Victor Davis Hanson (6/18/2019)
Put simply, the middle classes are revolting against Western managerial elites. The latter group includes professional politicians, entrenched bureaucrats, condescending academics, corporate phonies and propagandistic journalists.

Why Balanced Reporting About Guns Is Crucial - John R. Lott Jr. (6/17/2019)
The media's refusal to talk about the dangers of gun-free zones has a huge impact on the gun control debate. They refuse to provide balanced reporting that doesn't fit their agenda.

Beverly Hills Tobacco Prohibition Puts Local Profits At Risk - Adriana Cohen (6/16/2019)
History has demonstrated that Prohibition doesn't work — and neither will the sweeping tobacco ban voted into effect this week in Beverly Hills. It will reward sellers elsewhere at the expense of local businesses.

Texas Is About to Make Sex Jokes on Campus a Criminal Offense - The College Fix (6/15/2019)
Republican lawmakers seem to have a better grip than their Democratic colleagues on the inherent censorship of so-called free speech zones and viewpoint-based security fees. So why is this Republican state acting like the Obama administration?

How to Create Conflict - Walter Williams (6/14/2019)
Unfortunately, too many Americans want government to grow and have more power over our lives. That means conflict among us is going to rise.

Constitution Includes No 'Right To Abortion' - William E. Straesser (6/13/2019)
Those who believe the Supreme Court is their vehicle to creating personal rights which were never intended, must be challenged and vigorously, especially regarding protecting the unborn child.

One Flag Is Enough - Kevin D. Williamson (6/12/2019)
Where sovereign U.S. diplomatic outposts are concerned, the only flag that should be flown is the one with the 50 stars and 13 stripes.

If D-Day Were Today, Would Millennials Step Up to the Challenge? - Hans von Spakovsky (6/11/2019)
Would they have the grit and fortitude to fight and win to preserve the freedom and liberty of the West that they seem to take for granted and the values that too many of them seem to treat with contempt?

What Happened to the Freedom of Speech? - Andrew Napolitano (6/10/2019)
The whole purpose of the First Amendment, numerous courts have written, is to promote and provoke open, wide, robust political debate about the policies of the government. That simply cannot be done when government operates in secret.

"We Must Abolish Judicial Review" - Jacob Sullum (6/9/2019)
Jamelle Bouie's counterintuitive recommendation would effectively eliminate constitutional limits on elected officials, including Trump and every demagogue who follows him.

No, Abortion Isn't a Constitutional Right - Ben Shapiro (6/8/2019)
The founders would have been appalled by such a statement. The Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade (1973) is a legal monstrosity by every available metric.

Judicial Activism? Tyranny Is More Like It - Arniold Ahlert (6/7/2019)
Article III Section 1of the Constitution grants Congress to create — or eliminate — every federal court but SCOTUS. That power that could be used to rein in much judicial overreach.

'Victims' Dictate - John Stossel (6/6/2019)
It makes little sense that America, a country where even poor people live longer and better lives than almost anyone in history, has become a place where spoiled children paying $60,000 tuition consider themselves "victims."

Waive Goodbye to Ethanol - The Washington Examiner (6/5/2019)
Markets thrive on competition. Unfortunately, this doesn't just apply to real economic markets. It also applies to markets for bad ideas and political pandering.

Democrats 2020: The Grievance Party - Larry Elder (6/4/2019)
By "identity" politics, Democrats really mean grievances. The party leaders push the narrative that blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc. are victims, whether due "inequality" or "sexism" or "racism" or "otherism."

No Credit Where Credit Is Due - Cal Thomas (6/3/2019)
This is the argument that conservatives, many Republicans and the Trump administration have been making for some time. Economic growth, not government, raises most boats.

What We Can Learn From the European Union - Ben Shapiro (6/2/2019)
The burgeoning conflict within the EU should provide the United States with an object lesson: When you maximize the power of the federal government at the expense of the states, you maximize the possibility of polarization.

The Real Constitutional Crisis: Unaccountable Bureaucracy - Arnold Ahlert (6/1/2019)
It isn't the president who threatens the Constitution. It's a cadre of unelected, unaccountable, insulated bureaucrats who not only threaten it but have actively trampled it — for years.

Millennials Stuck in Their Lifestyle-Choices Rut - Louis DeBroux (5/31/2019)
It is disingenuous to spend years indulging your desires and seeking immediate gratification only to then lament the lost opportunities that smarter decisions, delayed gratification, and sacrifices would have brought.

Democrats Will Win at Any Cost - Adriana Cohen (5/30/2019)
There's a reason Democrats continuously combat Republican-led efforts to enact sensible voter ID laws while simultaneously pushing for noncitizens, felons and 16-year-olds to be able to vote.

Allowing Prisoners to Vote: Let's Think This Through - Diane Dimond (5/29/2019)
When someone is convicted of breaking the law of the land, they cannot be trusted to vote for those who make the laws of the land. After completing their sentence? Well, that's a different story.

In Money We Trust? - John Stossel (5/28/2019)
But governments like to enrich themselves by debasing currency, making it appear the government has more wealth than it really does — spreading the same wealth over more units of currency.

Mayor Buttigieg and the Dred Scott Democrats - Jeffrey Lord (5/27/2019)
He and his fellow Democrats running for president are now almost daily reminding voters that Leftist elites — and only Leftist elites — will decide just who in America and the larger world beyond is a human being.

Who Wants This War with Iran? - Pat Buchanan (5/26/2019)
Who wants us to plunge back into the Middle East, to fight a new and wider war than the ones we fought already this century in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen?

Ending Abortion Is Worth Any Economic Consequence - Erick Erickson (5/25/2019)
The secular abortionists hide behind wealth and euphemism to deny they are killing human beings. They think they can persuade others to abandon their causes by dangling dollars in front of them.

Four Myths the Media and Politicians Tell You About Our Border Crisis - Ann Coulter (5/24/2019)
Throughout 2016, we gave Trump cheese crackers every time he said, "Build the Wall!" Yet, as with a Myna bird, it turns out he lacks any comprehension of what those words mean.

The Merit of Merit-Based Immigration - Kevin D. Williamson (5/23/2019)
The United States has interests of its own, some of those interests are economic, and immigration should serve American interests first and foremost, with humanitarian concerns and other considerations subordinated.

Don't Let Zuckerberg Kill Free Speech - Betsy McCaughey (5/22/2019)
Social media titans like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have more influence over our freedom than any Supreme Court justice or even the president. And they are selling out the American freedoms that created their empires.

The Inequality of the Equality Act - Mary Beth Waddell (5/21/2019)
The In-Equality Act, unfortunately, isn't about equality at all. Rather, it's about government-imposed ideology and unfairness.

Higher Education in America - Walter Williams (5/20/2019)
Regarding financial aid, colleges should be forced to share in covering loan defaults, namely they need to have some skin in the game. More importantly, we should end or revise the federal student aid program.

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