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Three Cheers for Refugee Reduction - Michelle Malkin (11/10/2019)
Only a complete moratorium on immigration would give America the break it needs to regain control of our system. Trump's refugee reduction is not an apocalypse. Rather, it's long overdue.

Katie Hill Affair and its Aftermath are Signs of America's Decline - Selwyn Duke (11/9/2019)
Sadly, it's truly not shocking that a political leader would be a reprobate behind closed doors. From Caligula to the Marquis de Sade to Bill Clinton, the depraved have always been overrepresented among the ruling classes.

If You Can't Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids - Dennis Prager (11/8/2019)
The entire American left — the mainstream media, the environmentalist movement and Democratic politicians in particular — are celebrating the involvement of teenagers and even younger children in protesting global warming "inaction."

Why Kids Are Socialists and How to Start Fixing It - Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel (11/7/2019)
It's taken us almost 250 years to build this country, and we could wreck it in a single generation. At this rate, we will. In order to prevent the looming disaster, we need to be clear on what has gone wrong.

Coolidge and FDR Were Right About Government Workers and Unions - Jeff Jacoby (11/6/2019)
The principle that public employees cannot go on strike, and that there is no right to collective bargaining in the public sector, was once endorsed across the political spectrum. Times have certainly changed.

Cancel the Primaries - Jonah Goldberg (11/5/2019)
The Democratic primary campaign started in January, but it already feels as if it began in the late Jurassic period, and the first votes are still three months away.

Surprise 'Hamilton' Fans: the Founding Father Was a Nationalist - Rich Lowry (11/4/2019)
The fans who have stood and cheered at the end of Lin-Manuel Miranda's masterpiece "Hamilton" may not fully realize it, but they are hailing the life and the work of one of the greatest nationalists in American history.

People Still Trust the Supreme Court. Democrats, Don't Mess That Up. - Kathleen Parker (11/4/2019)
As the 2020 election comes into sharper focus, one issue that seems to animate both sides — the Supreme Court — is once again taking center stage.

Wasn't a $4.4 Trillion Federal Government Big Enough? - Terence Jeffrey (11/3/2019)
The leaders of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the U.S. Senate proved again this week that they favor a bigger federal government that spends and borrows more money.

Gun Grabbers Misleading Us - Walter Williams (11/2/2019)
Is our current level of violence really the gun's fault? If any American who passed away before 1960 were to return to today's America, they would not believe the kind of personal behavior acceptable today.

More Laws Equal Less Justice - Louis DeBroux (11/1/2019)
Most Americans are law-abiding citizens, or so they think. Yet they would be shocked to discover they are likely criminals, since the average American commits three felonies per day!

Vote Harvesting a Recipe for Coercion, Election Fraud - Hans von Spakovsky (10/31/2019)
Vote harvesting gives party activists, campaign consultants, and other political guns for hire the ability to manipulate election outcomes either through coercion of voters or outright ballot theft and forgery.

California Can't Keep the Lights On - Rich Lowry (10/30/2019)
California is staying true to its reputation as the land of innovation — it is making blackouts, heretofore the signature of impoverished and war-torn lands, a routine feature of 21st-century American life.

Democratic Candidates' Proposals Destroy American Liberties - Richard W. Rahn (10/29/2019)
The American republic was founded to protect persons and property and ensure liberty. Yet, many of those running for president are producing a never-ending stream of proposals to diminish protections for person and property and destroy liberty.

Elizabeth Warren's Health Care Pickle - Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel (10/28/2019)
From the beginning, the 2020 Democratic race has been a different kind of contest. Candidates aren't competing to see who can run America the most efficiently. That's the old politics. Instead, they're pledging to remake this country entirely.

Is It Climate Socialism – or Eco-Fascism? - Paul Driessen (10/27/2019)
Green New Dealers have convinced themselves that our planet faces an imminent, existential, manmade climate cataclysm – that can be prevented solely and simply by replacing fossil fuels with biofuel, wind, solar and battery energy.

No More Billionaires? - Cal Thomas (10/26/2019)
The reason envy, greed and entitlement continue to surface in most election cycles is that it appeals to human emotions. It's also a distraction from the real issues, which politicians prefer to avoid.

U.S. in Moral Decline - Walter Williams (10/25/2019)
Do you believe that it is moral and just for one person to be forcibly used to serve the purposes of another? It's not a difficult question, and needs a clear "yes" or "no."

Trump Immigration Policy: Fair to Americans - Betsy McCaughey (10/24/2019)
Trump's proposed rule would make it harder for immigrants who use welfare to qualify for green cards and give preference to those who fend for themselves.

Is the Interventionists' Era Over for Good? - Pat Buchanan (10/23/2019)
Finally, at least some American troops may actually be coming home. Every nation that today believes it has an implied or a treaty guarantee that the U.S. will fight on its behalf should probably recheck its hole card.

A Moral Tale of Two Cities - William Murchison (10/22/2019)
The "progressive," so to speak, vision of politics and public life envisions tighter and tighter government control over economic life, along with looser and looser controls over human behavior. Including the worst of it.

American Education and Intellectually Bankrupt Schools - Everett Piper (10/21/2019)
Millions of millennials claim that socialism is good, in spite of more than 100 million people being murdered at the hands of socialists. Precocious adolescent girls claim to be frozen in fear because the globe is "warming." Because they taught that.

Please, Please More Democratic Debates! - Ann Coulter (10/20/2019)
With all the rancor in politics these days, the CNN/New York Times Democratic debate on Tuesday night delivered a rare moment of comity: Twelve Democrats agreed, apparently without compensation, to appear in a Donald Trump ad.

Bill Barr's Brilliant Touchdown Run at Notre Dame - Terence Jeffrey (10/19/2019)
Barr argued that "secularists" are now attacking the moral order that is the foundation our liberty and threatening religious freedom in pursuit of their cause.

Kent State, and Why We Have a Second Amendment - The Patriot Post (10/18/2019)
There are some venues you simply ought to avoid when talking about certain subjects. Beto O'Rourke found one such venue when reiterating his call for gun confiscation: Kent State University.

Beto's New Mission: To Church and Destroy - Tony Perkins (10/17/2019)
If Beto O'Rourke is guilty of anything, it's giving voice to a deeply-held view in the Democratic Party — which is that tolerance is a one-way street. And the only way to maintain it is put one's beliefs in park.

A New Insight Into Media Bias - Cal Thomas (10/16/2019)
Anyone who goes against the faith of the secular-progressive culture is simply ignored, or ridiculed. In totalitarian societies it's called propaganda.

Democratizing China or 'Communizing' America? - Arnold Ahlert (10/15/2019)
Ever since Richard Nixon's historic visit to Communist China in 1972, Americans have been repeatedly told by members of both parties and several administrations that contact with the West would "democratize" them. Not so quick.

Idiotic Environmental Predictions - Walter Williams (10/14/2019)
Today's wild predictions about climate doom are likely to be just as true as yesteryear's. The major difference is today's Americans are far more gullible.

'Compassion' and Its Unintended Consequences - Laura Hollis (10/13/2019)
What goes awry in the private sector often goes awry in public sector as well. The critical difference is that public sector failures are almost inevitably attributed to a lack of money. "We just need to raise taxes!" the response goes.

This Impeachment Won't Work - Diane Dimond (10/12/2019)
This is not a column about impeaching our current president. This is a column about the impeachment process and the history of the legal route our nation is obliged to follow to oust a federal official.

Moderate Republican Has Measured Response - Dennis G. Ridenour (10/11/2019)
Is Trump a brash New Yorker who can be abrasive at times? Yes. However, in three short years the positive changes across all strata of our citizens is dramatically positive.

Will Congress Have to Learn to Write Laws Again? - Michael Barone (10/10/2019)
The era of passing laws vaguely promising all good things and punting the details to administrators may be ending. Congress might have to learn to write laws again.

How the Hobbs Act Could Sink Joe Biden - Frank Friday (10/9/2019)
Just by the public record we already have, Joe Biden, his son, their bag-man Devon Archer, and possibly John Kerry likely violated 18 USC 1951, the dreaded Hobbs Act, the federal anti-extortion law.

"Red Flag" Laws Leave Gun Owners Defenseless. - Jacob Sullum (10/8/2019)
One thing is certain: Taking away people's guns based on predictions of what they might do with them raises thorny due process concerns.

We Must Ban Human Nature for the Sake of Humanity - Ned Ryun (10/7/2019)
So to those proposing and pushing bans and red flag laws, tread carefully: to destroy natural rights in pursuit of short term political gain is how great republics end.

Liberals See Oppression in the Food Aisles - Robert Knight (10/6/2019)
Maybe placing cans of refried beans next to taco shells really is racist, regardless of how handy it is for shoppers who like Mexican food. Maybe the nativist supermarket clerks smirk with delight as they malevolently place chop suey next to soy sauce.

'Stop Scaring the Children' - Stephen Moore (10/5/2019)
Gloomy stories of the coming apocalypse have become commonplace in schools, textbooks, churches, movies and even children's bedtime stories. Fear of imminent death is a heavy burden landing on the shoulders of a kid.

Dems Will Bring Homelessness To Your Town - Betsy McCaughey (10/4/2019)
If Democrats capture the White House in 2020, the policies that created the disease-ridden tent slums taking over Los Angeles and San Francisco will start heading your way.

How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps - Austin Bragg (10/3/2019)
Want to create a gun-free America in 5 easy steps? Elect enough progressives to Congress and the state legislatures to repeal the 2nd Amendment; write the federal laws needed to ban guns. Then, good luck.

Secretary Ben Carson's Innovation in Homeless Policy: Thinking - Star Parker (10/2/2019)
Regardless of one's convictions about gender identity, it is reasonable to accept a rule against discrimination in federal housing. But discrimination is different from forcing women in homeless shelters to share all facilities with transgender women.

Beto's Impossible Gun Ban Dreams - J.D. Tuccille (10/1/2019)
A growing number of prominent Democrats want owners of "assault weapons" to surrender them to the government. History says most people will ignore any such law.

The Tragedy of Greta Thunberg - David Harsanyi (9/30/2019)
Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg lives in the healthiest, wealthiest, safest and most peaceful era humans have ever known. She is one of the luckiest people ever to have lived.

The Death of American Citizenship - Victor Davis Hanson (9/29/2019)
The American founders institutionalized the best of a long Western tradition of representative government with the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. These contracts outlined the rare privileges and responsibilities of new American citizens.

Lies, Damned Lies, and (Gun Control) Statistics - Louis DeBroux (9/28/2019)
At first glance, there is one statistic that is particularly damning for opponents of gun control; namely, that most of the Top 10 states for highest rates of gun deaths are conservative, pro-Second Amendment "red" states. At first glance.

Is the Problem Guns ... or a Godless Culture? - Rebecca Hagelin (9/27/2019)
It's quite curious that leftists beat their drum only when the violence erupts in an unexpected place like a school, church, or concert. Violence in the usual places -- e.g. inner cities -- meets with silence.

The Approved Form of Child Abuse - Roger Helle (9/26/2019)
These child pawns of the Left are fed a steady diet of false ideas or misinformation, then put on a national platform. What you get is the newest child activist.

If You Can't Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids - Dennis Prager (9/25/2019)
It's depressing, and it's frightening. The scariest movies are those featuring brainwashed children. This horror show is happening in real life.

No, Don't Listen to Greta Thunberg - Rich Lowry (9/24/2019)
Much of the climate advocacy of young people boils down to the plaint that all parents know well: "I want it, and I want it now." Kids make powerful pawns.

The Ridiculous Anti-Vaping Crusade - Rich Lowry (9/24/2019)
Never before has a boon to public health been met with such hysteria and ingratitude. Vaping is almost all upside in comparison with traditional smoking, a wanton destroyer of health and lives, and yet the nation is in the grips of a panic about it.

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