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A Historic Presidency - Pat Buchanan (11/28/2020)
Former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis may call for the ash-canning of the phrase "America First." He will fail. For, as both national motto and national policy, the slogan has put down roots in American soil.

An Inconvenient Truth -- America's Presidential Process Matters - Diane Dimond (11/20/2020)
The 2020 presidential election is not over yet. There are multiple legal challenges and recounts pending in key states, and, under a long-standing legal process, those events must play out before a winner is officially declared.

When 'Unity' Means 'Shut the Hell Up' - Ben Shapiro (11/12/2020)
Who wouldn't like a country in which we could enjoy cultural events together without being lectured about the alleged evils of the country, in which we could attend family events without being castigated as bigots?

Bipolar America - Cal Thomas (11/11/2020)
Biden reportedly plans to issue a slew of executive orders, reversing those by President Trump. How does that promote healing and unity? For Democrats, healing and unity often means bowing to their policy wishes. It never seems to work in reverse.

What to Know About Litigation Being Waged Across U.S. - Hans von Spakovsky (11/10/2020)
Thanks in part to the loopy idea of mail-in ballots, the 2020 election is still somewhat fluid. Here's what's clear at this point: Every legally cast ballot should count and be counted. Those that were not legally cast should not.

The Message Versus the Messenger - Erick Erickson (11/9/2020)
Though the American political press has long cheered the end of a viable Republican Party because of demographic shifts, the GOP is more viable now than the Democratic Party.

The 2020 Election Results Look Like a Massive Rebuke of Socialism - Robby Soave (11/7/2020)
Right now, it appears that some of the worst impulses of both parties have been checked, and the next administration will take office with neither a mandate nor an ability to enact transformational economic policy changes.

Donald Trump Can Still Win This Election ... Here's How - Charles Hurt (11/6/2020)
Mr. Trump should contest every aspect of this election that he can. And if that takes six months, then that will still be three years and six months LESS than Democrats and their media goons spent contesting the 2016 election.

Biden's War Against the South - Stephen Moore (11/6/2020)
Joe Biden has said he wants to be president of ALL the states and that he doesn't see red states and blue states. But his economic policies are a de facto war against the high-growth red states of the South and the Sunbelt.

Biden Will Lead the Democratic Party's War on Our Institutions - Zachary Faria (11/5/2020)
For all the talk that President Trump's reelection would destroy the country's institutions, Joe Biden and Sen. Chuck Schumer are promising to do exactly that as Democrats cheer them on.

Joe Biden is all things to all liberals - Jeremy Beaman (11/3/2020)
Biden is not a moderate. He is far from being like Dem Sen. Joe Manchin or Rep. Dan Lipinski, often thorns in the party's side. Biden is perhaps moderately less radical than his leftmost coalition — but that does not make him a moderate.

Brave American Trump Voters - Melissa MacKenzie (11/2/2020)
Philadelphia burns. Stores recently restocked from previous looting are being looted again and will have nothing to sell for Christmas. The cops stand by, overwhelmed. The national media ignores the chaos their careless reporting causes.

Election a Choice Between Rule-Changing and Respect for Constitutional Norms - Victor Davis Hanson (11/1/2020)
An inert Biden is playing the role of good ol' Joe from Scranton, while his supporters hope not to just to change presidency, but to alter the very rules of how America has been governed for decades and even centuries.

U.S. Election Fraud Is Real — And It Is Being Ignored - Hans von Spakovsky (10/31/2020)
Americans deserve to have an electoral process that they can trust and that protects their most sacred right, and they have the right to know when the integrity of that process is imperiled.

The Most Important Election in History? - Lewis Morris (10/30/2020)
Some are calling 2020 the most consequential presidential election of our lives. Then again, we're told the same thing every four years. It's a well-worn political cliché designed to motivate citizens to exercise their civic duty.

Biden's 7 Economic Deadly Sins - Stephen Moore (10/26/2020)
Polls show that, while most realize that President Donald Trump would be better for our economy than Biden, many think that old Uncle Joe's economic plan is relatively harmless and won't endanger jobs, paychecks or retirement savings. Think again.

Questions Joe Biden Should Answer About Hunter's Emails - David Harsanyi (10/25/2020)
If all of this is really so wild and crazy conspiracy theory — "spaghetti being thrown at the wall," as one CNN host claimed — then Biden would be champing at the bit to dispel it.

This Progressive Trick Is No Treat - Cal Thomas (10/16/2020)
Some conservatives believe Biden is a tool of the left. He has no fixed positions, having flipped on numerous issues he once claimed were his principles, such as federal funding of abortions, which he opposed for decades, but now favors.

The Task Ahead - National Review (10/15/2020)
To defend constitutional government, core American rights, and the free market. But conservatism also needs a practical, solution-oriented program. We must devise an agenda that meets the country's needs, with the political support to be implemented.

Parallels Between the Election of 1876 and 2020? - Lewis Morris (10/4/2020)
Even in good times, it's hard for some people to gain a sense of historical perspective. But in an age when leftist dogma has seized control of the news media, social media, and the cultural zeitgeist, it's pretty much impossible.

The Death of the Republican Party - Buck Sexton (9/22/2020)
What would happen if Joe Biden and the Democrats win full control of the government? That is, a Democrat in the White House with a consolidated Democrat majority in both houses of Congress. Herewith is a not-so-hypotheical.

Coming Next: Dictatorship of the Senate Majority - Tony Perkins (9/21/2020)
Imagine legal abortions through all nine months of pregnancy paid for by the federal government, nationwide gender-neutral bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, and a "progressive" climate policy that could cripple our economy.

Banana Republic Territory - Trish Regan (9/17/2020)
Right now, our historic American values – including a peaceful transition of power – are being thrown out the window in a rabid attempt to win at all cost.

Voting and Murphy's Law - Rick Fuentes (9/16/2020)
It's a lot more difficult to uncover election fraud when you refuse to acknowledge that it even exists. At best, NJ Gov. Murphy is being willfully obtuse. At worst, he's fomenting corruption.

Expect Chaos for the November Election - Hans von Spakovsky (9/13/2020)
It's becoming increasingly clear that we should conduct the November election in as normal a manner as possible. We should have as many of our regular polling places open as we can — and we should resist the ongoing push for mail-in voting.

Journalism Is Dead - R. Emmett Tyrrell (9/13/2020)
According to The Atlantic's anonymous sources, the president referred to the vets whose bodies lie in a French cemetery as "losers" and "suckers." Ah. Anonymous sources.

Save Election Night! - Betsy McCaughey (9/11/2020)
Don't swallow this propaganda that election night victories are a thing of the past because of mail-in voting. Election night is a hallmark of American democracy. The public should be demanding the easy reforms that would protect it.

Two Visions of America - Laura Hollis (8/29/2020)
We're told that Republicans and conservatives are racists, but it's progressive whites who are screaming racial epithets at minority police and other first responders. We're told that it's Democrats who can best lead our cities. What a jok

Fight for America - Kay C. James (8/27/2020)
Rioting. Vandalism. Bullying opponents into silence. Calls to defund the police, abolish the Electoral College and remake America as a socialist country. It's hard to believe what we're now seeing.

The Truth About the Post Office Controversy - Neil Patel (8/24/2020)
Do we really have to worry about the Postal Service? That's the latest faux controversy to dominate our political debate. It's a sign of our times that even the mail system isn't without controversy. As usual, there's plenty of blame to go

The Democratic Convention Was a Massive Evasion - Rich Lowry (8/22/2020)
The Democratic Convention was, for the most part, bereft of policy, focusing instead on President Donald Trump's character failings — rehearsed at length — and Joe Biden's personal decency.

The Source of Republican Problems - Cal Thomas (8/20/2020)
The purpose of politics is to win and to demonstrate one party's ideas and policies are superior to those of the other party. If politics is only about being liked and praised, the party that adopts such a philosophy is doomed to perpetual defeat.

Kamala Harris Cannot Be Trusted With Power - Adriana Cohen (8/16/2020)
Buyer beware. That's the message that needs to be sent to voters now that Joe Biden has tapped Kamala Harris, an ultra-far-left progressive, to be his running mate. Harris' record and actions illustrate she cannot be trusted with power.

Joe Biden's Awful Vice Presidential Pick - Ben Shapiro (8/14/2020)
For well over a year, former Joe Biden has carried forth a simple strategy: Be nonthreatening. Facing a volatile, mistake-prone incumbent, Biden merely had to mimic vital signs, stay out of the spotlight and avoid looking radical. That just ended.

The Latest, Fast-Moving Developments in the 2020 Election Season - Hans von Spakovsky (7/29/2020)
Overall, this is turning out to be a very eventful election year. Between the fights in the media and in the social platform world and between all of the candidates, along with the litigation and regulatory battles going on in almost every state.

Stolen Elections Show the Vulnerabilities of Absentee Ballots - Hans von Spakovsky (7/29/2020)
In-person voting occurs under the supervision of election officials, with election observers there to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. This transparency is a vital hallmark of the democratic process.

Is America Heading for a Civil War? - Brandon Smith (7/13/2020)
If the elites and the social justice mob take control, there can be no future for our species. They desire what they cannot and should not have. They value only what they can take from others. They have a hunger that can never be satiated.

Democrats Fear Prosperity - Scott McKay (6/6/2020)
Democrats are trying to keep the economy closed because it's more important to beat Trump in November than for the country to succeed. You can call that bad faith, or you can call it economic treason — call it what you want.

Joe Biden: A 'Cenrist' Moves Further Left - Byron York (3/31/2020)
It's an indisputable fact that the Democratic Party has moved left in recent years. Now, the party is about to choose a standard bearer in the person of former Vice President Joe Biden, supposed "moderate."

Coronavirus: Biden's Scary Advisers - David Catron (3/23/2020)
Joe Biden insists that President Trump has mismanaged the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak. Yet the former VP's hastily assembled "Public Health Advisory Committee" is made up of scary ideologues.

Joe Biden's Anti-Gun Radicalism - The Washington Examiner (3/21/2020)
It's worth pointing out that Biden's official campaign platform endorses a ban on so-called assault weapons, backs red flag laws, bans online gun sales, limits gun purchases to one per month, and includes a gun buyback.

Bernie Sanders Promises to Blow Up America - Charles Hurt (3/7/2020)
Mr. Trump got elected promising to blow up Washington. He has kept those promises more than any politician in a generation, even as there is much more work left for him to do. Mr. Sanders, on the other hand, is promising to blow up America.

Is America Ready for President Noam Chomsky? - Rich Lowry (3/1/2020)
Bernie Sanders may be on the verge of gaining an insurmountable lead in the Democratic nomination fight, but he's not letting that get in the way of his socialist principles.

Michael Bloomberg and the Politics of Money - Ben Shapiro (2/23/2020)
The perspective of the Sanders/Warren/AOC wing represents the reversal of the American dream: We should all aspire to government dependency, patting our own backs for our altruism while drawing on the public dime.

It Doesn't Matter Which Democrat Wins - Star Parker (2/9/2020)
The secret of American success, of all human success, is people free in body and spirit, taking responsibility for their lives. All of American history is about fighting for freedom. This is what the 2020 election is about.

Why Is Democratic Political Leadership So Poor? - Laura Hollis (1/29/2020)
Politicians of all political parties can be stupid, venal and crooked. But as long as the government remains limited and most Americans are free to run their own lives, the impact of political stupidity and corruption can be marginalized.

Bernie Is Not Normal - Rich Lowry (1/23/2020)
Sanders is a socialist continuing his takeover attempt of the Democratic party to forge what he aptly calls a political revolution. He may be more polite than Trump, but he's wildly outside the mainstream and a clear and present danger to the public.

The Democrats' Economic Message Is Preposterous - David Harsanyi (1/20/2020)
Democrats today argue that we should institute wide-ranging regulatory regimes such as the Green New Deal, which, whatever form it ends up taking, would necessitate the biggest tax increase in American history.

Will War Derail Trump's Reelection? - Pat Buchanan (1/4/2020)
If there are IEDs on Trump's road to reelection, they may be found in the Middle and Near East, land of the forever wars, and North Korea. Not infrequently, foreign policy has proven decisive in presidential years.

Team Warren Plays the "Sexism" Card - Jeff Jacoby (12/1/2019)
These are ridiculous charges. Worse, they're demeaning. Warren isn't a victim. Her sex isn't a handicap. Voters have been electing women to powerful positions for years, and Warren is competing at the highest levels of American politics.

Shaking Down the Rich Is Bad for Democracy - Jonah Goldberg (11/17/2019)
The math doesn't work -- the "rich" cannot pay for everything. But the more citizens believe that a small group of undeserving wealthy people are denying them nice things, the uglier our politics will become.

Will 'Sexist' White Males Derail Warren? - Pat Buchanan (11/16/2019)
After celebrating Tuesday's takeover of Virginia's legislature and the Kentucky governorship, the liberal establishment appears poised to crush its biggest threat: the surging candidacy of Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren's Cruelty - The Washington Examiner (11/14/2019)
Somehow, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has managed to pass herself off as a serious policy wonk. We could examine media failures that allowed this farce to carry on for so long, but more important than the bias that tolerates her grift is the cruelty behind it.

Plans by Warren and Sanders Neglect Logic, Math and Honesty - Veronique de Rugy (11/13/2019)
What is unique about Warren and Sanders is the scale of their schemes to grow the size of government in America without any consideration for fiscal sanity.

Sanders and Warren Punish the Rich for Being Rich - Daniel Di Martino (11/12/2019)
Even worse? The malevolence behind it all. The truth is that the wealth tax wouldn't just be a tool to fund the government. It'd also be a blatant attempt from the radical left to punish the rich for being rich.

Cancel the Primaries - Jonah Goldberg (11/5/2019)
The Democratic primary campaign started in January, but it already feels as if it began in the late Jurassic period, and the first votes are still three months away.

Democratic Candidates' Proposals Destroy American Liberties - Richard W. Rahn (10/29/2019)
The American republic was founded to protect persons and property and ensure liberty. Yet, many of those running for president are producing a never-ending stream of proposals to diminish protections for person and property and destroy liberty.

Elizabeth Warren's Health Care Pickle - Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel (10/28/2019)
From the beginning, the 2020 Democratic race has been a different kind of contest. Candidates aren't competing to see who can run America the most efficiently. That's the old politics. Instead, they're pledging to remake this country entirely.

Beto's New Mission: To Church and Destroy - Tony Perkins (10/17/2019)
If Beto O'Rourke is guilty of anything, it's giving voice to a deeply-held view in the Democratic Party — which is that tolerance is a one-way street. And the only way to maintain it is put one's beliefs in park.

Moderate Republican Has Measured Response - Dennis G. Ridenour (10/11/2019)
Is Trump a brash New Yorker who can be abrasive at times? Yes. However, in three short years the positive changes across all strata of our citizens is dramatically positive.

The Alternative History of the United States - Ben Shapiro (9/18/2019)
American history is our common history. Beto O'Rourke's pathetic rewriting of American history is designed not to unify us as a nation but to divide us — to call us away from the unifying principles that lie at the foundation of America.

Democrats — Innumerate or Dishonest - The Washington Examiner (9/14/2019)
Democratic presidential candidates want you to be very afraid. They specifically want you to be afraid of mass shooters and medical bankruptcy. But on both, their scare tactics rely on very bad math.

Making Debates Really Matter - Mark Shields (9/2/2019)
Presidential debates — even those featuring 10 or more candidates well over a year before Election Day — can tell us much about those self-confident enough to offer themselves as the nation's next commander in chief.

Crackup in the Democratic Party - Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel (9/1/2019)
Democratic primary voters believe the talking points. And very soon, they will be powerful enough to nominate their own presidential candidate. And when that happens, it's going to be a very different party.

Throwing America Under the Bus - Rich Lowry (8/21/2019)
In the broadest gauge, it's a mistake to treat the United States as an outlier in terms of its racial attitudes, when it was really an outlier in its (imperfect) embrace of liberty.

Extravagant Candidate Promises - Scott Rasmussen (8/8/2019)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has lots of big ideas to redesign the United States. She dreams of Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, forgiving student loans, waging war on corporate America and more.

Elizabeth Warren Is Policy Fraud - Phillip Kleoin (8/7/2019)
Whatever reputation Warren may have had as an academic, as a presidential candidate, she has churned out or endorsed one half-baked policy after another.

Would-Be Presidents Can't Wait to Rule by Fiat - Jeff Jacoby (6/27/2019)
Today's presidents and would-be presidents make no secret of their intention to sidestep Congress. We can keep letting them get away with it. But an ever-more-overbearing presidency is not a recipe for American happiness.

Elizabeth Warren's Terrible Plans - Mona Charen (6/24/2019)
Senator Elizabeth Warren is being lauded as the serious candidate in the race. Her motto, "I have a plan for that," is accepted as proof that she is thoughtful and conscientious. That's too generous.

Waive Goodbye to Ethanol - The Washington Examiner (6/5/2019)
Markets thrive on competition. Unfortunately, this doesn't just apply to real economic markets. It also applies to markets for bad ideas and political pandering.

Democrats 2020: The Grievance Party - Larry Elder (6/4/2019)
By "identity" politics, Democrats really mean grievances. The party leaders push the narrative that blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc. are victims, whether due "inequality" or "sexism" or "racism" or "otherism."

No Credit Where Credit Is Due - Cal Thomas (6/3/2019)
This is the argument that conservatives, many Republicans and the Trump administration have been making for some time. Economic growth, not government, raises most boats.

GOP Needs to Be More Than 'Not Democrats' - Robin Smith (5/10/2019)
Establishing the very real and monstrous difference between the two political parties is necessary in the coming months. Republicans must contrast the very perpendicular position of Democrats who are proudly embracing socialism.

Dems The "Free Stuff" Party - Betsy McCaughey (5/8/2019)
Presidential contender Liz Warren's strategy is to win the Democratic nomination by promising the most free stuff. On Monday, she upped the ante: She is offering a whopping $50,000 in student loan forgiveness.

The Democrats' Platform as of Today - Bruce Bialosky (4/22/2019)
f you think like we do that theirs could be the worst set of public policies in American history, then you should make sure these people are removed from public office next November and never have any power again.

Bernie and the Tax Man - Geoffrey Norman (4/14/2019)
The battles of the tax returns make good material for the media but when one thinks about the thing, it begins to occur that the focus is all wrong. It isn't the releasing of the returns that should be controversial or even scandalous.

Identification Over Qualification - Michael Swartz (4/9/2019)
There's a reason that E Pluribus Unum — "out of many, one" — stood as our national motto from 1782 to 1956. Our Founders' willingness to find common ground stands in stark contrast to the toxic and divisive approach of today's Demo

Kamala Harris Sounds a Lot Like an Authoritarian - David Harsanyi (2/8/2019)
It wouldn't be fair to accuse presidential hopeful Kamala Harris of supporting state control over the means of all production. To this point, the senator is focused only on the energy, health care, auto manufacturing and education sectors.

'Hillary Wants Trump To Win Again' Huh? - Camille Paglia (12/10/2018)
The deep state is no myth but a sodden, intertwined mass of bloated, self-replicating bureaucracy that constitutes the real power in Washington and that stubbornly outlasts every administration.

The Electoral College Debate - Walter Williams (10/22/2018)
The Founders saw our nation as being composed of sovereign states that voluntarily sought to join a union under the condition that each state admitted would be coequal with every other state. Strict majority rule does not accomplish that.

Happy Times and Starry Dreams in Tinsel Town - Wesley Pruden (1/11/2018)
We've just completed the first presidential primary of the 2020 election year, and the decision is unanimous. This was the Hollywood primary and, after the votes were counted, there wasn't a dry eye or a deplorable in sight.

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