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Most recent Editorials
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Dems Propose First Gun Grab Since Lexington and Concord - David Harsanyi (9/8/2019)
We're sure you've heard about the popularity of gun-control measures. But like "Medicare for All," and other smarmy sounding policies, once voters learn what specifics entail, those numbers tend to settle along the usual partisan lines.

Ignorance and Power - Laura Hollis (9/7/2019)
What progressive Democrats want is raw political power, unfettered by any semblance of constitutional limitations. Too many Americans shrug their shoulders and think this has nothing to do with them.

Get Off the Sidelines: #StandWithICE - Michelle Malkin (9/6/2019)
Are you sick of your neighborhoods being hijacked by law enforcement-bashing thugs who prioritize every last illegal immigrant over law-abiding families, workers and employers?

Our Changing Values Should Worry Us - Star Parker (9/5/2019)
The founders of the country saw the nation's existence, its faith and its posterity as a package deal. It all went together.

Unequal Justice - Cal Thomas (9/4/2019)
One doesn't have to be a cynic to be cynical about the Justice Department's decision not to hold former FBI Director James Comey accountable for setting a "dangerous example" in order to "achieve a personally desired outcome."

How the Media Politicizes Crime Coverage - Diane Dimond (9/3/2019)
What the media at large lacks these days is fair and equal perspective on issues and events. It seems every news story is now cast in a political light negative toward the party the news organization doesn't align with.

Making Debates Really Matter - Mark Shields (9/2/2019)
Presidential debates — even those featuring 10 or more candidates well over a year before Election Day — can tell us much about those self-confident enough to offer themselves as the nation's next commander in chief.

Crackup in the Democratic Party - Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel (9/1/2019)
Democratic primary voters believe the talking points. And very soon, they will be powerful enough to nominate their own presidential candidate. And when that happens, it's going to be a very different party.

The Left Can't Stop Lying About the Tea Party - David Harsanyi (8/31/2019)
This cheap and destructive rhetoric now dominates virtually every contemporary debate, most of which have absolutely nothing, even tangentially, to do with race.

Why Socialism, and Why Now? - Victor Davis Hanson (8/30/2019)
The handmaiden of failed socialist regimes has always been ignorance of the past and present. And that is never truer than among today's American college-degreed (but otherwise economically and historically illiterate) youth.

Liberals Don't 'Invest'; They Spend Other People's Money - Terence Jeffrey (8/29/2019)
Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self-avowed socialist, sometimes sounds like a multibillionaire entrepreneur when promoting his political agenda. He intends, you see, to "invest" a great deal of money. Your money, of course.

The New York Times Should Stop Whining - Rich Lowry (8/28/2019)
The New York Times, an organization devoted to gathering and publishing information, doesn't want people to gather or publish information inconvenient to it.

Enforcing 'Public Charge' Rule in Immigration Is Common Sense - Hans von Spakovsky (8/27/2019)
The latest claims against the Trump administration over its enforcement of the "public charge" provision in federal immigration law are nonsensical. There is nothing "racist" or "immoral" about this requirement at all.

You Didn't Build That II - Cal Thomas (8/26/2019)
Remember the controversy in 2012 when President Obama said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." Well, the New York Times is doing him one better.

Transgender Fascism - Arnold Ahlert (8/25/2019)
Perhaps nothing reveals the American Left's fascist inclinations better than the ongoing effort to force-feed the transgender agenda to the American public.

When, If Ever, Can We Lay This Burden Down? - Pat Buchanan (8/24/2019)
Around the world, America is involved in quarrels, clashes and confrontations with almost too many nations to count. In how many of these are U.S. vital interests imperiled?

Dems Improperly Play Politics With Supreme Court, Threatening Its Independence - Hans von Spakovsky (8/23/2019)
In an extraordinary and outrageous move endangering the constitutionally mandated independence of the U.S. Supreme Court, five Democratic senators are threatening political retaliation against the court unless it goes along with them.

Politicians Should Be Tested For Mental Fitness - John O'Brien (8/22/2019)
Perhaps we should turn the tables and publicly demand mandatory red-flag laws to test the mental fitness of politicians who make decisions in regards to the safety and security of American citizens.

Throwing America Under the Bus - Rich Lowry (8/21/2019)
In the broadest gauge, it's a mistake to treat the United States as an outlier in terms of its racial attitudes, when it was really an outlier in its (imperfect) embrace of liberty.

Surely Chicago Has Bigger Things to Worry About Than a Cupcake Truck - George Will (8/20/2019)
Rent-seeking is private factions manipulating public power to enhance their profits. This is what Chicago's restaurant industry did, with the help of an alderman who owns several restaurants and is the former head of the state Restaurant Association.

Blame For Violence Is Often Misguided - David Winters (8/19/2019)
There's always the next kid watching what we are doing right now, in this moment. They are seeing the impact this most recent tragedy is making, and they are desperate to claim a part of it. The violent cycle continues.

How Important Is Today's Racial Discrimination? - Walter Williams (8/18/2019)
It's somewhat foolhardy to debate the existence of racial discrimination. From a policy point of view, a far more useful question to ask is: How much of the plight of many blacks can be explained by current racial discrimination?

Abusing the Impeachment Process - Hans von Spakovsky (8/17/2019)
America's founders were clear about the meaning and proper use of impeachment, and American history counsels against abusing this power.

This Is What LGBTQ Organizations Are Doing to Society - Dennis Prager (8/16/2019)
LGBTQ organizations care about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders as much as communists cared about workers. They use them as a cover for their real agenda: dismantling civilization as we know it.

None Dare Call It 'Conspiracy' - Cal Thomas (8/15/2019)
It would be a convenience, to say the least, for Epstein to be out of the way before his trial and it wouldn't be the first time someone got knocked off in prison for revenge or to guarantee their silence.

Dems to Boomers: Drop Dead - Betsy McCaughey (8/14/2019)
The Democrats running for president are in fiscal fantasy land, proposing to expand Medicare to millions of younger people or even to the entire population through Medicare for All. This despite Medicare being practically insolvent as it stands.

A Cosmetic Proposal on Guns - Mona Charen (8/13/2019)
Our culture has a masculinity problem — but not in the sense the feminists mean. We don't suffer from too much masculinity, but too little. Or too little of the wholesome kind. More and more children, notably boys, are growing up without fathers

Scary Lessons From History - Robert Knight (8/12/2019)
Hitler may be overused as shorthand for evil, and name-calling is stupid, but this unbending rule would mean we can never impart lessons learned from the rise of Nazi Germany.

We Need to Let Trump Clean Up America's Mess - Mike Sanders (8/11/2019)
It's time all hard-working men and women across this country ask themselves "what's happening to our country?"

Who Needs Sweden Anyway? - Debra J. Saunders (8/10/2019)
It was a Rocky month for justice. There was no justice interest in the president of the United States inserting himself into a criminal trial involving a street brawl in Stockholm before the proceedings even began.

Bring Back the War Declaration - Jeff Phillips (8/9/2019)
A declaration of war is the most consequential decision a member of Congress can make. It is baked into the U.S. Constitution as one of the enumerated powers bestowed upon the legislative branch. And for good reason.

Extravagant Candidate Promises - Scott Rasmussen (8/8/2019)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has lots of big ideas to redesign the United States. She dreams of Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, forgiving student loans, waging war on corporate America and more.

Elizabeth Warren Is Policy Fraud - Phillip Kleoin (8/7/2019)
Whatever reputation Warren may have had as an academic, as a presidential candidate, she has churned out or endorsed one half-baked policy after another.

Democrats Don't Care About Baltimore - Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel (8/6/2019)
Last weekend, the president got bored and decided to see if he could make Democrats defend one of the most dangerous, mismanaged places in the country. And of course, he could. It wasn't hard.

Nationalism, Rightly Understood, Is a Necessary Ingredient of Political Success - Michael Barone (8/5/2019)
Only parties with a strong nationalist strain have proved to be lasting — including, over most of their histories, America's Democratic and Republican parties.

Being a Racist Is Easy Today - Walter Williams (8/4/2019)
Years ago, it was hard to be a racist. You had to be fitted for and spend money on a white gown and don a pointy hat. You celebrated racism by getting some burlap, wrapping it around a cross, setting it ablaze and dancing around it carrying torches.

President Trump: Kill the Budget Bill Deal - Donald Lambro (8/3/2019)
The debt-ridden budget deal reached by President Trump and big spending House Democratic leaders has red ink stamped all over it. It will blow a hole in the debt ceiling and destroy what little remains of the budget's discretionary spending caps.

Unity Can Be Worse Than Partisanship - Jonah Goldberg (8/2/2019)
Too much partisanship -- or partisanship of the wrong kind -- can be very bad. But unity can be bad too. Excessive unity cultivates groupthink and breeds contempt for dissent

Mueller's 2-Year Political Hit Job - Adriana Cohen (8/1/2019)
t's time to investigate the investigators — including liberal lawmakers — who were complicit in a conspiracy to frame President Trump and remove him from office using the almighty power of the U.S. Justice Department.

Killing Newborns Is Wrong, No Matter Who Does It - Betsy McCaughey (7/31/2019)
Abortion extremism is the new normal for Democratic politicians. Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren was asked if she could think of any way abortion should be limited, and she said no.

What's Most Important? - Walter Williams (7/30/2019)
Politicians who call for law and order are often viewed negatively, but poor people are more dependent on law and order than anyone else.

End Immigration to Mend It - Cal Thomas (7/29/2019)
The U.S. immigration system is worse than broken. It can be fixed, but politicians from both parties refuse to do it. The immediate and long-term damage inflicted on our country as a result of this neglect will be severe.

Census Citizenship Question Is Lose-Lose Issue for Democrats - Scott Rasmussen (7/28/2019)
It's not clear if President Donald Trump can win the legal battle to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, but he's already won in the court of public opinion.

Has Socialism Already Failed in the United States? - John M. DeMaggio (7/27/2019)
How many nations have already embraced socialism's promise of paradise but instead experienced the effects of socialism's disastrous reality? Yet our Democratic presidential candidates continue to promise more "free stuff."

The War Over America's Past Is Really About Its Future - Victor Davis Hanson (7/26/2019)
The summer season has ripped off the thin scab that covered an American wound, revealing a festering disagreement about the nature and origins of the United States.

Dems Discover Love for Federalism in Trump Era - Louis DeBroux (7/25/2019)
For more than a century the Left relentlessly consolidated power in the federal government, forcing the people of every state to conform more and more to a single vision of government. In the Trump era, of course, that's now inconvenient.

Ilhan Omar Is Completely Assimilated - Rich Lowry (7/24/2019)
American has two assimilation problems. One is immigrants feeling only a tenuous connection to America, and getting isolated in ethnic enclaves. The other is immigrants like Omar assimilating into the America of identity politics and grievance.

Anger for Anger's Sake - Ben Shapiro (7/23/2019)
In the last two weeks, America has learned that a bevy of heretofore relatively uncontroversial objects and ideas are, in fact, extraordinarily controversial.

Our Free Speech Crisis - Walter Williams (7/22/2019)
The true test of a person's commitment to freedom of association does not come when he permits people to associate in ways he finds acceptable. It comes when he permits people to voluntarily associate in ways he deems offensive.

Dems' Crazy Border Ideas - Betsy McCaughey (7/21/2019)
Nearly all the Democratic candidates espouse open borders. They say entering America illegally shouldn't be a crime. In fact, they want taxpayers to provide illegal newcomers with free health care.

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