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Most recent Editorials
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Texas, Abortion, and the Constitution - Andrew P. Napolitano (9/11/2021)
Nullification posits that any state individually — through its legislature or highest court — can determine that an action of the federal government is unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution, is nullified and may legally be ignored in th

There's a Problem in the Upper Reaches of Our Military - Victor Davis Hanson (9/10/2021)
Our new woke Pentagon is hell-bent on losing America's trust – and wars. Something is terribly wrong in the ranks of America's top commanders that reflects something wrong with the country.

Mr. Biden's Unholy Crusade for Abortion - George Neumayr (9/9/2021)
Biden's frenzied response to the recent Texas law prohibiting abortion after six weeks shows the extent to which he has sold his soul to Planned Parenthood. He is acting as if the Texas law represents a national crisis.

CDC Pushes Lunatic PC Language Games Instead of Fighting COVID - Betsy McCaughey (9/8/2021)
The CDC is suffering from mission confusion. With parts of the U.S. considering more COVID lockdowns, Americans don't need PC lessons. They need scientific information on how to reduce the risk of being infected by this virus indoors.

Cacophony and Confusion in Foreign Policy - Pat Buchanan (9/7/2021)
August in Afghanistan may have shattered irredeemably the foreign policy consensus and coalition Biden could rely upon. There is now no guarantee that the country will back up its commander in chief in doing what he deems necessary for national security.

Biden Deliberately Sabotaged Afghanistan Withdrawal. Here's Why. - Luis Miguel (9/6/2021)
Treason is the intentional, willful betrayal of one's own country by either waging war against it or materially aiding its enemies. And materially aiding America's enemies is precisely what the government is guilty of.

America's Slow Suicide - Ben Shapiro (9/5/2021)
A nation that understands itself — that understands its purpose in the world — flourishes. Such nations, historically, have not shied away from their part on the stage of history.

The United Federal Administrative Units of America? - Veronique de Rugy (9/4/2021)
With the federal government accounting for roughly a third of total state spending prior to the pandemic, it's fair to wonder what the future holds for the relationship between the federal government and the states.

Conservative Principles Demand We Restrain Government - Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) (9/3/2021)
COVID has tested how far politicians will go to use heavy-handed tactics to get their way. On everything from mandates to spending, the left wants more government. Conservatives must stand on principle and oppose big government in all its forms.

Endless Wars = Endless Refugees - Michelle Malkin (9/2/2021)
How do we prevent the refugee resettlement racket from pressuring American politicians to keep importing endless numbers of people from countries that hate our guts?

Bad Moon Rising for Biden – and Us - Pat Buchanan (9/1/2021)
Our media are as partisan as they have been in our lifetimes. Our cultural elites endlessly mock the traditional values and beliefs of Middle America. Our national parties appear ever at sword's point. Can we remain as one people, one nation?

Dems Are Remaking the Federal Courts at a Record-Breaking Pace - John R. Lott (8/31/2021)
Biden clearly asked the CDC to extend its moratorium for political reasons. And the Democrats on the Supreme Court also let political concerns guide their decision, reaching a decision that even other Democrats conceded to be unconstitutional.

Biden's Impeachable Offense - The Washington Times (8/31/2021)
Given the catastrophic way the Biden administration has handled our withdrawal from Afghanistan, not to mention the crisis at our Southern border, the American public should have no confidence in their ability to conduct a thorough vetting process.

Welcome to the Forever Pandemic - Ben Shapiro (8/30/2021)
The government has now done all it can to provide protection to those who want it; those who demand government restrictions have provided no metric for success by which proposed restrictions end and we all go back to normal life.

The CDC Should Stay in Its Own Lane - Debra Saunders (8/29/2021)
The federal government outrageously has shifted the burden to landlords without compensating them. While supporters maintain that renters still will be liable for skipped rent, they're not fooling anyone.

Does America Still Work? - Victor Davis Hanson (8/28/2021)
For nearly two years, Americans have engaged in a great woke experiment of cannibalizing themselves. American civilization has invested massive labor, capital and time in an effort to constantly flagellate itself for not being perfect.

Elitist Democrats Want You to Shut Up and Obey - Tucker Carlson (8/27/2021)
Has there ever been a clearer window into the society they're trying to build? Our formerly middle-class nation now has a serf class. They're the ones wearing the masks, being forced to take drugs they don't want.

Keeping Fear Alive - John Tierney (8/26/2021)
Throughout the pandemic, our leaders have been following Rahm Emanuel's classic dictum for power-seeking officials: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." Now they've adopted a corollary: you never want a crisis to end.

15 Million Reasons to Ban Mail-In Voting - Douglas Andrews (8/25/2021)
Last year, we allowed Democrats to make massive changes to the way we decide our elections, and to thereby perpetrate a fraud on the nation. We allowed them to institute a chaotic and largely unregulated bulk-mail balloting scheme across that land.

The Census Is Too Nosy - Jeff Jacoby (8/24/2021)
The Census Bureau will release local demographic data from the 2020 enumeration this week, to be used in redrawing voting districts. But the information comes with a puzzle: Why did so many Americans leave questions unanswered?

COVID Exposes the Ugly Side of 'Single-Payer' Health Care - Laura Hollis (8/23/2021)
The ongoing debate over the medical necessity and constitutionality of mask and vaccine mandates has brought out the authoritarian impulses in no small number of Americans.

The Problem With Building a Nation - Michael Swartz (8/22/2021)
Perhaps the best we can hope for is to simply be the shining city on the hill for the world. Unfortunately, not everyone becomes aware that there is a place where they can be free to live as they choose.

Doubling down on crises - Cal Thomas (8/21/2021)
Selectively imparting information to the public, including misinformation, while ignoring information that contradicts a desired political outcome is the stuff of cults.

The Virtue-Signaling Stock Exchange - Jeff Jacoby (8/20/2021)
The Securities and Exchange Commission this month approved Nasdaq's new rule requiring the more than 3,000 companies listed on its exchange to meet specific "diversity" mandates in the makeup of their boards of directors.

Abandoning Standards for Equity's Sake - Arnold Ahlert (8/19/2021)
There is little doubt that Oregon Governor Kate Brown believes she has done something "noble" for the public school students in her state. In reality, she's behaving like a boilerplate progressive bigot.

Joe Biden's Afghanistan Speech Proves He Will Be President Chaos - James Jay Carafano  (8/18/2021)
Someone should have reminded Mr. Biden of the adage "When you are in a deep hole, stop digging." Because on top of his strategic failures in Afghanistan, he has now made a massive political misjudgment.

Taxpayers Are Getting Ripped Off and Congress Does Nothing - Stephen Moore (8/17/2021)
The people who are the suckers here are the folks who are working 40 hours a week and paying taxes to subsidize criminals -- most of whom will never be caught or prosecuted.

Why Afghanistan Is Falling to the Taliban So Fast - Daniel Davis (8/16/2021)
Behind the scenes America's senior leaders have known, almost from the beginning, that the war was unwinnable, that the Afghan government was fatally corrupt, and that the Afghan security forces would never be up to the task.

When Does the COVID-19 Panic End? - Ben Shapiro (8/15/2021)
When are we done telling children to mask up to protect adults who don't want to vaccinate? When are we done telling businesses to close up or bar customers based on vaccination status?

Voters Really Do Want Order on the Border - Froma Harrop (8/14/2021)
With COVID-19 receding — at least in vaccinated parts of the country — but crime hanging on, law and order looks to be a leading issue in the 2022 midterm elections. And that desire for order extends to the border. Democrats should know this.

Why America Loses Wars - George Friedman (8/13/2021)
Losing wars after years of struggle – or staying in wars you are losing for moral reasons or to hide the reality – makes no sense. The U.S. has to control where and how it goes to war.

The Hypocrisy Variant - David Catron (8/13/2021)
A contagion is ravaging the Democratic Party, destroying the credibility of its leaders and scaring away its supporters. It is the deadly Hypocrisy Variant.

Mileage Tax Hell - Steven Milloy (8/12/2021)
One reason that less than 10 percent of the $1.2 trillion "infrastructure" bill is earmarked for fixing roads and bridges may stem from another insidious provision of the bill intended to make those same roads and bridges unnecessary.

Is America Becoming a Failed State? - Pat Buchanan (8/11/2021)
Not once in this century has the U.S. decisively won one of the wars it launched — in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen or Libya. And the sole superpower status we enjoyed as the 21st century began is gone with the wind. Even our own borders are unsec

Will the Supreme Court Overturn Roe v. Wade? - Sarah Parshall Perry and Melanie Israel (8/10/2021)
Even liberal constitutional scholars that support abortion rights have conceded that Roe has always been on shaky constitutional ground for many reasons. Its defects include choosing viability as the critical line without any analysis or justification.

Democrats Applaud Biden's Unconstitutional Act - Rich Lowry (8/10/2021)
Is a president of the United States flagrantly defying the Constitution an authoritarian act? A threat to democracy? Something that at least should be discouraged or frowned upon? Apparently not according to Democrats.

Invasion By Any Other Name - Cal Thomas (8/9/2021)
Semantics are important for how we communicate and define issues. One who controls words controls the narrative. So, take the words migrant and invader. Is there a difference?

The Left's Fight Against Election Reforms Is a Trojan Horse - Hans von Spakovsky (8/8/2021)
They are using election reform as a Trojan Horse to get something even bigger: The death of the Senate filibuster. Once the legislative filibuster is gone, the floodgates will open for all their extremist policies.

Mr. Biden's Unprecedented Attack on the Constitution - David Harsanyi (8/7/2021)
Joe Biden certainly isn't the first president to violate his oath of office, but he might be the first in memory to openly brag about doing it. As Biden announced a new "eviction moratorium," he admitted that it was likely unconstitutional.

It Isn't Immigration; It's a Government-Sponsored Invasion - Laura Hollis (8/6/2021)
The number of illegals is already more than twice the total number of those who crossed the border during the entire last year of the Trump administration, and these are just the ones we know of. This is not merely a crisis; it is an existential threat.

Kamala: Joe Biden's Impeachment Insurance - Douglas Andrews (8/5/2021)
How the mighty have fallen. It seems like eons ago when the then-junior senator from California launched her presidential campaign with a bang on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2019; when she drew more than 20,000 to a rally in her hometown of Oakland.

The U.S. Constitution Says Treat All Defendants the Same - Diane Dimond (8/4/2021)
Equal treatment under the law, right? I think every American agrees that when it comes to law enforcement, all citizens should be treated the same way.

The Very Racist History of Gun Control - Jeff Jacoby (8/3/2021)
The American Civil Liberties Union caused some double takes last Sunday with a tweet blaming racism and "anti-Blackness" for the presence of the Second Amendment in the Constitution.

No, We Don't Need Women to Register for the Draft - Rich Lowry (8/2/2021)
If you wonder what Republicans are accomplishing in Washington, look no further than the Senate Armed Services Committee, where a majority of them voted to create the predicate for drafting women into the military.

The Pelosi Dictatorship and the Destruction of American Freedom - Newt Gingrich (8/1/2021)
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime. Every House Democrat should be put to this test: "Do you really support the ruthless dictatorial behavior of Pelosi?

'Unprecedented, Unreasonable, Unconstitutional, and Wrong' - Julie Kelly (7/31/2021)
"No January Sixer should be made to suffer in a jail cell while the DOJ continues to delay discovery simply because it can," one defense attorney noted. "This is unprecedented, unreasonable, unconstitutional, and wrong."

What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws? - Andrew P. Napolitano (7/31/2021)
Is this the government the framers of the Constitution gave us? Regrettably, this is what the government they gave us has become.

JFK -- Accept Our Diverse World as It Is - Pat Buchanan (7/30/2021)
Maintaining that 230-year tradition should be at the apex of our concerns, not how Vladimir Putin rules what is, after all, his country.

Our Empathetic Authoritarians - Ben Shapiro (7/29/2021)
The American crisis of empathy rests in a simple fact: America is now divided over two mutually exclusive definitions of empathy. That divide is unbridgeable, and it's tearing the country down the middle.

These Aren't the Democrats of Old - Victor Davis Hanson (7/28/2021)
So here we are with a near one-party system of a weaponized fused media, popular culture and the administrative state — confident that all Americans will soon agree to love Big Sibling.

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