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Our Descent Into Collective Madness - Victor Davis Hanson (2/24/2021)
The common denominator with all of our current absurdities? An ungracious and neurotic elite whose judgment is bankrupt and whose privilege is paid for by those who don't have it.

Where's the Beef? - Cal Thomas (2/23/2021)
What is it about people who are successful in one field and believe that gives them credence to serve as an expert in a totally unrelated field?

The 1776 Commission and American Education - Larry Arnn (2/22/2021)
One of the clearest signs that we are in a debate over the central meaning of our country, and therefore of our rights and of us, is the controversy about the status of the American founding. That controversy rages.

The Democratic Party Is Radicalizing Against the Constitution - David Harsanyi (2/21/2021)
There is nothing preventing California from passing whatever laws it wishes at the state level. There are provisions making it hard for California to pass whatever laws it wishes in West Virginia. That's not a bug; it's the point.

The American Animal Farm - Douglas Andrews (2/20/2021)
Eric Blair warned us, but we didn't listen. And today, we're seeing his nightmarish allegory played out before our eyes. Blair -- George Orwell -- and his Animal Farm, which was published in 1945, has never seemed more relevant.

'Are the Classics Racist?' - Rich Lowry (2/19/2021)
It was only a matter of time before Cicero got canceled. Idiots. To look at the marvels of Greece and Rome and see only 'whiteness' speaks to an obsession with race that is destructive and self-defeating.

The World Goes on While America Sleeps - Victor Davis Hanson (2/18/2021)
Something frightening is now occurring in the United States. While we are busy devouring each other, China is smiling because once-feared American capitalists have become laughable Keystone Cops.

The Coming Abortion Wars - Andrew P. Napolitano (2/17/2021)
Coming our way is a massive effort by pro-abortion forces at the state and federal levels to shore up Roe — to insulate it from interference by the Supreme Court — and thereby make abortions more available and, often, performed at taxpayer exp

Socialism Never Works - John Stossel (2/16/2021)
Socialism appeals to people today because it promises "equality and social justice," but look at its track record. In Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Vietnam and China, socialism has meant a loss of freedom.

The Worst Budget in American History - Stephen Moore (2/15/2021)
Is there even one half-sane Democrat that will stand up and denounce the fiscal atrocity of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion spending bill? Is there not one single patriotic Democrat in the entire country who will speak out?

Mr. Biden's Military Gender Denial Agenda - Lee Miller (2/14/2021)
The "gender deniers" are back in power — those who promote the meaningless slogan "Believe the Science" and then deny the chromosomal distinction between male and female.

Mr. Biden's Empty Environmentalism - Nate Hochman (2/13/2021)
President Joe Biden's recent slew of executive orders place him firmly on the activist side. The president's day-one cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline is a textbook example of performative—and counterproductive—climate policy.

The Spending Addiction - Cal Thomas (2/12/2021)
In the case of the $1.9 trillion "relief" bill that has no Republican support, Congress is the drug pusher, while those on the receiving end become increasingly addicted to government and less self-reliant.

The 3 Worst Things About That Terrible Jeep Super Bowl Ad - Mollie Hemingway (2/11/2021)
Jeep sales will not heal the fabric of the country. Jeep ads can't even help toward that goal so long as they are using dishonest and manipulative partisan framing in service of car sales.

Mr. Biden's Alternate 'Reality Czar' - Thomas Gallatin (2/10/2021)
The U.S. is in the midst of one of the most chilling eras for American Liberty in recent memory, if not our nation's entire history. Specifically targeted is America's most foundational right, the right to freedom of speech.

Real Socialism - John Stossel (2/9/2021)
One reason for socialism's continued appeal is linguist Noam Chomsky. For generations, his work has taught students that capitalism is "a grotesque catastrophe." The fall of the Soviet Union should have ended that unreality.

The Inequality of 'Equity' - Ben Shapiro (2/8/2021)
President Joe Biden took office pledging a return to unity and decency. A new era of good feelings is at hand, we were informed by both his administration and its sycophants in the media. A new world — a world of "equity" — is at hand.

Climate Assessment Can't Happen Overnight - Joe Maschue (2/7/2021)
The definition of climate is not a year, or 10 years, or even 100 years. It is an average over hundreds, even thousands of years. Anything else is just weather

Is Mr. Biden Commited to Unity or Unilateral Action? - Kay C. James (2/6/2021)
Even before he delivered his address, Biden had declared his intent to implement a series of highly divisive executive actions on his very first day in the Oval Office. And on that, he delivered and hasn't stopped.

3 Unintended Consequences of Student Loan 'Forgiveness' - Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan (2/5/2021)
The big losers are future students, who will see tuition spike yet again, working-class Americans who suddenly find themselves stuck paying for other people to go to college, and taxpayers in general who will be—as always—left holding the bag.

Why is Biden Shifting Needed Vaccines from America to Other Nations? - Betsy McCaughey (2/4/2021)
Americans scrambling to get vaccinated have a right to know how sharing doses with poor countries will affect their own ability to get vaccinated.

Mr. Biden's Anti-Unity Agenda - Star Parker (2/3/2021)
If Biden's top priority were really unity, would he have immediately signed 30 executive orders in his first three days in the Oval Office, alienating the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump?

Conservative Defense of the Second Amendment Falls Short - Bob Barr (2/2/2021)
The Second Amendment thus stood, and always has, for the proposition that the right to keep and bear arms is the clearest and most practical method of defending one's self and property against those who would take them away.

Rule-Breaking Politicians - John Stossel (2/2/2021)
After Joe Biden's inauguration, he ordered everyone on federal lands to wear a mask. That night, he and his family posed for pictures at the Lincoln Memorial — none of them wearing a mask. And that's the tip of the iceberg.

'Free Speech for Me, but Not for Thee' - Rich Lowry (2/1/2021)
Now journalists have lurched from finding a threat to freedom of the press in every criticism of reporters and news outlets by former President Donald Trump to themselves calling for unwelcome media organizations to be shut down.

The Left's Ranks Are Full of Revolutionaries, Not Hypocrites - Scott Yenor (1/31/2021)
Hypocrisy implies standards -- which the left abandoned long ago. Calling today's Leftists hypocrites requires endless contortions. It is simpler and scarier to see that the Left has rejected the standards of common citizenship.

The New Censors - John Tierney (1/30/2021)
They've cheered the social-media purge of conservatives and urged further censorship of "violent rhetoric" and "disinformation." It's a remarkably self-destructive move for a profession dependent on freedom of speech.

Determined Wreckers - Scott McKay (1/29/2021)
Biden, or more to the point the people who control him, don't understand subtlety. They don't understand blowback — or, if they do, they welcome it because they think it will justify the real war they want.

The Pandemic That Changed Nothing - Leila Mechoui & Alexander Davidson (1/28/2021)
Amidst the frantic calls by government and media for businesses and people to shut down and self-quarantine, few have taken the time to consider whether the lockdowns have helped or hurt the working class.

'Lock Them Up!' - Eddie Scarry (1/28/2021)
For Democrats, the 2020 election gave them control of the White House, the Senate, and House of Representatives, but it settled nothing. Their new power is a chance to address their perpetual grudges and take out as many of their opponents as possible.

Don't Hate the Political Players; Hate the Political Game - Veronique de Rugy (1/27/2021)
The chief driver of government expansion doesn't come from the identities of the officeholders but, rather, the political incentive structures. Personalities and party affiliations matter less than people believe. Winning reelection is everything.

Our Democracy Is Not at Risk, but Our Republic Is - Louis DeBroux (1/26/2021)
One can be forgiven these days for believing America is a democracy. Politicians and media talkingheads endlessly refer to America as a democracy, yet it is not now, nor has it ever been, a democracy. In a democracy, the mob rules.

America's Ever-Tightening Cancel Culture Makes Communists Happy - Robert Knight (1/25/2021)
Is America ever better off when Communists exude sighs of relief? No, you're not wrong to think that Americans somehow were lulled into or defrauded into putting lunatics in charge of the federal government.

Collective Guilt and the New Witch Hunt - James Bovard (1/24/2021)
The term "treason" has been vastly expanded in the past weeks to include members of Congress who filed a lawful challenge against the 2020 electoral tally. Even though Democrats vigorously challenged GOP presidential victories in 2000, 2004, and 2016.

Politics Won't Fix the American Decline - Zachary Yost (1/23/2021)
By now everyone is very familiar with the assaults on liberty stemming from measures ostensibly in the name of stopping the spread of covid and the way in which such measures have threatened the very existence of the social order.

Congress' Commitment to the Constitution Tested Three Times in Seven Days - Kay C. James (1/22/2021)
In the first weeks of 2021, America witnessed Congress face a series of monumental tests of their commitment to the U.S. Constitution, with the outcome of any one of those tests having the potential to dramatically alter the trajectory of our nation.

Assault on the Capitol Has Let Loose the Electronic Octopus - Victor Davis Hanson (1/21/2021)
So the values of the 19th-century rail and oil monopolies are back. But now they are married to the 20th-century leftist totalitarianism of George Orwell's "1984." And they are further powered by the 21st-century instant reach of the internet.

Our Mail-In Elective Dictator - James Bovard (1/20/2021)
Prior to the Trump era, America was already an Attention Deficit Democracy where citizens' ignorance and apathy often entitled politicians to do as they damn well please. But changes in voting procedures last year catapulted our political system downw

Untruth and Consequences - Laura Hollis (1/19/2021)
A free and civilized society cannot survive at all without a firm commitment to the truth, deeply ingrained in and exemplified by its most fundamental institutions, including government, law enforcement, educational institutions and the national media.

America's Dangerous Budget Deficit Dance - Desmond Lachman (1/18/2021)
The success of the Dems has removed political obstacles to yet another round of large-scale budget stimulus. It will not take more than a year or two to find out how dangerous the present loose thinking about budget deficits will have proved to be.

Big Tech Tyranny Can Ruin America - Buck Sexton (1/17/2021)
A handful of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential companies on the planet have shown they can unite to elevate or destroy political candidates, online competitors, or anyone they decide is a threat to their messianic-progressive worldview.

Black Lives Matter Boomerang - Daniel Payne (1/16/2021)
The violent, deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday has prompted numerous media players to apparently flip the script on violent protests, brushing aside standards that they established last summer.

It's Time for the Supreme Court to Curb One of Its Worst Precedents - George Will (1/15/2021)
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has risen to the challenge of making one of the Supreme Court's worst precedents worse. On Friday, however, the Supreme Court will consider whether to hear the case the 9th Circuit botched.

Free Speech Is a Value, Not Just a Right - David Harsanyi (1/15/2021)
In the past few days, some of the nation's most powerful corporations have engaged in a concerted effort, at the behest of a major political party, to limit the speech of millions of Americans who engaged in wrongthink.

Why Socialism Is the Failed Idea That Never Dies - Dr. Ranier Zeitelman (1/14/2021)
Despite the numerous examples of capitalist economic policies leading to greater prosperity—and the failure of every single variant of socialism that has ever been tested—many people still seem incapable of learning the most obvious lessons.

Capitol Chaos Illustrates Stark Hypocrisy - Adriana Cohen (1/14/2021)
If our country is to truly heal and unify, then Democrats should practice what they preach and reacquaint themselves with the Golden Rule.

In 2021, Politics Needs a 'Leave Us Alone' Coalition - Steven Greenhut (1/13/2021)
As America's political and cultural disputes become akin to tribal warfare, it's easy to forget about the solution that was embedded in our Constitution—a document that both sides at least pretend to still care about.

The Presumption of Liberty - Andrew P. Napolitano (1/12/2021)
When government interferes with natural rights outside of due process, it fails its obligation to uphold the Constitution. And when governors and mayors use the power of the state to interfere with those rights, they explicitly violate federal law.

Better Understanding the 'Good German' - Dennis Prager (1/11/2021)
The ease with which tens of millions of Americans have accepted irrational, unconstitutional and unprecedented police state-type restrictions on their freedoms, including even the freedom to make a living, has been, to understate the case, sobering.

'Canceling' Humanity Itself - Arnold Ahlert (1/10/2021)
While Americans remain focused on the 1.8 million worldwide deaths caused by Covid-19 in 2020, they pale in comparison to the leading cause of death last year: A record-setting 42.7 million preborn babies aborted.

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