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Knox v. Lee, Parker v. Davis

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3/4/2004 -  Jack Worthington, Beaverton, OR writes ...
Knox v. Lee, Parker v. Davis
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Errors. Value is subjective, not objective. Bad law makes bad law. Juliard v. Greenman and Perry v. U.S. followed on the heels of Knox and Parker and solidified the errors. Truth stands on its own but deceit requires a prop. Gold requires no force to make people accept it but fiat currency requires the force of "Legal Tender Laws" to force people to accept it. If congress could redefine the word "year" to mean 110,000 days then they could effectively fix their jobs for life and no elections would take place before they died in office. Same goes by the way for the word "marriage." So the word "dollar" cannot be redefined, it is still 371.25 grains 0.999 fine silver. Congress would have to admit it and the President and the Supremes have committed fraud since 1871 and they are not honest enough to do that in the numbers needed. Only madame Defarge and her electronic knitting board and ultimately the tumbrils and the guillotine will be necessary to take care of the criminals in the IRS, the police state enforcers and the politicians. I doubt it will happen in my lifetime but would not lift one finger in defense of the criminals who have done this to Americans.

I feel ashamed I have not done more to correct this horrible crime of monetary enslavement. I pity the poor soldiers who went off to war and sacrificed so much, only to learn that they were fighting the wrong "enemies." The real enemies were right here at home...Wilson, FDR, The FED, Social Security, the Commerce Act, the Gold Confiscation Acts ad infinitum ad nauseum.

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