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Thursday, November 21, 2019
Cosmic Injustice - Victor Davis Hanson
Politicians hector us on abstract sins while ignoring the real ones nearby.

No one is above the law -- unless you're a Democrat - Robert Knight
Democratic lawlessness got a pass in the Obama and Clinton eras.

Today in History:  Mayflower Arrives In America (1620) ... First Flight By Humans (1783) ... North Carolina Admitted to Union (1789) ... Edison Invents Phonograph (1877) ... Gap Discovered in Watergate Tape (1973)

     ... More Headlines

Mandatory Shortages - John Stossel
Governments create problems. Then they complain about them.

A Thankless "Ally" - Mark A. Thiessen
Germany's demonstrable ingratitude to Ronald Reagan is stunning.

Shaking Down the Rich Is Bad for Democracy - Jonah Goldberg
Do you wonder why the wealthy exercise such influence in politics?

Will 'Sexist' White Males Derail Warren? - Pat Buchanan
The economic elite is already sounding the alarm. Choose her and lose.

The Great Missing Topic - Mona Charen
We are running deficits to beat the band -- and no one seems to care.

Elizabeth Warren's Cruelty - The Washington Examiner
How has she managed to pass herself off as a serious policy wonk?

Plans by Warren and Sanders Neglect Logic, Math and Honesty - Veronique de Rugy
Spending schemes lack any semblance of fiscal sanity.

Sanders and Warren Punish the Rich for Being Rich - Daniel Di Martino
Behind the promised wealth tax lies the sheer malevolence of it all.

Impeachment Is Both the Cause and the Effect of a Too-Powerful Presidency - Katherine Mangu-Ward
Impeachment is the hair of the dog after an all-night power bender.

     ... More Op-Ed
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"If men and women of capacity refuse to take part in politics and government, they condemn themselves, as well as the people, to the punishment of living under bad government." - Senator Sam Ervin

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