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Friday, January 28, 2022
Americans Are Scaring Themselves to Death Over COVID - Armstrong Williams
The absence of faith leads to fearing death more than enslavement.

Our Bigfoot-Prints on Social Media - Froma Harrop
This accumulated visual record can later be embarrassing or damaging.

Today in History:  Vietnam War Ends With Cease-Fire (1973) ... First College Newspaper Founded At Yale (1878) ... U.S. Coast Guard Founded (1915) ... Brandeis Appointed to Supreme Court (1916) ... Shuttle Challenger Explodes on Lift-off (1986)

Congressmen Propose Bill to Abolish OSHA - Peter Rykowski
Founded with good intentions it has, predictably, gotten out of control.

Gun Groups Brace for Biden Shift to Bans and Confiscation - Paul Bedard
His domestic agenda stalled, Biden shifts to the so-called "gun problem."

     ... More Headlines

Constitutional Challenges in Court

An Affirmative Action Endgame? - Joel Zinberg
Two cases before the High Court could finally sunset this hypocrisy.

     ... More Constitutional Challenges

Hard Questions About January 6 - Peter van Buren
Hard questions about J6 are conveniently being left unasked.

IRS Keeps Encroaching on Our Privacy - Robin Smith
Yet another government requirement for personal ID -- but not for voting.

It's Not Racist to Reward Good Behavior - May Mailman (Davis)
Hypocritical progressives ignore common sense, push equal outcomes.

Democrats Lose the Plot - Erik Erickson
The priorities of Mr. Biden and his progressives are totally out of whack.

Twenty-One Days to Brainwash Your Child - Conn Carroll
Read it and weep. This is actually being taught in our schools.

The Dangerous Rhetoric of 'Our Democracy' - Anthony Matoria
Progressives have a poorly-defined, self-serving concept of democracy

The K-12 Cartel Is Holding Children Hostage - The Washington Examiner
Teachers, schools have no right to subvert parents' moral authority.

How the Left Uses Fear to Control Your Life - Oliver L. North and David L. Goetsch
Americans today seem more interested in security than essential liberty.

Money for Indoctrination - John Stossel
Let parents take our tax money to a school we choose.

     ... More Op-Ed
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