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Most recent Editorials
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Is Tucker Carlson Right About America's Cities? - Laura Hollis (2/21/2024)
How did it happen? How did the quality of life in American cities become so awful? It is leftism — its philosophy and politics — in action.

The Biden, Schumer, Romney Foreign Aid Budget Buster - Stephen Moore (2/20/2024)
If spending more on Israel and Ukraine is such a vital priority for America, surely we could cut a mere 2 cents out of the dollar from every other program to pay for it.

America Is At War With Itself and Abroad - Andrew P. Napolitano (2/19/2024)
America today epitomizes a culture of death. At home, America is at war with itself. The government permits the slaughter of babies in the womb and teaches children in government schools how to change genders.

The Left and Chaos - Dennis Prager (2/18/2024)
It is impossible to understand what is happening to America — and to the rest of the West — without understanding the most dynamic ideology of the last hundred years: leftism.

The 25th Amendment and a Disabled President - Hans von Spakovsky (2/17/2024)
Many are asking what, if anything, can be done about this "elderly man with a poor memory", who could endanger the safety and well-being of the entire nation?

CFPB Dabbling in Banking Puts Us at Risk - Veronique de Rugy (2/16/2024)
Many who see overdraft protection as preferable to other short-term credit options will have fewer choices as some banks decide the service isn't worth offering anymore.

Biden's Middle East Anti-Strategy - Reid Smith (2/15/2024)
The president and Congress might consider restoring American forces to a position of strength by redeploying those left in harm's way. If they can imagine an alternative to leaving them hostage to adversaries in search of something to shoot at.

America Is in Deep Trouble - Matthew Continetti (2/14/2024)
Here's why America is in trouble. We are headed toward a general-election showdown that the public would prefer to avoid. And the Democratic incumbent's condition is growing worse.

An Open Border Policy Is Not a Biblical Mandate - Joseph Backholm (2/13/2024)
Within Christian circles, the political debate has been happening in tandem with a theological debate where some appear to be arguing that allowing open borders is a matter of Christian love. That misses a key point.

This Gridlock Is a Feature, Not a Bug - Erick Erickson (2/12/2024)
The critics are screaming about dysfunction and disarray. The Founders look and laugh. Their marvelous design has worked yet again to slow, to refine and to define the necessary and proper bounds of the leviathan called American government.

The Fall of Rome, Updated - Ann Coulter (2/11/2024)
Third-worlders killed three Americans in Jordan over the weekend, and our political establishment is ready to start World War III. Which is more of a national security threat: terrorists 6,000 miles away, or our wide-open border?

Limiting Lawbreakers Is Still Lawbreaking - Cal Thomas (2/10/2024)
Solving the border problem is not complicated, though politicians have made it so, as is usually the case when government is involved. Finishing the wall and restoring the Remain in Mexico policy of the Trump administration would have an immediate effect.

All 9 Supreme Court Justices Question Activists' Effort to Kick Trump Off Ballot - Hans von Spakovsky (2/9/2024)
In what may be one of the most consequential election cases ever heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, the nine justices listened Thursday to oral arguments over the attempt by political activists to knock Donald Trump off the primary ballot in Colorado.

Guilt-Tripping Our Way to Self-Destruction - Laura Hollis (2/9/2024)
The country is falling apart. Crime is out of control. Millions of illegal immigrants are pouring across our borders. Our schools are more interested in cultivating gender dysphoria and a proclivity for porn in our children than in educating them.

Biden, the Senate, and the Border Fiasco - Byron York (2/8/2024)
Joe Biden is supposed to know something about legislating. After all, he spent 36 years in the U.S. Senate. He must have learned something in those decades. And yet Biden is the driving force behind one of the biggest Capitol Hill fiascos in years.

Biden's War Against the Internet - Stephen Moore (2/7/2024)
The Biden administration — which never saw an industry it didn't want to regulate and control — has deputized the Federal Communications Commission to police the internet. They are doing so under the guise of "preventing digital discrimina

The Marxism Behind the Open Border - Melissa MacKenzie (2/6/2024)
America's illegal immigration problem created by President Joe Biden's administration embodies an ideology and achieves a very specific purpose — one that receives nearly no mention because to note it would reveal the game.

Are Conservative Christians Too Political? - Everett Piper (2/5/2024)
We should do what Jesus did when confronted by a political opponent and ask some basic rhetorical questions. In other words, copy Christ and come up with our version of "Whose face is on this coin?"

Joe Biden Keeps Rewarding the Terrorists - David Harsanyi (2/4/2024)
There are those, like the president, who maintain that the people of Gaza aren't responsible for the actions of Hamas, even though most polls find overwhelming support for violent Islamic fundamentalism.

How to Ensure a Big, Ugly War With Iran - Victor Davis Hanson (2/3/2024)
US officials must stop aimlessly babbling. If the administration must speak, Washington should do so by conveying disproportionality and unpredictability.

The Great Sham of the United Nations - Rob Schwarzwalder (2/2/2024)
There is credible evidence that at least 12 staffers of the U.N.'s Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) were involved with the Hamas attacks of October 7 in which 1,200 Israelis were murdered.

What Javier Milei Could Teach Democrats and Republicans About Capitalism - Veronique de Rugy (2/1/2024)
In a thrilling address at the World Economic Forum, Javier Milei, President of Argentina, presented a robust defense of capitalism and a critical examination of all forms of collectivism.

Biden Doesn't Have Any Legal Authority to Seize Control of Texas National Guard - Hans von Spakovsky (1/31/2024)
Texas Democratic politicians, such as Rep. Joaquin Castro and Beto O'Rourke, are urging President Joe Biden to seize control of the Texas National Guard, which Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has mobilized to help secure the Texas border.

Weakness Provokes Bullies - Erick Erickson (1/30/2024)
The Houthi are not just terrorists. They are also slavers in the real, literal sense. The Houthi practice slavery and trade slaves. They keep captives to tend to Houthi tribal leaders and their families.

You Can't Defend 'Democracy' and the Administrative State - David Harsanyi (1/29/2024)
The government shows up at your business and demands you pay the salaries of the regulators who lord over you. If you refuse, you'll be ruined. You have little recourse. You've never even voted on the policy because no law implementing it exists.

Davos, Dictators and the Real 'Threats to Our Democracy' - Laura Hollis (1/28/2024)
mericans who support Trump understand that this country enjoys the prosperity it does, not because the "right" people control everything, but because no one does.

Deterring Mass-Migration Is Not Difficult - Sumantra Maitra  (1/27/2024)
There must be an overhaul of any post-1945 human rights framework and refugee conventions that opposes any deportation or martial action to deter migration. And there must be those willing to take action.

Social Security: A Broken Socialist Dinosaur - Star Parker (1/26/2024)
Social Security is not a pension program based on investments. It is a government tax and spend program. The stipends of current retirees are paid with the payroll tax of those currently working. It can never work as promised.

Supreme Court Allows the Invasion to Continue - Cal Thomas (1/25/2024)
How many more murders, rapes and drug deaths are to be tolerated before the administration begins to enforce laws passed by Congress and signed by presidents of both parties?

Will Africa Save America? - Daniel McCarthy (1/25/2024)
Today conservative Christians, Catholic and Protestant, increasingly say, "Africa is the faith" — because the demographic future, and the strongest commitment to traditional teachings, is there.

The 'Expert' Delusion in Education - David Strom (1/24/2024)
Reagan captured the essence of liberal expertise in one sentence: "The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

Flooded With Good Intentions - John Stossel (1/23/2024)
Federal flood insurance shouldn't be for anyone. Government has no business offering it. That's a job for … the insurance business.

It Is Time to Demand Media Accountability - Laura Hollis (1/22/2024)
The media has been manifestly deceitful about Republican and conservative politicians for decades. They have taken it to new and shocking levels with Trump. But this latest angle should concern more than just political candidates.

A Bureaucrat on Every Boat? - Nate Jackson (1/21/2024)
Should a fisherman have to onboard a bureaucrat monitor and pay for him to be there? That's just one of a thousand questions about routine daily activities that come under the weighty thumb of the administrative deep state.

Davos and the Great 'Disease X' Deception - Cheryl K. Chumley (1/20/2024)
Davos bureaucrats say the world needs to be prepared for the next pandemic — and what they mean by that, of course, is that the world's governments need to hurry up and hand the elites global pandemic power.

Under the Constitution, Only Congress Can Declare War on a Nation or Group - Andrew P. Napolitano (1/19/2024)
Just as a fictional emperor paid his tailors for clothes that no one could see and then marched naked in a grand public procession while his subjects roared with laughter, so, too, is President Biden marching clothed with the Constitution he dishonors.

The Truth About the Biden Economy - David Walker (1/18/2024)
The Biden administration continues to tell Americans that they should be pleased with their economic record and "Bidenomics." However, there is a huge disconnect between what Biden thinks and what real Americans experience every day.

America's Financial Meltdown on the Horizon - Richard W. Rahn (1/17/2024)
In any financial crisis, most people suffer, but there are always a few who benefit. Will the beneficiaries be people who are more knowledgeable, connected, or just plain lucky?

The Colony That Wasn't Invited - Aubrey Gulick (1/16/2024)
If you look at a map of the 13 colonies, you may notice something rather odd. Between New York and New Hampshire, there is a sliver of land that wasn't included.

Dismantle the Teacher Accreditation Cartel - Kevin D. Roberts, Ph.D. (1/15/2024)
Education majors encounter the least substance and rigor. States should end requirements for prospective teachers to be certified, and instead empower schools to hire based on subject-matter expertise.

When Did the American Flag Become Controversial in America? - Jeff Davidson (1/14/2024)
hey come to America for a reason. Even those who claim they have been persecuted in their own countries or are living under duress will march through two or three other countries to reach ours.

Mr. Biden 'Saves' Democracy by Destroying It - Victor Davis Hanson (1/13/2024)
When faced with the possible return of former President Donald Trump, the current agenda of the Democratic Party is summed up simply as "We had to destroy democracy to save it."

The Executive Branch Is Deliberately Failing Americans - Laura Hollis (1/12/2024)
The president of the United States is the head of the executive branch of the federal government. Among that branch's responsibilities is law enforcement.

The Silent Death by a Thousand Cuts in Manufacturing - Selena Zito (1/11/2024)
Assembly lines, technology, computers, artificial intelligence or cheaper labor overseas have all contributed to the devaluation of the skill sets of the men and women who have carved out the American dream working in manufacturing.

Why Are Americans at Each Other's Throats? Ask Barack Obama - Larry Elder (1/10/2024)
From the beginning of Obama's presidency until its end the man America considered a unifier played one race card after another.

President Gay Is a Symptom, Not the Cause - Cal Thomas (1/9/2024)
She and many other university presidents are only a symptom of what's wrong with our system of education, from bottom to top. Education, like a building or a life, must have a firm foundation or whatever is built on it will collapse.

America's Lost Religious Virtue - Alan Joseph Bauer (1/8/2024)
America's secret sauce for generations of success was a strong religious ethos. As generations of Americans have grown up removed from religious teaching and practice, two Americas emerge that seem unable to communicate with each other.

Who Sounds Silly Lecturing Conservatives About 'Authoritarianism'? - Tim Graham (1/7/2024)
Democrats are not synonymous with democracy. Energetically arguing that they're the party of overweening statism is not an offense against democracy. It defines democracy.

Jack Smith Is Unconstitutional - Douglas Andrews (1/6/2024)
When we say that Jack Smith is prosecutorial scum, we mean it in the best way possible. After all, it's not every lawyer who can boast that his legal tactics have been unanimously rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A 2024 Wish List: Sanity at Home and Stability Abroad - Josh Hammer (1/5/2024)
May this be a year where the forces of civilizational sanity prosper, and the forces of civilizational arson and barbarism are vanquished. Happy New Year to all.

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